The kind expression of golden retriever depicts it all. It is one of the most beautiful family dogs. They are an American staple in a large number of houses. According to American Kennel Club survey, the golden retriever is the third most popular breed of dog, followed by German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. The golden retriever is adaptable to any lifestyle they just need little affection and gesture of love like playing fetching games, and take it for a walk.

Friendly: Golden retriever has a very friendly nature even with strangers.  His bark is welcoming rather than being protective. Apart from individuals, it is very peaceful with other animals as well.

Easy Training: The general nature of golden retriever is enthusiastically like the puppy for a lot of years. Early obedience training is very important to inhibit calmness and good manners. It is very eager to please and responds to the training very well.

No Grooming: A golden retriever does not require constant grooming. Due to the thick coat and medium length, they do not require to be bathed on a daily basis and to be brushed two times a week.

Confident:  Although, confidence can be a hard trait to acquire for humans same is not the case with golden retrievers. Moreover, golden retrievers are famous for their frankness and easy to deal personalities, which entails their calm and confident temperament.

Love to please: It is innate nature of golden retrievers to please their human parents. Although it is rewarding, it entails that they are easier to train in comparison to other breeds. If you provide love, fuss and praise on any of their accomplishment.

Loyalty: Golden retrievers are amazingly loyal to their families and always ready to put them on most priority. There is nothing that a four-legged friend cannot do it for their partners.

Gentle: Although, the golden retriever is considered as big dog breed and they are full of enthusiasm, however, they are incredibly calm. These dogs are one of the breeds that are bred by choice to have temperament overlooks and most of the breed standards are inclusive of the notion that golden is sweet and gentle.

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