Dog Hotels and Spas

At one time boarding your dog meant placing him in a utilitarian kennel with chain link kennel runs and concrete flooring. Your dog probably got some attention from staff when they fed him and cleaned his kennel. Perhaps he had some time out of the kennel to play and exercise in the grass. It was spartan and useful if you had to leave your dog when you went somewhere, but it certainly wasn’t luxurious.


My, how times have changed!


Today dog owners have many more options when they need to board their dogs. Many cities have dog hotels and spas where your dog can relax in the lap of luxury when you’re away from home. Kennels today can offer your dog every kind of amenity to keep him happy and comfortable while he visits.


  • Facilities. Instead of plain kennels, dogs today can stay in full-service dog boarding hotels that are more like resorts for dogs. There is cage-free dog boarding, doggy daycamp to keep dogs entertained during the day, and accommodations for dogs with different kinds of rooms and suites. Rooms are typically climate-controlled so your dog will be comfortable. Some hotels feature television for dogs and music to keep your dog calm. Many hotels also have web cams so owners can check on their dogs while they are away from them. Dogs can even have “slumber parties” with their doggy friends at some hotels. Here’s a hotel that provides a good example of some of these services:


  • Spas. Spas provide your dog with a complete grooming experience so he will look his best and be beautiful when you bring him home. You can leave specific instructions about how you would like your dog groomed or let the groomers know if your dog has any grooming quirks. Grooming spas are a good way for your dog to be groomed in a relaxed atmosphere by professional groomers.


  • Other Services. Some dog hotels offer other services such as obedience training, training for puppies, or classes for you and your dog in nosework, agility, and other fun activities. Doggy daycamp or daycare is often available for owners who must leave their dogs alone during the day while they work. A dog hotel is often a center of dog activities in the area since it attracts so many dogs and owners.


As with any boarding situation, you should check out a dog hotel or spa before taking your dog there. Visit ahead of time and find out about any requirements. Your dog will likely need to be current on all his vaccinations. That is usually standard for any dog that will be mingling with other dogs to reduce the risk of disease. Ask about any other requirements. Meet the staff and see the accommodations. Observe how the staff interacts with the dogs. You can also check online for reviews. There are reviews of boarding kennels at sites such as and Plus, you can always ask for recommendations from friends and your veterinarian.


Dog hotels and spas are a wonderful alternative if you have to board your dog. It’s always hard to leave your dog behind when you have to travel, but if you know that your dog is comfortable and having a great time, it can make the choice much easier.

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