Plastic doghouses are lightweight and very affordable. For that reason they are getting more and more popular. A lot of dog owners prefer plastic dog houses of late and it is a good idea to try it if you want. That doesn’t mean you should just go ahead and pick any plastic dog house out there in the market, not all of them are good. You still need to do some market research and also pick one that matches your dog’s size. I have 5 features you should also look for before making any choice.

• Insulation
A good plastic dog house has to imperatively be insulated. The reason is simple. The surrounding environment’s temperature keeps changing. Your dog is supposed to use this doghouse as a refuge to protect himself against these temperature changes. With an insulated plastic doghouse, you can answer that need.
There are different types of plastic doghouse insulation. You have the structural foam insulation, the resin insulation and the double wall insulation. They are all good. You can get any of them.

• Elevation
Still, even if the plastic doghouse is insulated, you will still need to check that the doghouse is elevated above the ground. The truth is that the temperature from the ground can still easily pass through the base of the dog house and significantly affect the inner temperature of the doghouse. Your dog may not feel comfortable dealing with that.

The good news is, there are many plastic dog houses that have their base elevated.

• Door
The inner temperature is a very important subject when it comes to dog houses. To make sure you keep the inner temperature at a certain constant you also have to provide a door to the doghouse. That way the surrounding temperature will not easily move inside the doghouse.

• Cleaning
At a point in time, you will need to clean the dog house. That may require disassembling the whole doghouse. That shouldn’t be the case. A good plastic dog house should be easy to clean without having to disassemble it. Some dog houses require that you only remove the roof or the upper part when you want to clean it. These are the ones you should go for.

• The rating
The final decision should be made after you compare and contrast the different opinions from people who have already tried the dog house. You can ask friends who bought that dog house. If you don’t have any friend that tried the dog house you are interested in, you may do a simple search on online shopping sites. There are a lot of customer reviews about dog houses out there. Make sure you read them first, then make a decision.

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