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Considering adopting a furry friend into your home? Dogs and puppies are adorable, and are able to bring us so much joy and fulfill our lives in so many ways. But before taking the plunge, it’s vital that you really think it through. A dog is a massive commitment, and when you decide to get one you need to be prepared to look after it to the very best of your ability for its entire life. Here are a few important things to consider.




Dogs Are Expensive

Over the course of their lives, dogs are expensive pets to own. If you don’t have the means or inclination to spend a lot of money on a pet, the simple option is to not get a dog. Food, treats, toys, leads, collars, tags, grooming products, dog beds will all add up. On top of that, you have insurance or potential vet bills to foot if they get ill or develop a health condition.


Dogs Can Develop Behaviour Issues

Aggression, phobias, destructiveness and excessive barking are all things you may have to deal with when you own a dog. Researching the temperament of the breed before buying is a good idea, but even then they can surprise you and grow up to be completely different to what you expect. Socializing your puppy well when they’re young is helpful, and exposing them to lots of different situations. This means they’re less likely to be phased by them as an older dog. Behaviour problems can be incredibly frustrating, investing in dog obedience training could be the answer in some cases. Unlike a person you can’t just ask them what’s wrong, and as dog behavior can be complex it’s not even like you can guess a lot of the time. While many dogs grow up without major issues, be aware that this is something you could potentially face.


Say Goodbye to Spontaneous Vacations and Overnight Stays

If you have a baby, you can take them just about anywhere with you. Vacations, overnight stays, trips to friends houses. This is something you often can’t do with a dog, and so if you love your spontaneous breaks away, this is something you will have to give up. While they can be boarded in kennels without a problem for an annual vacation, it’s not something you should be doing all the time. Being away from their home and owner is stressful for a dog, and so it should be kept to a minimum.


Dogs Take Up a Lot of Time

Dogs are needy by nature, it’s one of the things we as humans love about them. They love being near their owner and need plenty of walks, love, and affection to be kept happy. They’re not a pet for a busy person, and so if you don’t have a lot of time to spend with a dog then reconsider getting one. While it’s fine to have a full-time job and still own a dog, you’re not going to be able to raise a puppy this way. You either need to have a significant amount time off work, or make sure a family member is at home during the day until your pup has grown up and settled in. When they’re older, if you’re out for a lot of the day then you should be prepared to invest time in them when you get home. Take them out for walks regardless of how exhausted you are after work, and give them the play time and attention they need.




Providing you’re 100% ready for the commitment of owning a dog, you should go for it. Nothing will ever make you quite as happy as having your own fluffy little best friend.

Getting A Mini Husky Into Your Life

The legendary husky is known for its many sterling qualities. Movies such as ‘Eight Below’ have made this breed even more famous for their:

  • High intelligence
  • Strength of spirit.
  • Tremendous resilience.
  • Ability to face the most challenging of weather zones – icy Arctic and so on.

So if you are one of those people who simply want to have a husky in your life then you are not alone. However, a few factors may come in the way of you having this magnificent dog species. Primary among those considerations could be the space that you have in your home. But thanks to the availability of this species called mini husky you really can have your husky and enjoy it too!


What is the miniature husky?

Think of a normal Siberian husky in a much smaller avatar and that is the mini husky or teacup husky for you. For all practical purposes, it is absolutely similar to its ‘bigger cousin’ in:

  • Energy levels.
  • Curiosity
  • Friendliness
  • Loyalty too.

Typically, they can live for anywhere between 12 and 14 years and attain a lofty height of up to 17 inches.


Dog experts will tell you to be careful about the way you look after this dog. Treat it as a husky when it comes to diet. A common mistake to make is to feed it a diet meant for a small dog – this can result in lots of health problems.

High-energy breed

The tiny husky is known for its energy levels. They will need to be engaged in physical activity and mental stimulation. The energy level of your mini husky will also have an impact on their training. While they are smart and will learn pretty quickly, you cannot have long training sessions. Short and effective training spells will have the best possible effect for the dog.

Gentle training is great for any dog. No dog should be treated cruelly during training. Training is meant to help you bond with the dog and get him or her to respond to a few things you want. Be consistent in your commands and training sessions. Be generous with your treats – ideally invest money in the treats that your dog loves. You should also practice your commands in different scenarios so your intelligent little husky will react correctly – no matter where he or she is.

Who should have a mini husky?

Given the cuteness quotient of this dog, it is likely that everybody in the world will like to own one! The personality of these little dogs makes them ideal for a family with kids or someone who is willing to spend a sizeable portion of time in keeping them active – walking, playing, grooming etc. You can make the dog even happier with a yard or garden in which he or she can stretch out those legs and play to their heart’s content.

furryfriend1(Image Source)

When thinking about getting a pet, there’s a lot to consider. It’s easy to be irresponsible and make bad decisions when a pet is at stake. But at this point, you’re thinking about getting a dog, so here’s a list of some of the things to consider when making this journey.


Before you make the decision, you need to think about a few things. Don’t rush, even if you’re excited. Your new buddy will be much happier with everything he or she needs!


Space –

A lot of modern houses are quite small. So when thinking about getting a pet, you need to be sure that they’ll have enough room. A couple of small rooms isn’t enough for a dog. They need places to hide, room to run, and plenty of space to play. It’s very important that you have a garden as well. Gardens act as a safe outside area for your dog, as well as somewhere for them to do their business.

Time –

Raising any animal takes time, and puppies are particularly demanding. You not only need to keep them occupied, but you also need to take them on walks. Remember that you are committing yourself to possibly 20+ years worth of daily walks.

Patience –

This is a given. Puppies are cute and cuddly, but just like human babies, they can push you to your limits. But they don’t react well to negative enforcement; it’s best to be patient when things go wrong.


Raising a dog is a costly affair. With food, vets bills, toys and more. You have to do some research and make sure that you can afford the long-term costs of keeping a critter happy and healthy.

Once you meet those requirements, you can start looking for a dog. There’s still some preparations to be made, though and more to think about.

Food –

A dog’s diet is just as important as a human’s. And different types of dog need different foods. This requires some research, and it might even be worth talking to a vet. There’s a dog diet guide on which is really helpful.

Space –

Space again! Now you need to think about assigning some space for your new friend. Even if it’s just a space for a dog bed, you should give him or her space for themselves. You should also think about where they can’t go, such as a pantry or bathroom, and figure out a way to limit their access.

Schedule –

Plan how you’re going to fit walks, play time and vet visits into your regular schedule. Be liberal with time at first, as it’ll take some time for you to learn and become more efficient. Also, think about meal times and toilet visits for you pal, and don’t forget to arrange a dog sitter for any trips you want to take.

Medical –

Arrange to have a checkup for your puppy as close to the pick up date as possible. This will also give you a chance to discuss neutering/spaying and future checkups, to help you budget the costs.


You’ll need to do some of your own research and due diligence, but this should be enough to get started. Remember to check with a vet or a professional if you’re unsure about anything once you get your new dog.


Image credit: Pixabay

Don’t leave your dog high and dry this Christmas without a gift to open! As dog owners, we no doubt shower our best furry friend with gifts, treats, and toys throughout the year. So it makes sense to wrap up something special for them at Christmas too. Not only will your dog love his new gift, but he’ll also appreciate playing with the wrapping paper as well! Just mind that sellotape. Below are some great gift ideas so you can ensure that your pooch is suitable pampered come the holidays!

Stylish Retreats

Every pampered pooch deserves a stylish update to their living arrangements. This year why not treat your dog to a new cozy and inviting bed? He’ll love sniffing out his new surrounds and may just take a post-Christmas dinner snooze! As an extra special surprise why not also invest in some outdoor pet furniture for him. If your dog loves the fresh air and plays a lot in your garden, he’ll appreciate somewhere to retreat into the shade or away from the rain from time to time. A smart outdoor dog house makes a great addition to the garden and a wonderful Christmas gift for your pooch.


Plush Chew Toy

If you are like most dog owners, your canine pal is likely to get new chew toys and treats on a weekly basis. Especially as most of the toys are destructed within days! Limbless toys and animals without their stuffing do not make for a good look! So how about treating your dog to a super plush indestructible chew toy this Christmas. Jax & Bones Coco The Elephant is an eco-friendly, safe and durable dog toy that looks incredibly cute. It is made from chemical-free dyed cotton thread and even as your dog attempts to pull it apart, the frayed cotton will just act as dental floss for his teeth. Healthy and fun all in one! Coco the Elephant is the perfect Christmas toy for your pooch.


Gourmet Treats

Come Christmas time food is not only on humans minds but also doggies too! It’s time to wrap up some gourmet treats for your dog to enjoy over the holiday season. Companies such as Pawsitively Gourmet offer healthy doggie treats disguised as festive favorites. There is everything from sweet potato holiday donuts to peanut butter winter cookies. They look cute and also make a great gift if you are buying for other dog owner friends too.


Challenging Christmas Games

We all love to play a few fun games over the holiday season, and your furry friend is no different. Buy him the Kuruse BUSTER dog bowl maze, and he’ll be occupied for quite some time trying to chase the food down the exit points of the maze in order to free it. The treats are placed deep into the curved tracks of the maze, and your dog will have to use all his senses to get them out. It’s a super way to keep your dog motivated and mentally challenged over the holiday period



We all love our dogs and usually we just give our dogs whatever we are eating. Though the food that we eat may be good for us, it may not be good for the health of the dog. There is a growing concern among dog owners to only give the best food for their dogs and they do not mind experimenting with new food diets like raw dog food, new brand of kibbles etc. A list of dog foods that can be given and are beneficial to dog health and a list of dog foods that can be detrimental to the health of a dog are given below.

Foods that can be given to your dog:

Carrots: This vegetable is good for humans as well as for dogs. You can give this in cooked format or you can give this raw. The dog will like the raw carrot better and eat it slowly and enjoy it completely. Carrots are very good for the dog’s teeth too.

Eggs: Eggs are great for your dog and you can boil an egg or scramble it. If you love to give raw dog food to your dog you can even give the raw egg. Some people say that salmonella poising could occur if you give a raw egg but a dog’s digestive process is such that it will not matter.

Salmon: Fish is a great addition to your dog’s diet. These contain omega-3 fatty acids which is essential for your dog. Add fish at least once a week to your dog’s diet.

Yogurt: Yogurt is great for your dog. If your dog is passing smelly poop or if it has any other digestive problems, you can add yogurt to its diet. This will solve all digestive problems.

Chicken: Give your dog chicken and it will be very happy. Dogs love chicken and you can give it to them cooked or raw. If you give raw chicken wings the dog will love to bite and savour the taste of meat and bone. Opponents of raw dog food say that the bones may harm the dog, but there has been no conclusive evidence to suggest it is so. On the contrary dogs that eat raw chicken are found to be healthy and energetic, with wonderful breath and shiny teeth.

Foods that need to be avoided:

Onions: Onions are great for humans but dogs can get sick after consuming onions, so it is better to avoid it.

Chocolate: Everyone loves chocolate, but it is totally banned for your dog. Chocolates can induce vomiting, diarrhoea and other health complications for your dog. So it is better to never feed your dog chocolates.

Grapes/Raisins: This is very good for humans and the digestive system but is poisonous for dogs and lead to kidney failure. Never feed grapes or raisins to your dogs.

Alcohol: Alcohol can make your dog tipsy and the after effects can be dangerous for your dog and can even lead to death. So keep your dog away from alcohol.