Dog aggression towards other dogs is not a desirable situation, as this can result in injury to your dog, the other dog, or to those innocent bystanders who attempt to break up the fight . Allowing the aggression get out of control in general can also lead to dogs being euthanized if they are a threat to society.

Dog aggression towards other dogs can be explained in several ways

The other dog frightens your dog

Your dog will feel threatened in the presence of some dogs. It could be that she is intimidated by the size of the other dog, or perhaps the other dog reminds her of a dog that she might have previously had a fight with. It is critical, nonetheless, not to confuse this fear aggression in dogs, to a certain stimulus, with overall aggression. Your dog may perhaps not be an aggressive dog overall, but may become aggressive out of fear, or when it comes to dog aggression with food.

Your dog wants to be the alpha dog

Your dog may possibly sense that the other dog is a threat to her hierarchy in the pack. Your dog wants to be the alpha dog, and will react aggressively to another dog that she feels may be attempting to steal her position.

Your dog is being territorial

Yet another possible reason for dog aggression towards other dogs is that your dog may see the other dog as a threat to her territory, which incorporates her personal space and her master, you. Your dog loves you a great deal, and needs to guard you at all costs. Your dog will probably act aggressively if she believes that another dog poses a threat to her personal space and your safety.

Your dog may well be suffering from an undetected medical condition

There may well be medical reasons that explain dog aggression towards other dogs. Most dogs can be trained to not act aggressively towards other dogs, nonetheless there remains the possibility that an underlying medical condition is the underlying source of the problem. It is very important that you contact your local veterinarian to examine the possibility of this.

Proof of dog aggression to other dogs can include bared teeth, raised hackles, a high and straight tail, snarling, ominous growling, head low to the ground, and extended eye contact.

Under such circumstances, you need to immediately recognize that you have a problem. Whether you come to a decision to take it upon yourself to stop dog aggression towards other dogs, or whether you make a decision to enlist the services of a professional dog trainer, steps must be taken right away to address the situation .

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