Now that you’ve decided to start your own dog washing business it’s time to take the necessary steps to ensure your success. That means starting things off right in as many areas as possible, including the time of year to launch your operation to the public. Whether you decide on a “hard launch” or a “soft launch” you’re entering an industry that has already become a multi-billion dollar business.

The Pet Grooming Industry Overall

Currently, the estimated number of dog owners in the United States has reached nearly 80 million, meaning that approximately 44 percent of all households in the U.S. have a dog. That’s a lot of potential clients for your new pet grooming company to reach. Whether you already have an inside to the industry as a veterinarian, kennel worker or professional dog walker — or you’re brand new to the pet industry overall — your first step will be business prep and education.

Making Business Preparations

As a professional pet pamperer, you need to have a certain amount of experience necessary to ensure your personal safety and the safety of your canine clientele. As a pet groomer, you may find yourself in stressful or even dangerous situations, so it’s important that you find a program to help prepare you and your new business for various challenges. Bottom line, make sure you learn proper grooming and pet handling, especially if you’re new.

If you’re an old hand at this then it wouldn’t hurt to take a refresher course. You may already know about shampooing and blow drying, but it wouldn’t hurt to refresh your knowledge of dog behavior and chemical safety. Also, you may want to make sure you know, or at least begin to know about breed identification, various dog skin disorders and proper management practices for your shop and tools.

Optimal Opening Time

While your business prep will play a factor in when you open for business, it’s not a deciding factor. You schedule your business launch for the optimal time or season and work to meet that deadline. Simplistically the start of a new year serves as a wonderful benchmark for a business calendar, but dogs are most active after the winter months are over. If you schedule your business launch for the spring or summer you can ensure six to eight months of steady business growth and operations.

Dogs run and play during the spring, and they get wet during the summer. When the kids are out of school dogs roll, fetch, seek and romp for as long as the sun remains in the sky. They get dirty and stinky and get their fur tangled up and matted with activity. Launching your dog grooming business in March or at the start of April will give you the chance to drum up business, test out your services and increase your brand’s recognition.

Establishing Your Services

You’ll want to know the services you’re able and prepared to offer. Remember, you’re in the animal handling business now and these services can make a lot of demands on you, your facility and your equipment. While a wide variety of services can help establish a large customer base, you want to ensure you can deliver 100 percent on every item on the menu. The various types of services you can offer in addition to washing and drying include tooth brushing, pedicures, ear cleaning and deodorizing.

The size of your business will help determine what you’re able to offer, at least in the beginning. Mobile dog groomers usually only carry large or specialized items and supplies, often times going to their clients and utilizing their products and utilities. Commercial groomers, on the other hand, can take on more than one customer at a time and mostly utilize industrial-sized machinery and utilities. More often than not, dogs are more comfortable in their familiar environment or “territory” which can be easier on the work.

Advertising & Marketing

After reviewing your working knowledge, learning new techniques and information, choosing a business size and deciding what your business will offer — it’s time to move on to marketing and operations. You’ll want to reach the maximum amount of customers without wasting too much time before getting to work. If you’re able, the best thing for your new business to have will be a handful of clients already in rotation. This way as you gather new customers you’ll have steady income coming in.

In Conclusion; Why Dog Grooming?

One of the best things about dogs as pets would be their natural appeal. You’ll never lack marketing material and with proper execution pet owners will willingly shop your services often. You’ll have everything you need to create a successful business for yourself, your employees and your four-legged clients.



Emily is an avid animal lover and pet and wildlife conservation blogger. She has also written for Continental Kennel Club and is a contributor to PetsBlogs. To read more of her articles, check out her blog, Conservation Folks, or follow her on Twitter.

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