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Deciding to add to your family is a big decision. Children and pets, they all require you to ask yourself certain questions to ensure that you are ready. While owning a pet may not impact you as much as having a child, it’s vital that you still consider the decision carefully. This is because owning a dog, or any other pet for that matter, is something you have complete control over. You decide whether you are ready. Sometimes children don’t give you that luxury. So I thought I would share with you some of the most common questions to ask yourself when considering getting a dog.


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Do we have space for the dog?

One of the main things to consider when getting a dog is the space you have in your home. Do you have enough space to accommodate a four legged friend who can bounce around your home and have an abundance of energy? You will need to ensure they have a place to sleep or stay during the hours you are not there. You need to think about whether there’s any toilet training that needs to take place, especially if you are getting a puppy. Space is a big factor.

Do we have enough time to give a dog?

A dog needs your time. Time for playing, affection and most of all training. Considering dog training is important to ensure they obey your orders and behave well. The last thing anyone wants is an unruly pet causing havoc in your home. Dog training especially will take time. So make sure you consider whether you have that free time to give.

What happens when we are not there?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to stay at home each day. So there is bound to be times where your dog will need to be at home without you. It’s important to ensure that you ease your dog gently into this to avoid causing issues with separation anxiety in the future. You also need to workout how long they may be potentially left for. It’s unfair to keep a dog locked away for long periods of time. They need to be able to exercise and relieve themselves.


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Can we maintain a dog schedule?

In all honesty, it doesn’t take much to look after a dog. If you are an animal lover, the general chores won’t be an issue to you. But a dog does need to have regular exercise each day. Walking tends to be the most popular way and most dog owners will do this twice a day. You have to ask yourself whether you are around for those regular exercise jaunts. The feedings schedules and of course have time to offer affection.


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Can we afford to keep a dog healthy and happy?

Finally, there is no hiding from the fact that a dog costs money. Food, equipment, dog beds, and even vet bills. They all add up over time. So you need to ensure that those additional costs don’t put any further strain on your household budget.

I hope this helps you come to a decision of owning a dog easily.