Dog houses are popularly known to be made with wood. Recently plastic dog houses are also getting very popular, probably because of their prices that are very affordable. Among the numerous plastic dog houses out there, you have probably heard of the igloo shaped dog house. This is a plastic dog house in the shape of an igloo. It is made by a company called doskocil. They named it the Indigo dog house. Let’s take a look at it.

The indigo dog house is made of a special type of plastic called structural foam. This is known to provide some insulation to the dog house. The base of the dogloo (another name for it) is elevated. That prevents rain water to easily seep in. Aside that, it also prevents the heat from the ground to easily affect the inner temperature of the dog house.

The indigo dog house has an extended doorway that also prevents the rainwater to be blown directly inside. This also prevents the sun rays to directly enter the house, giving shade to your dog when he needs it.

There is an air flow control system on top of the dog house, that is an adjustable air vent. You can control that opening and influence the way the air flows inside the indigo dog house.

The dog house is relatively lightweight and easy to carry around. It comes in three different sizes, small medium and large. Even though referred to as a dog house, it can be used for cats too. Some pet owners have even gone ahead to call it a catgloo instead of dogloo.

The dogloo comes only with the upper and lower parts but you can also choose to order a separate door to close the dog house whenever needed. That will offer more protection against the rain and the cold wind during the winter.

Talking about cold, you can also add an electric mat to the whole package. It can also be bought separately. Mats specially designed to fit inside dogloos are readily available in the market, so it is up to you, in case you want one.

For the fact that it is easy to assemble, it goes without saying that it is also easy to clean. By just removing the upper part, you can easily clean the inside of the dog house and later on put everything together again without any hassle.

There are many types of dog houses out there and the indigo dog house stands out when it comes to plastic dog houses. The price is affordable and many customers who bought it seem to love it. If you want a full review of the indigo dog house, you can read it on my blog: indigo dog houses.

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