Pain Relief For Your Dog

Arthritis is a very common disease that affects dogs and is related to age. , a condition of the joints in dogs that can cause chronic pain . According to the Arthritis Foundation , out of every five dogs one suffers from arthritis and requires pain medication in order to enjoy a good quality of life.. The good news is that the pain can be reduced dramatically by following a number of preventative measures and methods to reduce pain.  First of all , ensure your dog’s weight is controlled , provide medication and supplements and keep a steady house environment to help with arthritic dog pain relief.


For canine pain relief one can turn to many options such as antibiotics and aspirin . Antibiotics prescribed by a vet may temporarily relieve pain ; however , adverse effects could injure the joints and other parts of your dog’s body such as the kidneys, stomach and digestive tract . So it is best to be cautious . There are also several alternative natural treatments such as acupuncture or massage . Accupuncture is one of the best known natural procedures.    Accupuncture stimulates and boosts the immune system of your dog from the inside and eases the pain. Unfortunately,    many treatment sessions are required for acupuncture and is most effective when used with some medications and herbal nutrients.  These herbal nutrients do not cause any side effects, so that your dog can continue with his daily activities.


Glucosamine is a nutrient commonly used for the treatment of osteoarthritis in canines.   Herbal Glucosamine blend is a natural dietary supplement which strengthens and soothes the joints of your dog.   When a veterinarian recommends glucosamine as a supplement, it is usually because the dog has joint arthritis or cartilage damage. Most of the time the results are apparent within one to two weeks your dog will likely be showing increased animation and vivacity .


Ahead of purchasing your Glucosamine product you should invariably check out the type of Glucosamine (sulfate, HCL, or 2KCL) , the quality of the other ingredients and the form.  Glucosamine is sold OTC as capsules, chewable tablets, liquid and powder.  Liquid glucosamine is among the easiest to use so preferred my most.  The liquid formula can easily be mixed with food and is generally found acceptable by most dogs . Glucosamine may be the sole ingredient or it may be   added to  other nutrients, called nutraceuticals. Though research has not yet proved the results beyond any shadow of doubt , it is generally accepted that these combinations help some dogs gain mobility in arthritic joints. Glucosamine is safe with few side effects.


   like most medications and nutritional supplments it helps some dogs more than others  and at times you may need to try different glucosamine liquids to find one that works for your dog.

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