First Aid for Dog Bite Wounds

Dogs eat dogs. Owners would take precautionary measures to prevent dog fights from happening. It is an owner’s responsibility to socialize and to train the pet to lessen its aggression. Apart from being territorial, dogs are pack animals thus dog fights have the tendency to erupt every time dogs congregate in one place. The dogs’ rambunctious play fights often turn into real fights that as dogs have a natural inclination to fight.

A dog can sustain mild to serious injuries from fighting with other dogs. The fur that covers the dog’s skin cannot protect the body from the 200 to 400 pounds of pressure that a dog bite can inflict. The injuries sustained by the dog may appear minor because only small puncture marks can be seen on the dog’s skin. However, the dog bite can cause extensive damage underneath the dog’s skin. Because of the strength of the jaws, a dog’s bite that punctures the skin can also damage tendons and tissues. The bite could have severed blood vessels and pierced vital organs. Many dogs have died from fatal wounds on the throat and abdomen resulting from dog fights.

Dog bite wounds on the face, ears, neck and legs would be easily noticed especially if they are heavily bleeding. Locating puncture wound on the body part thickly covered with fur can be tricky as puncture wounds are not heavy bleeders. A dog’s mouth has large amounts of bacteria thus the risk that the dog bite will get infected is high. The dog may have sustained bite wounds underneath the fur thus the body has to be checked thoroughly.

Dogs fight all the time and being hardy animals most dogs can weather the injuries they have sustained. However, dogs with serious dog bite injuries must have immediate medical attention. Just after the dog was injured, first aid care must be given to save the dog from pain and more importantly, to stabilize the condition of the pet.

Injured dogs are in pain and the owners have to be aware that the dog has the tendency to bite. Thus the dog has to be muzzled for the protection of the person that will administer the first aid treatments. Dog bite wounds must be thoroughly wash with hydrogen peroxide or with warm water to ward off infection. Puncture wounds would heal very fast and bacteria trapped between the skin and the tissues would cause infection. To stem profuse bleeding, direct pressure has to be applied to the wound. Cloth or towel directly applied on the wound would control the bleeding. The condition of the pet can be stabilized with first aid methods but professional medical care would still be necessary especially for serious bite wounds.

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