For many people, their pet is part of the household; some people even view their pets as their children. Whenever a cherished pet passes away, it can create just as much a sense of sorrow and loss as losing a close family member. And just as we have funerals and grave markers to memorialize our loved ones who have passed, the loss of a pet often creates the same desire in us to remember them in some way – to create pet memorials, to point out to us of the joy that pet’s life brought to ours. 

For some, it might seem a little odd for someone to go to much difficulty to memorialize their pet. Unfortunately, those who never experienced having a pet will never understand how a pet affects one’s life. Occasionally a pet helps us through a lonely time, or makes us chuckle when our circumstances are anything but cheerful. Occasionally the simple fact that another creature loves us unconditionally can make all the difference in the globe. Pets enhance our existence; that’s why we keep them. Consequently, when we lose a pet we find it gripping to find a way to hold a memorial service for our pet. It makes a declaration that says, ‚ÄúThis pet’s life meant something to me. This pet flipped my world upside down and absolutely nothing was ever the similar again.”

What we should realize is that the pet memorials aren’t really for our pet’s benefit, but for ours – the same as it is when we have a funeral or memorial service for our departed loved ones. Recounting and remembering is part of the grieving system along with the fact that we already need to bid farewell to them. The grieving system can be vary from one person to another this is the reason why no two funerals and memorial services are the same and this is also applicable for pet memorials. The crucial thing is that we do something significant. 

Pet memorials can be as simple as a backyard burial ceremony, or sprinkling the pet’s ashes around his favorite park. There are pet cemeteries where masters can bury their pet and erect a grave marker at the site. Often pet memorials can be a form of art, like a shadowbox containing sentimental items like fur clippings or the pet’s favorite toys, a pet portrait, or even a plush replica. There is one artist that makes artworks like special tribute paintings helping owners memorialize their domestic pets. What type of memorial we pick, again, is more about what helps us honor the memory of our pet, to recognize the way that pet touched our lives. 

There are a lot of methods to creatively bid farewell to our beloved pets. There is not a right or wrong way to recall, so choose the innovative pet memorials that work best for you.

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