So you just got yourself a puppy and you are thinking of providing him a bed. Excellent idea, in spite of how much you really love your dog it is certainly not advised to constantly sleep along with your pet on a single mattress. Your four-legged friend must have his very own place as well, where he can rest in peace. There are lots of puppy beds that can be bought and they can be found in different rates and sizes. Listed below are the features you should search for prior to buying one:

The dog bed must be chew proof.

Usually, pups like chewing almost anything chewable that surround them. That is simply a way to entertain themselves. You never wish to waste your money in an object that is going to be chewed and completely ruined in barely a couple of days. The other truth is “chew proof” dog beds are probably not that appealing therefore you may well prefer something such as a basket shaped dog bed. If so you should definitely offer your pet with a few toys to enjoy so that you can direct his focus to something different instead of his own bed.

In the case of a basket bed of dog crate

Little puppies prefer to cuddle into their own beds. That is where basket dog beds come into play. That said you need to try to remember that a dog is not expected to sleep on a basket bed or even inside a crate right up until he is trained not to defecate on it. It is acknowledged that by the seventh week, dogs are generally qualified to differentiate between where they sleep and eat from where they urinate. At this point they choose not to urinate where they sleep or eat. You can then provide them a basket bed, not before.

How soft is it?

Dogs, exactly like human beings would rather have soft beds to sleep on. You may want to take a look at how soft the dog bed is before you buy it but also do not forget that it has to be chew proof. If is tough to choose a puppy bed that is soft enough and at the same time chew proof. Hence the other answer is to provide your pet with as much as necessary toys to depend on for him to forget about chewing his very own bed.

Exactly what weather conditions do you reside in

One thing your need to keep in mind before you buy a puppy bed is the weather conditions you live in. The truth is the temperature associated with the bed may also play a role as to why your dog may or may not want to use his bed. Usually, for those who dwell in a warm weather, utilize a thinner bed. It is the reverse in a cold climate, you need to use a thicker bed. During the winter you can also insert a heater pad within the bed to ensure that it stays hot.

What sort of dog have you got?

Whatever choice of puppy bed you make, you have to consider the kind of dog who is actually going to use it. The dog being a puppy, he will grow after some time and based on the race of dog you have, you might want to foresee in advance the rate at which he is likely to grow and pick a puppy bed somewhat larger than his current size to ensure that he may use it for some time as he gets bigger.

These are fundamental tips you should know before purchasing a puppy bed, I am hoping it was helpful.

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