Over the past hundred years individuals all over the world conduct memorials for their dearly departed loved ones and they also hold pet memorials for their departed pets and this is done to exhibit honor and respect. Around 3000 B.C the process of cremation started. in the Near East, later on across northern Europe, moving to the British Isles and what is currently Spain and Portugal at about the time of the Bronze Age — 2500 to 1000 B.C. From the time of the Roman Empire — 27 B.C. up to 395 A.D. cremation is now employed all over the empire and the use of elaborately adorned urns to contain the ashes became a tradition. Earth burials took over cremation throughout Constantine’s Christianization of the Kingdom around 400 A.D. For the next 1,500 years, this type of disposition has continued to be the standard all throughout Europe.

An example is the uncovering of an ancient pet cemetery along with the remains of 1000 dogs that can be traced back to the Persian rule in Palestine around 539 to 332 BC.

Over a hundred years ago, cremations and pet memorials began to occur in the United States. The earliest and extremely revered pet memorial and burial ground goes by the name of Hartsdale Pet Cemetery and Crematory. In 1896 when the war was ending, the Westchester County, New York cemetery was developed and now holds more than 2000 graves. Here, beloved pets are buried in pet coffins, and pet urns, with custom grave markers and pet memorials at graveside. More than 70,000 pets buried there today.

Moreover, the Le Cimetiere des Chiens D’Asnieres-Sur-Seine in France put up a big sculpture with the carving of a Saint Bernard that is holding a child. This dog named Barry saved 40 individuals in the Alps right before he lost his life while attempting to rescue the 41st person.
A noted rise in cremation has been observed as compared to ground burials thus fueling the need to find a final resting place for the remains of a beloved pet. Pet owners have different preferences some would choose to scatter their pet’s ashes while others opt to keeping the ashes by placing it inside a cremation jar.

At present a new style has emerged and this trend is branded as tribute art where painters are hired in order to paint a portrait of their beloved pets and loved ones.

Cremated ashes. These ashes, and or a few strands of the hair are brushed into an abstract expression of a loved one’s life. Abstract art is the kind of artwork that follows a narrow trail behind religious art except that it is not religious art and it concentrates more on color and form.

A lot of testimonials seem to confirm that these tribute art for pet memorials help hasten the healing process after the loss of a beloved pet.

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