None of us enjoy being unwell. As well as having a physical strain on our bodies, illness knocks us out mentally. It makes us sorry for ourselves and in need of loving. And, it’s no different when your dog gets ill. Too often, we forget that illness is just as unpleasant for our pups. The trouble is, if we don’t pamper them a little when they’re suffering, their recovery could take longer. That’s why you should think about how you feel when you’re ill. Consider what makes you feel better, and how you could apply those same methods for your dog. If you’re struggling for ideas, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to make their illness more bearable.

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Surround them with their favorite things

When we’re ill, we like our creature comforts. We snuggle in blankets and cuddle with the stuffed toys we keep for display. The chances are, your dog will want the same when they’re ill. The only difference is, they can’t get what they need. So, it’s your job to make sure your poorly pooch has their favorite things. Grab that blanket they love, and let them lie on it. Put their favorite toys in their basket with them. Oh, and don’t forget their favorite thing of all – you! Snuggling up with the people they love most is sure to bring them some comfort. Not to mention that it’ll be wonderful quality time for you! So, take the time to sit in with them and give them plenty of love. Love is, after all, the best medicine.

Pretend the pills aren’t there

If the vet prescribes medicine, your dog’s illness could get worse before it gets better. While it is, of course, there to cure the problem, your dog won’t see it that way. And, who can blame them? Swallowing chunky pills or horrible liquid is the last thing anyone wants when they’re already feeling sick. To ensure this doesn’t exacerbate their misery, do your best to pretend the pills or medicine aren’t there. Something like the Paws IQ Pilltreats are fantastic for this as they have a hole ideal for pills to fit into. Or, you could try wrapping pills in cheese, or simply crumbling them over your pooch’s dinner. Bear in mind that dogs usually cotton on fast. Try using a different method each time to avoid detection.

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Let them rest


When we’re ill, it can sometimes make us feel better just to get out of the house. But, that’s where humans and dogs vary. Your dog won’t keep lying around when they start to feel better. As such, there’s no need to disturb them when they’re resting. You can be sure that, if they’re sleeping a lot, they need it. Don’t think that dragging them out for a walk is going to perk them up. They’ll let you know when they’re ready to get out and about again. Until then, let them rest as much as they need!

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