Having your dog professionally trained is usually a good thing to do if you want a well-balanced, healthy dog.  However, like with anything else, not all dog trainers are created equal and not all of them will be a good fit for your dog.  It’s a good idea to learn how to recognize the signs of poor quality dog training so you can look elsewhere and get the job done right.

No Improvement

Perhaps the main sign that the dog training you had wasn’t up to par is no improvement in the issues you wanted fixed in the first place.  If the trainer made it clear that the behaviour issues would be corrected as part of the training and everything is the same after it is completed, the quality of the dog training wasn’t as high as you’d like.

Intimidation or Fear

If your dog finishes up with the dog training and seems intimidated or fearful of loud voices or noises or sudden movements, the dog training was of low quality.  Well balanced, happy dogs are relaxed and won’t seem afraid when you try to provide guidance.  Fear is a big inhibitor in the learning process, and if the trainer has used intimidation or fear as part of the dog training, the dog probably won’t have learned very much.

Bad Timing

If you have a chance to watch the trainer in action and his timing is all off, that is also a sign of poor quality training.  With dog training, it’s important to make a correction or guide the dog to a proper action immediately when the behaviour happens.  If there is any hesitation or premeditation in the correction, the dog isn’t going to be able to connect the dots.  Even with positive behaviours and rewards, if the timing isn’t right you are only rewarding the wrong behaviour.  It’s essential to act when the dog will understand the message, or the message is lost.

Treating It Like a Human

No self-respecting dog trainer would ever treat a dog like a human, but if you ever use one that does, it’s time to look elsewhere.  Dogs are not human, they are dogs and you have to relate to them like a dog if you ever hope to have them obey you and follow you as the pack leader.  Anyone that speaks to them like a human or treats them like a human in other ways is only asking for trouble and a poorly behaved dog.

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