Cyber Monday Deals for My Dog

So on Cyber Monday I took care of one of the most important recipients on my holiday present list–my dog. I discovered a website on the net that was having amazing discounts (and I think they even now have some going, if you’re interested) and took total advantage. I simply couldn’t resist. I purchased him several months’ supply of his favorite, Canidae dog food, a couple of boxes of these dog treats and two small toys for his stocking (his preferred is beginning to look more like a zombie than a fun toy).

You may think I’m ridiculous for spending a ton of money on my dog for the holidays, but think about it. I’m going to have to buy all of the stuff for him anyway. Getting it now and in bulk simply saves my wallet in the long run. I mean, I thought about getting him one of those overpriced orthopedic dog beds, but I stopped myself. He’s perfectly pleased and comfortable with his old bed and blanket as it is. But with the food and treats I did buy him, I saved over 40% and I won’t have to purchase any more for a prolonged time. Actually, in a way, it was much more of a holiday gift to myself.

Of course, my dog’s favorite part of his Christmas presents each year is quite clearly the wrapping paper. I swear it’s his only opportunity to live out his unconscious dreams of a wild past existence in the wilderness, killing for his meals. He trails it all around the home right up until it’s absolutely unrecognizable. I often put a couple additional bows on his presents because he loves them so much. So Sam will be content come Christmas morning. Now all I need to do is take care of the people on my list!

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