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Owning a dog is great because sooner or later, a strong bond is established between you two which can be impossible to break – you do everything together, you can’t wait for that special day of the week dedicated to spending time with your dog. It’s not by chance that they call dogs a man’s best friend. And as your dog’s best friend, you must always look out for its safety.

If you ever take your dog swimming and you know it’s not the best swimmer breed – or perhaps you’ll be boat fishing in a deep pool of water – you’ll want to make sure nothing happens to your buddy and get him/her a life vest, just like you would for your child.

Life vests for dogs have gone quite a long way since their initial conception, and today there are a lot of designs available, most able to really offer your dog the safety it needs when you’re having some fun splashing in the water.

Buying a life vest for your dog is something you should probably do in person, instead of shopping online for example – you must try the vest on the dog to make sure it fits perfectly, as even a small misfit can cause great problems later on. Having the vest too large is bad enough since it can easily slip off, but a vest that’s one number too small can restrict your dog’s movements and prevent them from swimming around efficiently, which can be just as dangerous.

Don’t spare your money on this – there are some really cheap designs available out there, but life vests are really a case of “you get what you pay for” – meaning that any extra dollar you spend on the product will pay itself off in its reliability and long-term durability. After all, it’s a one-time investment anyway (since a good dog life vest should be able to last for many years), so it doesn’t make sense to hold back on the price.

The first time you’re out swimming with your dog after buying its new life vest, keep a close eye on him/her for the first few minutes – preferably stay close as well. If you notice something odd, make sure you bring the dog to shallow waters so that you can test the vest’s condition in safety! Other than that, prepare to enjoy some unforgettable moments exploring the cool waters with your best friend.

Swimming with mans best friend can be a great time. Many people think that it would be a lot of fun to take  their dogs out for a day on the lake or a swim in the local pond. Many people also believe that dogs are made with an amazing ability to swim. While most dogs can swim they may not be able to swim for long periods of time. It is possible for a dog to drown and that why dog life vests are so important.

Dog life vests come in many different sizes so that any dog can swim safely. They are also available in prints and different colors so that they can match a dog’s specific style. The dog life vests are very affordable as well. It is possible to get a dog life vest for less than $100. They help the dogs to be able to keep their heads above water and swim with ease.

They fit like a dog sweater would and most have a handle on the top of them for smaller dogs. The handle is used when someone needs to pick the dog up out of the water. When trying to get a smaller dog onto a dock or in a boat it can be difficult and the handle makes it much easier.

While almost every dog can swim well they may need a life vest for the additional safety. The internet has many dog life vests in all sizes and colors. The only information that an owners needs to know to get a properly fitted life jacket is the dogs weight, length from neck to tail, and they may need to measure around their rib cage. The vests usually arrive within a week or two of ordering and then the dog and their owner will are ready for a great day of fun in the water.

Are you in the market for dog collars but are tired of the same old accessories without enough unique shine for your special canine friend? Don’t worry. There are now more options than ever for personalizing and customizing your dog accessories. There is no reason to pay a lot for a dog identification collar that will simply clasp around the dog’s neck and hold an I.D. tag. If you want your dog collars to reflect your dog’s personality here are just a few personalization options.

Engravings – For a small amount of money you can add a special touch to virtually any collar. Many people choose to have certain images, phrases or words engraved into small metal plates which can either be attached to or embedded into your canine’s collar. These are often only $5 to $10 on top of the price of the collar itself.

Colored Dog Collars – Why go plain? There are so many colors available these days for dog’s accessories you can go crazy. Hot pink, classic leather brown or tones that will match their fur are all options. You can get something that either sticks out and is fun or is reserved and professional. There’s no limit to what colors are available.

Materials – If you want to spend a bit extra on your dog collars you can get a higher quality or classier looking material and you can do this easily. Collars come in nylon fabrics, leather and even woven rope or metal chains. Depending on what you want for your dog you can get the specific material that reflects your needs and wants in a dog identification collar.

When it comes to picking out your dog accessories there’s absolutely no need to just settle for what’s available or cheapest. You can get great accessories that will serve their purpose, be affordable and look great. Shopping online is a great way to get a nice array of options and prices.

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For You are a dog owner, dog’s health and prosperity will surely be something very important to the thought. On account of, this will be closely related to the price tag vet bills. It is vital for You to fastidiously think about the food that You give to Your dog. People often pick the 1st dog food bag they see at the store. It’s not difficult to overlook the importance of dog food ingredients, but it is crucial to pick the right one for Your dog.

To keep Your dog healthy he needs plenty of fresh water and should be fed high quality dog food in amounts just right to meet his energy wants, health conditions, breed, age, weight and height. Always follow the rules on the dog food package for endorsed feeding amounts.

Dog food Varieties There are some types of dog food to select between. Check the color of Your dog food. Sometimes dog food made from natural ingredients will have soft earth tones and have no preservatives, artificial colors and tastes.

Raw dog food is starting to become more popular. More vets counsel feeding Your dog with raw dog food. They feel that this is the best choice and is the healthiest food for Your dog.

Picking the Right Food The first challenge in selecting a dog food is picking one which has overall quality. Though You may see that many makes of dog food have almost identical labels, a reputable dog food company will provide an explanation for each supplement and how it benefits Your dog. Studies conducted by the Peel Regional Organizations and OP&PRS have shown that the primary dog food ingredients should be meat-based protein. Try and select a good premium dog food since it contains more energy and protein than an economy brand.

Natural Dog Food and the Farms in Your area You can find many natural dog foods on farms that contain only fresh, natural and delightful ingredients for Your dog. Natural dog food has a hundred percent nutritional value which is critical for healthy and robust dogs. Chicken, egg and fish are the perfect examples of protein that is provided in natural dog food. There are also natural dog food ingredients that actually help the health of Your dog’s skin and also Your dog’s coat. You may visit Pleasant View Farms as their first job is to decide on the right natural food for Your dog.

It is some criteria about healthy dog food. However, You should also notice a lot, like a dog’s age, is allergic to some ingredients contained in food. In favor of finding the amazing dog food, maybe not worry-free. You can access some dog foods are well known and widely used dog owners, including Flint River Ranch Dog Food and Innova Dog Food.

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If you have a dog that loves going out and you also happen to be a keen driver you probably take your canine pal with you quite frequently. However, while once or twice can be alright you shouldn’t make it a habit to drive your dog around without some proper dog car seats in your vehicle. Just like a baby requires a specialized baby car seat a dog can also benefit greatly in terms of traveling safety if you let it ride in a specially designed seat.

Size is the most important consideration in this purchase. First, you should realize that not every dog is suitable for riding in the front. There are some breeds that have a frame that’s just way too large to allow the animal to comfortably sit in the front seat, in which case instead of buying a small front car seat for your dog, you should look for a seat cover for the back seat and let the dog sit there.

In addition, even though the sizes for dog seats tend to be standard and most manufacturers stick to those standards there are still some variations from one model to another so make sure you have your car’s exact dimensions handy (more specifically those of your seats).

If your dog tends to release a lot of loose fur, there are some seat designs that can accommodate to that problem by retaining the hair that falls off and allowing you to easily clean it later. This kind of feature tends to add quite a bit to the price though, so make sure you really do need it before investing in a seat that offers it.

And of course you shouldn’t just blindly get the first dog car seat you see – think about how it will suit your car’s design and get something that will actually look good on your current seats and seat covers. You may not find a suitable-looking model from the first manufacturer you examine, but don’t limit yourself to the choices they’re giving you and have a look at what other companies/stores can offer you.

You won’t be buying another dog car seat any time soon, so you might as well make this one first choice really count. Last but not least, consider your dog’s opinion – give the seat a test drive if the seller allows it, and give your dog the occasional eye to see if it’s comfortable.

If you’re new to owning a dog and you want to make sure everything is right for it, you’ve probably been going crazy for the last 1-2 weeks or so buying all sorts of accessories and taking the dog to the vet for its mandatory check-ups. One of the things you absolutely mustn’t forget when you’re out shopping for the dog’s necessities is to pick a proper bowl for it that will be easy to use and be built to last indefinitely.

The choice may seem simple enough, but there are actually quite a lot of options to consider. For example, many new dog owners wrongly believe that the size of a dog’s bowl should be dictated entirely by how much it eats. However, the proper way to make that choice is to consider the dog’s size and not the amount of food you’re going to put into the bowl. Smaller dogs would need a smaller bowl to feed more comfortably, even if they tend to eat more in a single meal.

Whether you’ll go with a metal or ceramic bowl is entirely up to you – both have more or less the same advantages and disadvantages, the only difference being that ceramic bowls are obviously a lot more fragile and should be treated carefully. This means that if you’ve got an energetic, playful dog and you rarely find its bowl where you left it after it’s done feeding, it may be a better idea to get a sturdy metal bowl to ensure nothing happens to it.

Sometimes, the regular old dog bowl design won’t cut it. If you have a larger dog and you want to ensure its comfort while also giving yourself less of a mess to clean up afterwards, it can be wise to invest in an elevated feeder. This is basically a mini-table that holds your dog’s bowl, and allows it to comfortably eat with the bowl at its head level without having to bend down so much – and the comfort subsequently allows it to eat more efficiently and without spreading the food around so much.

Elevated feeders are also more comfortable for dogs with long ears, as with a regular bowl, the dog’s ears tend to constantly fall down inside the bowl and prevent the dog from eating comfortably. This is never a problem with an elevated feeder though, so think from your dog’s perspective and ensure its comfort.

Dogs are like people—and that means that they always enjoy gifts. Doggie gift baskets are great presents for your dog’s birthday or Christmas present. This article will tell you how to assemble the perfect doggie gift basket for your beloved dog in no time.

When you start making your doggie gift basket for your dog, make sure that you have a basket handy. A nice wicker basket seems to work the best. Always remember to put practical items in the basket that your dog would actually enjoy.

A bone is an essential item to put in a doggie gift basket. While there are many bones available, some of the best bones for your dog are dental bones. Your dog will love this kind of bone and it will also clean its mouth and freshen the breath. That’s what I call a win-win situation! If your dog just isn’t interested in a dental bone, a good rawhide bone is always another option.

A sweater for your dog is another fun present to put in a doggie gift basket and especially useful during the winter months. Make sure to not get a sweater that is too bulky for your dog, otherwise it will prevent them from being able to walk around normally. This often will result in your dog trying to get the sweater off.

A third and final item that will always be appreciated by your dog is a dog treat and will help if you need to train them. A good brand of dog treats are Milkbone. These are available in various sizes and flavors. A popular flavor that always seems to go over well is the Bacon flavor.

Hopefully now you know how to create a doggie gift basket that will please your dog. Whether it be a Border Collie or a Chihuahua, all the items mentioned are sure to please any dog. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the presentation or with the items within your basket.

If you want your pup to look stylish and good at all times you might want to invest in designer dog clothes. While some people might call this ridiculous or a waste of money, there are advantages and reasons to keep your dog stylishly clothed. The good news is you don’t have to pay full retail prices to get the designer clothes for your dog that you desire. What’s the secret to saving money and getting the clothes you want? It’s going online.

A number of online retailers have started selling discount or wholesale dog clothing made by designer labels (or faux designer labels). The real good prices are now online since you can go direct to the people manufacturing the clothes and cut out the middleman, i.e. expensive dog boutiques and grooming salons that upsell you on various clothing. Why not go straight to the source?

In order to find the best prices and best quality designer dog clothes you should try out several stores. A good idea is to try one piece of clothing from each store until you’ve found a good balance of quality and price. Since some sites will have fake designer dog clothes you can decide whether or not you want to go with legitimate designer clothing or the knock off brands. There are many sites that cater to one or the other, so keep an eye out.

Another great way to make sure you get the lowest prices on designer dog clothes is to make sure you comparison shop at every opportunity. If you’ve found a good place that seems to have low prices why not find a competing site to see if they have a lower price or lower price after shipping is included? Comparison-shopping on shipping totals can shave a lot of money off of your order total.

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There are many families who consider their dogs to be a part of the family. They will let the dogs sleep in the bed with them, ride everywhere with them in the car, and sometimes let them sit at the dinner table like a human. For people who adore their dogs there is no better day of the year than the dog’s birthday. Dog Birthdays are special because it usually a celebration of the day that the dog became a loved member of the family. There are many ways that someone can celebrate dog birthdays but the best way is to have a birthday party.

When planning dog birthdays it is important to make sure that all of the dogs invited get along. Someone should try to avoid confrontation and not invite any dogs that have a tendency to fight. When throwing dog birthdays, it should probably be held outside so that there are no chances of things getting broken in the house or of a dog having an accident on the floor. Decorations should be high enough where no dogs can eat a balloon or streamer.

After decorating for the party and inviting the guests the dog owner will want to pick out the food for the party. There are dog ice cream treats that are sold at many different grocery stores nationwide. It is important to have ample treats, food, and water for the canine guests. It is also important to make sure that there are plenty of yummy treats and snacks for the human guests as well. After all of the preparation is done it will be time to let man’s best friend have a great time celebrating his birthday with his doggie friends. It will be an event to remember so taking plenty of pictures is a must.

Dogs have a lot of annoying behavior – they can chew on furniture, your shoes, your newspapers. If you’re a responsible dog owner, you have to do something about it. Unless you can fence off your dogs in a sound-proof room, or live where neighbours don’t mind all that barking, you need to do something. One way to curb that non-stop barking is to get some effective dog barking collars for your pets.

Find out what triggers that excessive Too much barking

Dogs bark for many reasons. They might do so, in the presence of another dog or animal, to assert some supremacy. Or they might do this to publicly declare its territory. Or to alert you to the presence of another animal or unidentified loud truck pulling in close by. Or it just likes to bark. But even, say, when you understand the triggers in the environment, and perfectly side with your dogs when they assert territory, you don’t want them to keep barking over and over. Bark collars can correct this behavior.

It’s not an overnight magic, it takes some time

Many new dog owners think using bark collars solves the barking problem straightaway. But this doesn’t happen that way. That change greatly depends on the kind of bark collars you get for your dogs and how much time you spend training them. You can check out reviews online to compare brands and read dog owner reviews, if you need more info.

Choose only the reliable bark collar

If you have many dogs for which you’ll be buying many collars, it’s prudent to find out the most affordable and the dependable brands. If you’re dogs can get rowdy during play or love to run around, the barking collars could get damaged or wet. You also have to think about the kind of deterrent you want to go with for your dogs. There are types that spray a harmless, scented chemical, like citronella. There are also those that emit a high pitched tone, a vibration, or a low electric shock. The scent-based citronella is highly recommended. Scent that is released can be very annoying, because dogs have a deeply sensitive smell.

If you have many dogs that bark at the slightest stimulus, you may want to consider getting dog barking collars. Using bark collars on your dogs is an effective method to deter their barking. Now you can get the quiet back you deserve.

As we know, the dog also has a lot of controversy that may not be easy to resolve. Dog barking, dog bites, and there may be others. However, of course, all will come back to ourselves, as well as we sing, scream when frightened, or hysterical when happy. As well agreed with the dog, they also have different ways to express their feelings, one of them barking. Alternatively, the dog will also be an attack when he was disturbed, or perhaps he was feeling ill. You can read about dog bite law.

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