Do you come home to a rambunctious dog when you return from work? Perhaps your day has been especially stressful and all you really want to do is have a glass of wine or beer and vegg-out in front of the television. Instead you find yourself going for a run or taking a trip to the dog park just to satisfy your pet’s attention needs.
If this sounds like your dog, a Doggie Day Care might solve both of your problems. Dogs have for centuries been bred and trained to work. Herders, protectors and hunting companions; these animals have been on the move from sun up to sun down. Now unfortunately, just like their human companions dogs have become couch potatoes. Without proper exercise, attention and stimulation any mild mannered dog will develop behavior problems.
If you are trying to decide about putting your dog in day care; take a day off from work and visit a few. Interview the owner/manager to see what goes on during the day. If you find the daycare facility inviting chances are your dog will too. Get an idea of what kind of activities your dog will participate in during the day. There should be plenty of toys for all sizes of dogs. If there is a lingering odor or insufficient ventilation this could signal a lack of disease control. Staffing; one staff member for every 10 to 15 dogs is recommended. Room to run; each dog should have 75 to 100 square feet of play area.
There will be some restrictions as to what type of dog will be accepted into a dog daycare environment. If your dog has bitten or been overly aggressive with other dogs they may not be allowed in. Females in heat and unneutered males will not be permitted in a group setting. Unvaccinated puppies and any dog with visible signs of illness will not be accepted into the facility.
The goal of doggie daycare is multi-facetted. First, is to give the dog the socialization and stimulation he or she needs to be healthy and happy. Secondly, to rid each owner of the feelings of guilt about leaving their precious pet home alone. Finally, when you pick your dog up at daycare after work they will be as tired as you are and be willing to curl up with you for a relaxing evening.

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