Dogs are like people—and that means that they always enjoy gifts. Doggie gift baskets are great presents for your dog’s birthday or Christmas present. This article will tell you how to assemble the perfect doggie gift basket for your beloved dog in no time.

When you start making your doggie gift basket for your dog, make sure that you have a basket handy. A nice wicker basket seems to work the best. Always remember to put practical items in the basket that your dog would actually enjoy.

A bone is an essential item to put in a doggie gift basket. While there are many bones available, some of the best bones for your dog are dental bones. Your dog will love this kind of bone and it will also clean its mouth and freshen the breath. That’s what I call a win-win situation! If your dog just isn’t interested in a dental bone, a good rawhide bone is always another option.

A sweater for your dog is another fun present to put in a doggie gift basket and especially useful during the winter months. Make sure to not get a sweater that is too bulky for your dog, otherwise it will prevent them from being able to walk around normally. This often will result in your dog trying to get the sweater off.

A third and final item that will always be appreciated by your dog is a dog treat and will help if you need to train them. A good brand of dog treats are Milkbone. These are available in various sizes and flavors. A popular flavor that always seems to go over well is the Bacon flavor.

Hopefully now you know how to create a doggie gift basket that will please your dog. Whether it be a Border Collie or a Chihuahua, all the items mentioned are sure to please any dog. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the presentation or with the items within your basket.

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