Dogs are tough. Before dogs were domesticated, they have survived in the wild without any help from humans. Nowadays, dogs are provided by their owners everything they need and yet these animals would still be encumbered by debilitating diseases. In spite of the care given by owners, modern day dogs still suffer from a lot of concerns. Is it possible that the once hardy animals have gone “soft” because of the owner’s pampering? One of the most common health concerns of dogs is diarrhea.

Dogs would suffer from watery, unformed and frequently excreted rancid smelling poop in their life time. A pet with diarrhea is a messy and smelly situation as the dog’s rear end can spurt anytime and anywhere. .

Dog wise people do not consider diarrhea as a disease. The stomach upset is almost always caused by the dog’s tendency to be an indiscriminate eater. It’s no wonder if these animals would suffer from an upset stomach every now and then. Diarrhea may not always be due to eating indiscretion as it can be due to food allergy. A sudden diet change can be the cause of the dog’s stomach upset. Knowing that diarrhea is not really a serious illness, pet owners would just let the pet expel all the toxic substances from its digestive tract. Medications that will stop diarrhea are not given to the pet as the toxic substances are purposely purged from the stomach.

The stomach of the dog has to be rested thus withholding food and water is recommended. To allow the dog’s digestive system to rest, mature dogs are fasted for 24 hours and 12 hours for younger dogs. Fasting though is not recommended for very young puppies. After the fasting small amounts of boiled chicken and rice can be given as these foods are easy to digest. Although diarrhea is not a serious situation, pet owners have to be aware of the signs of dehydration. Provide the dog with plenty of drinking water.

If acute diarrhea is not a serious concern, chronic diarrhea is. This type of diarrhea may not be due to eating indiscretion. The recurring bouts of watery stool that may be tinged with blood will make the dog lethargic and feverish. Commonly, dogs with chronic diarrhea will have no appetite. Chronic diarrhea would have more serious consequences especially if treatment is not administered at once.

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