Are you in the market for dog collars but are tired of the same old accessories without enough unique shine for your special canine friend? Don’t worry. There are now more options than ever for personalizing and customizing your dog accessories. There is no reason to pay a lot for a dog identification collar that will simply clasp around the dog’s neck and hold an I.D. tag. If you want your dog collars to reflect your dog’s personality here are just a few personalization options.

Engravings – For a small amount of money you can add a special touch to virtually any collar. Many people choose to have certain images, phrases or words engraved into small metal plates which can either be attached to or embedded into your canine’s collar. These are often only $5 to $10 on top of the price of the collar itself.

Colored Dog Collars – Why go plain? There are so many colors available these days for dog’s accessories you can go crazy. Hot pink, classic leather brown or tones that will match their fur are all options. You can get something that either sticks out and is fun or is reserved and professional. There’s no limit to what colors are available.

Materials – If you want to spend a bit extra on your dog collars you can get a higher quality or classier looking material and you can do this easily. Collars come in nylon fabrics, leather and even woven rope or metal chains. Depending on what you want for your dog you can get the specific material that reflects your needs and wants in a dog identification collar.

When it comes to picking out your dog accessories there’s absolutely no need to just settle for what’s available or cheapest. You can get great accessories that will serve their purpose, be affordable and look great. Shopping online is a great way to get a nice array of options and prices.

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