Interactive dog toys are lots of fun for dogs and for owners. Many of them also provide a good way for dogs to learn. Instead of simply giving your dog a chew toy to keep him occupied, you can sit down with your dog and do something together. It takes more of your time, but you and your dog can build a stronger bond.


Different kinds of interactive toys

There are different kinds of toys that are called “interactive.” Some toys require a response from the dog in order for them to do something. For example, the Buster Cube and other treat-dispensing toys will dispense treats to your dog if he figures out how to roll it in a certain way to make the treats come out. Other toys will “speak” to your pet (with a message that you have recorded), when they play with it. One toy releases bacon-scented bubbles when the dog plays with it. (Dogs love bubble machines) These are all interactive toys because the dog has to do something to make the toys work. These are fun toys for your dog and you might be interested in getting some toys like this to keep your dog entertained.


However, there are also toys that require you to be present to play with your dog. For example, toy designer Nina Ottosson makes wooden puzzles for dogs. You hide treats inside the puzzle and the dog has to move the puzzle pieces with his nose or paw in order to find the treats. You have to be with him to help him play. The puzzles can be made more difficult as your dog figures out each level. Ottosson has made lots of these puzzle games. They can be found online and in some pet stores.


You can find lots of similar games for you and your dog to play together if you visit pet stores or check online. The key thing is that these games, toys, and puzzles are something that you and your dog can do together.


Of course, some of the best and most fun interactive games you can play with your dog are playing fetch, tug, and other old-fashioned games that dogs love to play. You can make an interactive game for your dog by taking a small pail and putting some of your dog’s rubber toys in it. Then fill it with water and freeze it. Give the block of ice to your dog in the yard on a hot day and let him lick at it to get his toys out. Dogs love to play with this ice toy.


Whether you choose toys that your dog has to interact with on his own, or you find puzzles and games that the two of you can enjoy together, the important thing is that your dog has a chance to use his mind and problem solving abilities to figure things out. These games are fun and challenging for your dog and he will have a good time playing with them.

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