The basics of training a puppy are about the same no matter what breed you decide to welcome into your life. However, knowing something about the characteristics of the different breeds will help you to fine tune your training and use the most effective method for your particular puppy. Two popular family dogs are Basset Hound puppies and Golden Retriever puppies. They both have lovable personalities, although training may be a bit different for each.

The best time to begin training your puppy is the day you bring him or her home. Crate training is the easiest way to train any puppy, since you have more control and can keep a better eye on the pup. The crate you select must be large enough for the puppy to stand, turn around and lie down fully stretched out. Never use the crate to punish your puppy. He or she needs to see it as a safe place to live.

Be Consistent

Take your puppy outdoors to eliminate about every two hours. Go to the same place and say the same thing. You can say go potty, do business or any word you want to use. When the puppy eliminates, be generous with your praise and give a treat. Use the same method for everything you want to teach your puppy and be consistent, whether it is to sit and stay, walk on a lead or to come when called.

A bit of research on the Internet will result in finding training aids such as special collars, invisible fences and training programs. Just be certain that no cruel methods are used that will hurt or frighten the puppy. Even some popular products are not good to use on your little canine. Do not trust everything just because it is on the Internet. Modern technology has resulted in great products and advances in training and health care for pets.

Social Media Help

Social media sites and forums are excellent places to discuss pet ownership with other people who have Basset Hound puppies or Golden Retriever puppies. Members are willing to share their experiences with training and care, and you can pick up some good tips that may work for you. Most pet owners are not experts, however, so if you are not sure of something, check it out with your veterinarian.

Training Golden Retreiver Puppies. Basset Hound Puppies

Golden Retrievers have great energy and need a lot of exercise. They are highly intelligent and fast learners, although they may want to play rather than learn. They respond better to positive rather than negative training. Be firm and consistent and give them lots of praise and a treat when they obey.

When house training a Basset puppy, keep in mind that this breed can be hard to train. Although they may need a little extra time and patience, once they learn they will not forget their training. They are very intelligent, but some days they just want to do things their own way and can be very stubborn. Always keep a Basset on a lead, as they have an amazing nose and have a tendency to run off when they catch a scent.

Never scold any puppy for accidents and never hit or otherwise physically abuse the puppy. Abuse will only serve to make the puppy afraid of you or aggressive toward humans and will accomplish nothing toward training. Your puppy will soon learn what you want and will try hard to please you. Treat your puppy gently, give it good care and you will have a wonderful companion for all of its life.

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