Doggy day care centers have become very popular in recent years. They are no longer just for wealthy dog owners, but can make life more fun for every dog. Just like children’s daycare, doggy daycare comes with several benefits both for the dog and the owner.
Keeping Active
If you work for long hours and spend a lot of your day away from home, it can be hard to find time to exercise your dog. You may also find that your dog becomes bored and lonely, and may engage in unwelcome behaviors such as digging or barking. In a doggy care facility, there is plenty of jumping, running and playing. And dogs love it!  Another advantage is that the company of other dogs alleviates the boredom of your home alone pooch.
Keeping Clean

There are various factors to consider when selecting a doggy daycare center. Hygiene is one of the key elements to look for, as well as how happy the dogs look. The facility should smell clean and the dogs should be relaxed and show no signs of stress or anxiety. Big and small dogs should have separate play areas to prevent the little ones getting hurt. There should also be rest areas for dogs to relax after a busy playtime.
Keeping Healthy
Many doggie day care centers are held indoors in large buildings. This will protect your dog from bad weather, but make sure that the conditions inside the building are controlled. Such buildings can become very hot in summer, and this isn’t pleasant for dogs.
Health screening is important to ensure that the facility only welcomes healthy dogs.  The center should restrict dogs with contagious conditions until they are fully recovered. All dogs should be up to date with vaccinations, flea control and worming treatments. This will make sure your dog is not at risk of contracting any diseases. Ask the staff at the center what arrangements are made for medical emergencies should they arise. It’s essential that veterinary care is available quickly if needed.
Keeping Safe

The staff at the facility should be experienced in caring for dogs, and have a good understanding of dog behavior. Playtimes should be supervised so that the dogs do not hurt each other. Staff may also offer training in obedience or even agility while your dog is in their care, or they may offer to bathe or groom him for you.

If you choose the right doggie daycare center for your much loved pooch, you’ll be able to go to work knowing he has company, and he’ll have fun playing with his canine buddies. He’ll come home tired and happy, and you’ll feel less stressed, knowing he’s not lonely while you’re out and about.

Susan Wright is an experienced veterinarian, a electronic dog fence expert, a home owner and a freelance writer. Dr. Wright often shares tips on ways to keep your dog safe when your home or away.

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