Over the past 100+ years, teddy bears have been given the distinction of becoming more human than bear. They have been very best buddy, constant companion, protector and confidant to a lot more than a couple of. Teddy bears have been there through illness, heartache and sorrow, pain, and loneliness. Theyve been there, for quite a few of us, by means of infancy, childhood, puberty, adulthood, and old age. Theyve been the one, true constant in a world that forever threatens to pull the rug from under us.

We will ever be thankful for their loyalty and companionship. They have grow to be so much a portion of our households that some of us have written stories, books, and poetry about them. Most of these writings depict the teddy bear as having adventures, (numerous with friends) fighting villains, and acquiring into human-like situations.

Winnie The Pooh, is often a bear thats quite fond of hunny, has wonderful adventures with his ideal buddy Christopher Robin (among others) inside the 100 acre wood. He is a incredibly resourceful bear who loves to sing and recite poetry.

Paddington Bear is another teddy, from darkest Peru, who gets involved with the human aspect of daily life. He could never be truly human, it just wouldnt work out.

Rupert seems to obtain himself in very human scenarios, trouble just appears to locate him no matter how challenging he tries to keep it away.

Yogi Bear is extremely set on finding human techniques to get pic-in-ic baskets away from humans visiting Jellystone National Park where he lives in a cave. His best buddy, Boo-Boo bear, is loyal and will aid him in any scheme he dreams up.

Teddy Ruxpin can spin a yarn and tell a tale with the most effective of them. His inspirational stories and songs teach kids what to complete to be very good and decent.

The Berenstein Bears are a household of bears that live in a tree in pretty a human way. They even have a car that Papa Bear drives.

Baloo, that major, friendly bear from The Jungle Book. Has taken on some human traits of his very own. After starring in the Jungle Book movie, he went on to fly a plane in the animated cartoon, Tailspin.

The Care Bears are a group of teddy bears who carry out as humans do. Each of them has an uplifting message for youngsters as well as a personal motto they live by.

Fozzie Bear, is surely one of the happiest Muppets about. He is rather human-like and has starred on Sesame Street, the Muppet Show, and the Muppet movies.

The Gummi Bears are an additional bear loved ones with human actions. Like many human families the Grandmother and Grandfather live with them.

A bear played the aspect of Little John in Disneys animated version of Robin Hood. He played a great Small John and was really loyal to Robin Hood who was played by a fox.

Smokey the bear has been about for a really long time warning persons the way to prevent forest fires.

Snuggle, that snuggly soft bear can be a spokesman in commercials for fabric softeners. Although these bears have differing human traits, they all have one issue in typical. They all speak English.

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