Dog first aid kit

A well stocked medicine cabinet is a very necessary accouterment in every home especially when there are children and senior members of the family. Due to the boisterous nature, kids are always injured and it is common for senior members of the family to have health concerns. The medicine chest will ensure that immediate treatment will be given to the injured family member. Dogs and other pets will benefit from a first aid kit too. Pet owners have to be ready to deal with the injuries sustained by the pet. Giving first aid to the pet would not be a problem as long as right equipments and medications are at hand. First aid will stabilize the pet’s condition as well as save the dog from pain associated with the injury.

Dog owners must always be prepared for any emergency. As caring for a dog is comparable to caring for a baby, a medicine kit for the pet will be very useful given the fact that accidents can never be prevented. A first aid kit is still a must even if the neighbor is a vet. A vet consult for minor injuries would be very costly. Moreover, the vet may not be around.

A dog owner that has a first aid kit for the dog will be able to give the pet emergency care even late at night. Dogs are great companions thus these animals are taken by the master almost everywhere. A well stocked first aid kit can be a life saver if the dog is injured in the wild where a vet is not available.

A pet owner can buy a ready made first aid kit for the dog or build a customized kit that will be most suited to the lifestyle. Due to nearby animal clinics, the first aid kit of pet owners that live in the city may only contain the bare essentials unlike customized well stocked kits of owners that live in far flung places that are away from animal clinics.

Whether pre-made or customized, a dog’s first aid kit should have equipments like scissors, tweezers, a leash and muzzle, a rectal thermometer, cotton balls and swabs. The kit should also contain bandaging materials in various sizes. The kit should contain antibiotics ointments for the skin and for the eyes, wound disinfectants, antidiarrhea and antihistamines. First aid kit for dogs must have activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide as these animals are very curious about their surrounding and because they use their mouth to investigate they often end up ingesting poisonous substances. Along with the equipments and basic medications, a first aid kit for the pet has to have the phone numbers of the vet or the location of a veterinary facility.

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