No dog owner would want to see the pet seize as a seizing episode would be a heart rending sight. A seizing dog would appear to be in immense pain thus the dog owner would panic and rush to help the pet. However, there is no first aid for seizure and the owner that wants to help can be hurt by the disoriented pet.

The owner of a seizing dog has to remain calm to be able to help the pet. To remain calm while watching the seizing pet would be very difficult. To be able to help the seizing pet, a dog owner has to understand the reasons why a dog would seize and the effects of the condition on the pet.

Some conditions would trigger an abnormal activity of the brain and a dog unable to handle the abnormality will seize. Various ailments can cause the abnormal activity of the brain. Ingestion of toxic substances or an accident that causes the brain to swell are some of the conditions that would trigger a seizure. Seizures, also known as convulsion or fits can be single or repeated. Repeated seizure is characterized by the occurrence of multiple or several occurrences of seizures in a single episode. A single seizure usually lasts in seconds or in a few minutes and the dog would not have another episode for the rest of the day. Single seizure may not be as severe as repeated seizure but the dog would still benefit from a vet’s attention. Because single seizures are short in duration, the dog would have the attention of the vet after the seizure is over.

Because of the short duration of a single seizure, the dog would have recovered before the pet owner can do anything. Needless to say, first aid that will shorten the seizure will not be necessary. Simply put, there is no first aid for single seizure but a dog owner can do a lot to help the seizing pet.

A seizing dog would not be aware of its surrounding thus it would be the responsibility of a dog owner to prevent the pet from being injured. It would be necessary to move the seizing dog from stairways. Objects that can be dislodged because of the dog’s trashing must be removed as well. Although a seizing dog would appear to be in pain, the pet actually cannot feel anything and an owner that is trying to comfort the pet can get bitten instead. Instead of hugging the dog, talk softly instead as the owner’s voice is known to have a calming effect for the pet .

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