Have you ever found yourself wishing you could keep an eye on your dog throughout the day, whether you’re out running errands or stuck at the office? Or maybe you desire a way to make sure your four-legged friend stays active — even when you’re not around to excite them with a game of fetch or some intense play. If you recently got a new puppy, it’s even more essential to keep a careful eye on your new furry family member throughout the day.

No matter what your reason is for keeping tabs on your pets, there are plenty of products currently on the market that guarantee you an added level of supervision that helps keep your animal safe and sound. While your dog may be your loyal companion, you can’t dedicate yourself to your pets 24/7 — and that’s where a few innovative gadgets come into play.

Whether you want to talk to your dog while on vacation or just want to check in on your hounds throughout the day, here’s a list of five ways you can watch over your dogs for an added peace of mind during your time away.

  1. GPS Collars 

    Dogs often amaze us with their astonishing intellectual abilities, but that doesn’t mean they’re exempt from making a mistake or two either. Whether you forgot to latch the gate or your little furry friend finds innovative ways to dig through the fence, it’s essential always to keep track of where your pet is throughout the day.Considering investing in a GPS tracking collar such as The Nuzzle that lets you monitor your loyal companion with an added sense of style. You won’t have to spend any more time worrying about the whereabouts of your dog because the GPS will always assure you just where they are, too.

    2. Dog Cams

    What better way to check in on Fiddo than by allowing him to hear your familiar voice throughout the day? The Furbo Dog Cam allows you to spy on your dogs with a two-way audio option that lets you and your animals communicate from a distance. The live-streaming camera means you can keep an eye on your dogs to make sure they’re not too tempted to dig into your favorite candy stash as well.

    Best of all, this trusted little appliance is built to withstand damage — a feature that’ll come in handy when your dog runs toward your voice with a little too much excitement. If you find that your dogs are behaving extraordinarily well even when you’re not at home, reward them with the interactive treat option that allows you to toss a biscuit to them any time of the day.

    3. Smart doors

    You don’t have to come home in the pouring rain to let your dog inside during a thunderous storm. Want to control where your dog goes — both inside and outside? Then invest in the PetSafe SmartDoor to program your dog’s entry to any of your house’s doors.

    If you want to keep your furry friend inside during the day, just lock the door from the convenience of your phone. When it’s time to let them outside for their bathroom breaks, you can quickly open the door with the swipe of your smartphone, too.

    4. Dog Finding Apps

    If you’ve taken all of the other precautionary measures to make sure your pet stays safe and sound throughout the day but still find them prone to wandering off at the mere sight of a squirrel, consider keeping tabs on their whereabouts — with a little help from the community, of course!

    Apps such as Finding Rover offer a way to locate your missing companion whenever they seem to go astray. The app provides you with the option to upload pictures of your dog to a massive database that allows others to help locate your missing pet so that they can help bring them back home — where they deserve to be.

    5. Interactive Game Consoles

    Are you afraid that every time you walk out the door, your dog will take out their sadness on your beloved and favorite coach? Don’t just leave them without a productive way to unleash their energy — invest in the CleverPet instead.

    The CleverPet is an active engagement toy that challenges your pet with a variety of tasks to keep them engaged through challenges. Once they complete a level, they’re even rewarded with a treat for their intellectual capabilities. You can monitor their progress from your smartphone to make sure they’re playing with what they should be using — and not chewing on your favorite sheets or blankets — too.

    Stop worrying that every goodbye means a house full of ripped couches or an endless array of unwanted surprises. With a few gadgets and products that help keep tabs on your dog throughout the day, you can guarantee everything in your house will always be just how you left it — four-legged friends included.

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