Many pet owners grab a bag of treats off the grocery store shelf without considering the nutritional values. Gourmet dog treats are significantly dissimilar to the store bought treats in respect to quality and organic ingredients.

The amount of by-products, sodium and sugars used should be given careful thought before purchasing any type food or treats for your dog.

Painstaking attention is devoted to the specialty dog treats beginning with selection of ingredients to the final results. Recipes have been tested and tried for several months before the product is ready to market.

Omega 6, a derivative of Canola oil an ingredient used in specialty treats, has been found to be essential supplement for your dogs immune system, and in addition, relieves inflammatory disorders such as arthritis. The alternative used for chocolate is carob, a substance that resembles chocolate but not at all hazardous to your fur kid.

Your dog may experience adverse reactions to ingredients found in the commercial products. If your pet suffers allergies, you may reflect on the wheat and gluten ingredients expended in commercial treats. One of the extreme differences in purchasing specialty treats as an alternative to the commercial brands, is the vast choice. In regards to the gourmet selection you have the option of ordering treats that do not contain wheat or gluten.

Seeing that dog treats come in distinct sizes, it is wise to buy treats that fit your dogs mouth size to prevent a potential choking hazard. The gourmet bakeries offer many exclusive taste, designs and sizes in contrast to the most popular store bought brands.

If ordering dog treats from one of the many online bakeries, it is always wise to mention any medical problems or allergies your dog may have. For your shopping needs you may also want to check a variety of sites for price differences and the cost of shipping.

In essence, for the good health of your dog it is your responsibility to tailor his nutritional needs.

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