Those who own dogs know how they have won our hearts and squeezed into the family landscape. What a lot dog owners don’t realize is the dog misses out on family celebrations. Sure he or she is there physically but, are they really participating in the festivities.
Start with a simple birthday party. Does the dog get to have some birthday cake? Can he or she wear a party hat? Believe it or not all these things can be found without much effort on the internet. If you don’t mind cooking there are dozens of recipes for a ‘Bow Wow Birthday Cake.’ If you don’t like to cook, believe it or not, there are companies that will create a custom birthday cake for your dog and even put the dog’s name on it.
How about a birthday hat? Check out dog costume websites. There are costumes for every event in your life and theirs. Start with their birthday and get a girly outfit for your little miss or choose something strikingly handsome for your dapper male dog.
There are costumes for every occasion but, the best costumes are the ones for Halloween and Christmas. Every dog has a personality and there is a colorful costume to match every persona. Is your dog a protector, get him or her a superhero costume or a police officer/firefighter uniform. Is your dog a fun loving Fido? There are several different clown costumes on the internet and most of them have a size to fit your dog. Perhaps your dog doesn’t want to be a dog anymore. Get your pet an animal costume. There are costumes for a dinosaur, bumble bee, tortoise, zebra and even a hammerhead shark. How much fun will you and your children have showing off your dog in the neighborhood? Who knows, you may start a trend of having dog treats ready for all your four legged trick-or-treaters.
It is on to Christmas, do you host a lot of holiday parties? Get your dog into the spirit of the season with reindeer antlers, elf costumes or even a Christmas tree get up. Your dog will have so much fun greeting your guests as they arrive. Your guests will love any costume your pet wears.
Dressing your dog up is easy, affordable and fun. Once you get started you won’t want to stop.

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