Pets feel sick and it is such a stressful incident for us as pet owners because they cannot express their feelings to us. It is hard enough to attend to a sick dog at home and it therefore becomes complicated when sickness occurs in travel. This is why it is important as a pet owner to always carry a first aid kit in your car that is well equipped to deal with minor illness such as stomach up sets, splinters and cuts. You must also familiarize yourself with dosages needed to administer common medications that you can give to your dog as first aid.

Contact your vet

Just like regular human clinics, pet clinic have a database of their clients. When you get in touch with your dog’s doctor, they will be able to guide you on steps to take in line with any allergies, reactions to medications or current prescriptions.

Make use of a muzzle

Carrying a muzzle that is comfortable for your dog could be a life saver for you and everyone else that handles your dog. When in pain, a dog may become highly irritable and you may be bitten for no apparent reason. It is also important to protect anyone who might come along to help as the dog may feel the need to defend themselves against strangers. Having your dog wear a muzzle at the first sign of distress is also helpful in stress reduction for the dog.

Find help

After you have administered any steps at basic first aid, it is now time to seek help from a professional. There is no need to locating your local vet as they might be far from where you are. It will help a great deal if your regular vet could recommend a colleague they are sure will attend to you well. Even without a referral however, you can make use of recommendations that friends will make.

You probably have not given much thought to the fact that your dog could fall in when you are in the car. This might seem like a helpless situation but a little preparation will give you the much needed confidence to handle the situation calmly. It is better to be prepared for any eventuality even without signs that anything will go wrong. This is the only way to remain calm enough to ensure that your dog receives the best care to get back to health.

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