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Before you get a dog, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure that you’ve puppy-proofed your home. If we’re completely honest, it isn’t all that different from baby proofing – the same ‘no naked flames, no accessible cleaning products’ things apply to dogs as well! Read on to find out more about how to make your home suitable for your new canine pal

Dog Proof Your Garden


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You must make sure that your back garden is a safe environment for your dog to play in. First of all, make sure that your fences are secure and that they go down into the ground for a long way – a lot of dogs like to burrow underneath fences to escape to freedom, or they might leap over the top. Make sure that your fences are tall and that they aren’t easily accessible. Ensure that none of your plants are toxic and that you only use nontoxic ways of killing weeds and slugs that won’t hurt your pets.

Put Your Stuff Neatly Away


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A lot of dogs have been rushed to the vet emergency room as the result of eating something that their owners have left out. Make sure that you pick up your socks, that you don’t leave loose change discarded around, and that your kids are very vigilant about picking up their toys, particularly smaller pieces of lego. You also need to ensure that you lock away all of your cleaning products and any substances that can be toxic to dogs, including foods like chocolate and avocado. You should use childproof latches and locks to make sure that your dog can’t get into any cabinets, and remember that they can jump surprisingly high if they want to get to something, so put everything you want to keep away from them on the highest shelf you can.


Make Your Dog Comfortable


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Of course, your dog’s comfort matters almost as much as your own. Check out dog beds like the K9 Ballistics to provide a nice comfortable place for your dog to curl up whenever they fancy a snooze – although we all know that instead of going for the bed, they’ll probably choose a doorway, or wherever is most directly under your feet and likely to get them tripped over! Make sure that whatever bed you choose is hard wearing and heavy duty for any chewing that might occur.


Make Sure Your Fabrics Are Easy To Clean


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If you have the sort of dog that loves to leap up onto your couch to snuggle with you – or alternatively, to sprawl out and fall asleep – then chances are, you’ve encountered a few muddy footprints on there many, many times. Wipe clean fabrics are a godsend. Consider having a leather couch instead of a material one, or at least fling a throw blanket over your couch to protect it from fur and mud and paws. Hardwood floors are easiest for you to clean but they aren’t especially cozy for dogs to fall asleep on; if you have a rug, make sure that it isn’t deep pile, and that it won’t stain too easily.