There’s nothing quite as joyous as bringing a new puppy into your home. Even more fulfilling is the strong bond you will build over the years. Here are some tips and techniques you can use to help integrate your new puppy into your family’s pack!


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The obvious first choice to bond with your dog. Regular walking will not only strengthen your relationship but provide valuable exercise. It will also reduce stress throughout your dog’s life. In the early years, it will also introduce them to the world and new experiences. So make sure you mix it up, and take your puppy to lots of different areas and meeting lots of people. Being with you in these early stages of development will allow the dog to trust you. When they are feeling uneasy in new situations or places and show them, the world is a fun place. The more aware of the world your dog is, the less worried he’ll be about things!


Obedience training in a dog is an important way to grow your relationship. It will teach your dog to focus on a task, creates a sense of teamwork between you. Training will help with your communication together. Your dog will look to you for guidance, and this will help you to read its body language when doing so. Simple commands such as: Sit, Stay, Quiet, And Lie down. These commands can be used throughout your relationship with the dog. It will keep them in order and to keep them out of trouble. It will also teach them what behavior is appropriate at certain times!  You can go further with this, and have professional dog training, where your dog can learn more. Dog training is also great fun at the same time!



Not all dogs like to be touched all the time. Some dog’s love to be snuggled up on your lap all evening, but others may prefer to keep to themselves. Stroking your dog regularly when it’s young, you will show them that it can be a relaxing experience! Try not to be rough with them. Make sure children are monitored to ensure your dog is happy and comfortable with physical interaction and affection. You’ll soon find they’re incredibly friendly and love being by your side.




It may seem okay to leave food in your dog’s bowl all day. But a good way to bond is to feed your dog at regular times every morning and evening. Feeding time will create a routine for your dog, and an association that you are the provider in the house. Your dog will respect you for bringing them food.



A good amount of play time is necessary for a puppy, as it will help with their co-ordination. A ten-minute game of fetch gives your dog a rewarding, fun experience that exercises you both! You may have to splash out on various toys to find what your dog likes the most. Some love tennis balls and some love Frisbees. Pay attention to your dog’s behavior with toys and indulge them in their favorite!



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