Winter season is here, and like humans, our dogs also need protection against the cold. Although there are dog breeds that love the snow and are more adaptable to the cold weather, there are many that require extra care. You don’t want for your fur—baby to fell ill, right!

So here are ten excellent winter care tips that you can follow to keep your pooch safe and healthy this holiday season.

1.    Protect the paws!

Protect your pooch’s paws by using booties; it will protect him from many diseases such as hypothermia. Also, keep the hair on his feet and between his pads trimmed short as that will prevent the build-up of ice-balls. Don’t think that it is okay for your dog to have a quick walk outside without the booties.

2.    Wrap your pooch up

Many dog-parents assume that their pup doesn’t require protection from the cold, that is not true at all. Just as you need warm clothes to survive the weather, your pooch also requires a sweater or a coat, especially if he has a thin fur. There are many coats available for dogs of different sizes and shapes, buy one that is comfortable and does not hinder your dog’s movement.

3.    Use pet-friendly chemicals

People use chemicals such as antifreeze to winterize their pipes; such products are poisonous to dogs.  It is best to use pet-friendly chemicals around your house. But even if you do use such products make sure you keep them out of the reach of your pet. Prevent him from licking sidewalks and always keep a strict check.

4.    Keep your pooch away from the fire-place

Dogs are curious animals and are up to some new adventure every day. Your dog might feel cold and would go near the fireplace. Prevent him from going too close to it; avoid other heating sources that might be dangerous for your pooch.

5.    Keep him hydrated

There is a misconception amongst dog owners that dogs can only get dehydrated in hot weather.  That is not true; your dog needs access to fresh water in winters. The dry weather causes to lose the body moisture, so water is essential.

6.    Pay attention to his diet

The cold weather adversely affects your dog’s joint, skin and coat health. Make sure you add supplements to his diet. You can feed your pooch foods that are rich in omega three such as fish oil.

7.    How to treat kennel cough

Your dog might get infected with kennel cough in winters. Take the necessary preventive steps to protect your dog against Bordetella, disinfect the air around him and boost his immunity through diet and exercise. If your dog does catch it, you can feed honey and coconut oil to treat the disease. Get your pooch checked by the vet to avoid any complexities.

8.    Eating snow is a big NO

The primary issue with snow is that it hides everything underneath so you wouldn’t know what your dog has consumed if he has eaten. Chances are he might ingest any poisonous substance and fall ill. So make sure you don’t let him eat snow at all.

9.    Warm bedding is needed

Dogs love a comfortable bed just as much as humans do especially in winters. Elevated beds, comforter, and blankets can help your dog stay warm.

10.    Watch the calories

It is the holiday season, and we are all enjoying the winter treats. Well, your dog needs his winter treats too, to help resist the cold but that does not mean you should overfeed your pooch. Keep an eye on his caloric intake especially if your dog stays indoors.

Follow these ten tips and enjoy the holiday season with your fur without any worries.





Jenny Perkins is an Animal Behavior Specialist and a passionate writer. She loves to write about the nutrition, health, and care of dogs. She aims at providing tips to dog owners that can help them become better pet parents. She writes for the blog Here Pup.

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