Getting A Mini Husky Into Your Life

The legendary husky is known for its many sterling qualities. Movies such as ‘Eight Below’ have made this breed even more famous for their:

  • High intelligence
  • Strength of spirit.
  • Tremendous resilience.
  • Ability to face the most challenging of weather zones – icy Arctic and so on.

So if you are one of those people who simply want to have a husky in your life then you are not alone. However, a few factors may come in the way of you having this magnificent dog species. Primary among those considerations could be the space that you have in your home. But thanks to the availability of this species called mini husky you really can have your husky and enjoy it too!


What is the miniature husky?

Think of a normal Siberian husky in a much smaller avatar and that is the mini husky or teacup husky for you. For all practical purposes, it is absolutely similar to its ‘bigger cousin’ in:

  • Energy levels.
  • Curiosity
  • Friendliness
  • Loyalty too.

Typically, they can live for anywhere between 12 and 14 years and attain a lofty height of up to 17 inches.


Dog experts will tell you to be careful about the way you look after this dog. Treat it as a husky when it comes to diet. A common mistake to make is to feed it a diet meant for a small dog – this can result in lots of health problems.

High-energy breed

The tiny husky is known for its energy levels. They will need to be engaged in physical activity and mental stimulation. The energy level of your mini husky will also have an impact on their training. While they are smart and will learn pretty quickly, you cannot have long training sessions. Short and effective training spells will have the best possible effect for the dog.

Gentle training is great for any dog. No dog should be treated cruelly during training. Training is meant to help you bond with the dog and get him or her to respond to a few things you want. Be consistent in your commands and training sessions. Be generous with your treats – ideally invest money in the treats that your dog loves. You should also practice your commands in different scenarios so your intelligent little husky will react correctly – no matter where he or she is.

Who should have a mini husky?

Given the cuteness quotient of this dog, it is likely that everybody in the world will like to own one! The personality of these little dogs makes them ideal for a family with kids or someone who is willing to spend a sizeable portion of time in keeping them active – walking, playing, grooming etc. You can make the dog even happier with a yard or garden in which he or she can stretch out those legs and play to their heart’s content.

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