A good deal of us become pet owners the very same way. You walked past the pet store, went inside to browse and fell in love with the cute puppy with the adorable eyes or even the nice fluffy bunny. Now you want to bring her back. Stop! Ask yourself these questions before committing yourself to getting a pet:

1) Are you prepared to do the dirty jobs?

Household pets, the same as all animals, require cleaning. Do you have the commitment to provide your pet a shower regularly? Worse still, are you prepared to clean up after she poos? Unless of course you are blessed enough to have somebody at home to help, you will most likely have to get your hands dirty on a regular basis.

Owning a pet is sometimes like having a newborn, there is a lot of effort behind the cuteness!

2) Have you budgeted enough for it?

You just might afford buying the pet from the store, but do you have enough to cover the daily costs? You will need to find out how much it costs to feed your pet, not forgetting medical costs of bringing her to the veterinarian and occasional goodies such as toys and exercise equipment.

Many owners miscalculate the price of having a pet at home and end up ignoring the poor animal or having them end up in a shelter. Please do not make the same mistake.

3) Do you and any of your family have any allergies

You could love your pet, but your close family may not feel the same. Worse still, they might suffer from medical conditions that make it inconvenient to own a pet. Unless you are staying on your own, it might be a very good idea to find out from your family if they are agreeable to having a new addition to the household.

These are merely 3 things you need to consider before committing yourself to a pet. Bear in mind that while having a new furry friend can be an very fulfilling experience, it is also a huge responsibility. A good idea would be to not make a rash decision but to take some time to find out more about taking care of a pet, be it a cat, dog, or even fishes. You may want to speak to existing pet owners and find out the issues that they face. After that, should you be still keen on having a pet, go for it!

Have fun and good luck!

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