Training a dog to stay

Teaching the dog to stay can one day save the life of the pet. Many accidents happened because of the dog’s inclination to follow anywhere the master goes. However, training the dog to stay still is challenging. To stay put in one place for a time and not to be able to follow the master is against the nature of these energetic and affectionate dogs. The fetch, run and come commands requires the dog to perform an action while the stay command asks the dog to do nothing. It would not be surprising then for the dog to ignore the stay command. Nonetheless, consistent training and positive reinforcement will eventually make the dog respond to the stay command.

Before starting a training session it would be necessary to allow the dog to exercise so that excess energy that will make the dog restless will be expended. Interesting sights, sounds and scents can easily make the dog’s attention veer away from the training thus location with minimum distractions must be chosen. Dogs get bored easily because they have short attention spans thus a training session has to be short to be able to capture the attention and the cooperation of the dog.

A dog that was already trained to sit can be easily trained to stay. Stand in front of the sitting dog and hold your palm in front of the dog’s face and say Stay in a clear voice. The no nonsense tone of your voice should entice the dog to obey the command.

A praise or a treat given as soon as the dog obeyed the command will make the dog follow the instruction again. After holding the position for a few seconds expect the dog to break the stay. You may need to help the dog remain in position by placing one hand on the chest and the other hand on the rear end. It is important to give a command that releases the dog from its stay position.

This training process must be repeated again but be sure to use the same command every time. After training the dog for several days you can increase the distance between you and the dog and make the dog hold the stay position longer. This time increase the time that the dog remains in the stay position before giving the release command. Take the training session to a location where there are distractions. You can try lengthening the distance between you and the dog and letting the dog stay in the same position for longer period before giving the release command.

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