Whether you have had a dog for a long time, or you adopt an older dog, there are different requirements when you care for a senior dog than there are when you care for a younger dog. This is fairly obvious, as it is the same with people; we have different requirements at different ages. The age that a dog is considered senior does differ from dog to dog. So it will depend on the breed that you have as to when they will be classed as a senior. But when they aren’t able to move as much, they can suffer from more health problems. They may also gain weight as a result, which can put a physical strain on them. So what can you do to care for an older dog, to make sure that they can still stay as healthy and well as possible? Here are a few tips.



Regularly See a Vet

When you regularly make appointments to see a vet, it makes a massive difference to their health. As if they are seen regularly, the vet can deal with any issues that arise as and when rather than trying to deal with a few things after they have already been an issue for a while. Letting things fester can be detrimental to your older dog’s health and will put more strain on them physically. So make sure they regularly see a vet.

Make Adjustments Around the House

Your older dog won’t be able to do as much as they used to. So you need to remember that they might not be able to do as much around the house. If they had a bed upstairs, then it might be tricky for them to get up to it as often if they have anything like arthritis, for example. So you could think about moving their bed elsewhere. If they share with you, then you could think about getting some bedside stairs for dogs in your home. Then they can get up more easily, rather than having to jump up. As dogs get older, they will be much less likely to be able to jump up, especially if they have any bone or joint issues.



Keep them Active

It is important to keep your senior dog as active as much as is possible. It might be that the intensity and duration of dog walks are reduced, but they should still be happening. How far will depend on your breed of dog, though. An older chihuahua won’t be able to walk as far as an older Labrador would, for instance. So you just need to bear all of this in mind. Still play with them at home too. Just remember that they won’t be running as far or fast for a ball as they once did.

Care For Their Mouth

The thought of brushing your dog’s teeth might seem a little ridiculous. But it can help to keep their mouth healthy. If you can’t brush, then getting things they can chew on or fod sticks to help their teeth is a good idea.

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