Dogs are lively and forever curious animals – no wonder they are dubbed as man’s best friends. These behaviors though are the common reasons why dogs are injured. Dog owners make sure to dog proof the house to lessen the risk of accidents. No amount of precautionary measure would ensure that accidents would not befall the pet.

Chemical burns cannot be considered as common injuries of dogs. If curiosity kills the cat, curiosity can cause chemical burns in dogs as these animals would investigate anything interesting with their mouth or with their bodies. Chemical burns on the mouth, eyes, on the paws and skin will result if the dog licks or rolls on bleach, chlorinator, on drain uncloggers and on other corrosive and acidic chemicals.

First aid treatment would be very necessary for dogs that have sustained chemical burns. The dog can pass out if the chemical burn is severe. Other symptoms of chemical burns are blue gums, rapid pulse and shallow breathing. In cases such as these, it would be best to take the pet to a veterinary facility for immediate professional medical treatment.

Dogs that have sustained chemical burns must receive first aid treatments to control the damage caused by the chemicals and to save the dog from pain. Unfortunately, dogs have the tendency to hide in corners and to ignore their injuries . As such the life saving first aid cannot be administered by an owner that fails to see the pet’s injuries right away. The first aid treatment for chemical burns is to remove all traces of the chemicals on the affected area and this can be achieved with thorough washing. The dog’s body part that got in contact with the chemicals must be thoroughly washed in running water to remove the contaminants that can cause further damage to the other parts of the dog’s body. Washing out the dog’s mouth that has sustained chemical burns can be tricky but it is extremely necessary to remove all the traces of the toxic chemicals. The fur may still be contaminated with chemicals thus it would also be necessary wash the dog’s entire body to fully remove the chemicals.

The damage to the skin occurs when the chemicals destroy the protein in the skin. Egg whites and milk are proven effective first aid treatments for chemical burns. When these protein-rich foods are applied on the affected skin the chemical’s effect of destroying protein in the skin will be arrested as the protein in the milk or egg are the ones that will be destroyed.

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