When To Buy A Dog As A Pet?

Always wanted to have what they call a man’s best friend? Well, before you go ahead take a moment and think from your friend’s perspective. What delights him comes to a later stage; what he needs is the basic question. Buying a dog in no case should be an impulsive thing; it is rather a life time decision. It is going to change the way you live. It is start of a long term commitment; do you know a dog’s average age reaches to 12 years!!!??? Below is the list of commitments that you should do for your new best friend:

1. Financial Constraints:

The first thing that should ask yourself is if you have the money to take care of such a pet. It is not to say the cost of buying the dog; that is just the cost you paid to have its possession. What about the money you will have to spend on dog food and the medical care? Dogs need personal love and care just as humans do. They are also prone to diseases just like most of us. All this means a share from your financial budget. Are you capable enough to shoulder the expenses needed for your pet? If yes, only then you need to think about the next item of dog buying checklist!

2. Time:

It is very important to spend quality time with your dog always as this will help build a stronger relationship between the two of you. Dogs need your time and attention in order for them to feel better. Going outside for a walk and enjoying a quality time with you is something every dog needs; if not daily then three or four times a week. What you should ask yourself is how much time of the day you have on your discretion? What is your lifestyle and if you are an adventurous kind of guy who loves to hang around and never misses a chance to fly away in search of new destinations, think who is going to look after your best buddy that time?

3. Care:

Dog’s especially little puppies need tremendous amount of love and care. They need to be bathed, to play with them and to take them for regular medical checkups. To surprise you a bit more they also face teething problems like human kids. Like kids they also nourish in a peaceful and loving environment and they are also terrified by the tension in the air. Are you capable enough to provide the appropriate love and affection that your new pet dog need?

What breed?

It is very important to evaluate your preference well enough in deciding which breed of dog you should purchase. Though it is a matter of personal choice and there are quite many breeds of dogs yet there are some yardsticks that you should consider before making a choice. Do you know some species of dogs are more loving and some more aggressive? Different dogs have different temperament and you should buy one that suits and matches with the temperament of your family. Another consideration is the space available at your place. Do you have ample amount of space for you to accommodate larger breeds of dog? Have enough time to look after the young one if you are planning to buy a puppy? Buying a dog is not a mundane decision, it is a huge responsibility and once you do your duty the rewards are phenomenal!

If you are finally decided to have your very own pet dog, it is now time to go to the pet shop. But aside from pet shops, you can also visit several online websites that have dogs for sale. If you reside in London, it is exciting to know that there are plenty of London puppies for sale. So have fun and choose wisely!
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