Best Puppy Training Secrets

House training a puppy should perfectly start as soon as a puppy arrives at a new home. Puppy training teaches the puppy to follow simple commands while being familiarized with the new home and its rules. This applies to bijon puppies or any other breed. It helps a puppy learn the accepted behaviors and get used to a routine. Dogs learn the most while they are still puppies. Therefore proper puppy training is essential to shape the behavior of a dog.

Puppy training includes both house training and obedience training. House training a puppy includes potty training and introducing the puppy to the new home. Obedience training teaches the puppy to obey straightforward commands and may include leash training and reducing extreme barking.

A puppy is often perplexed and scared during the first few days at the new home away from the mother and the litter mates. Puppy training could start with introducing the puppy to his own personal space at the new home to give the puppy a sense of security. It is a good idea to strictly allowed the puppy to a small room with his bed, toys and food and water bowls.

Potty training is an imperative part of puppy training as a puppy does not have bladder and bowel control. A puppy can be potty trained by layering the floor of his personal space, ideally a small room with paper. When the puppy is used to removing on paper, the area which is layered with paper can be gradually reduced. Potty training a puppy does not happen overnight. When the puppy misses the paper, the papered area should be improved. When the puppy is taken out of this room he should be returned to the room whenever he needs to eliminate. After a few weeks the puppy will get used to eliminate only in the assigned toilet area.

Allowing the puppy to stay in their crate for a few hours a day is the proper way to do crate training a puppy.

It is significant to develop a daily routine for the puppy at an early stage. For bichon frise puppy, it is given food every day at the same time the puppy gets used to this routine. In addition to a food schedule, a puppy could be used to a schedule for daily exercise and playing.

Another important element of puppy training is puppy socialization. Poorly socialized puppies are likely to grow up to be fearful or ambitious dogs. Puppy socialization can be achieved by gradually introducing the puppy to new people and situations.

Puppy training is not an easy task. It necessitates a great amount of time and patience. Positive reinforcement should always be used to stimulate a puppy during puppy training.









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