The moment you hear the word “Dog Show” the first thing that comes to your mind is a dog mesmerizing the judges with its intelligence, skills and athleticism. At the back of your mind, you might think your pooch doesn’t possess any extraordinary prowess that is crucial in participating in the dog shows. Your dog is not highly intelligent and supremely athletic to perform those tricky stunts. He is not Tintin’s Snowy, Mask’s Milo or Richie Rich’s Dollar, he is only your favorite.


Just like breaking the magicians code, I want to break this misconception of all the dog owners out there who think it is better watching dog shows on TVs rather than participating in it. Mostly the dog shows you watch on television or attended in person are novelty shows, companion shows, open shows, championship dog shows, agility trials and obedience trials. But apart from these, there is another type of show that requires no extra-terrestrial ability in a dog, where even a common pet owner can participate with his/her ordinary dog and that is “Funny Dog Show”.


From UK to the US, there are various funny dog shows that take place every year. It is only the beginning of the 2018, so it is an ideal time to provide you information on various funny dog shows lined up for you this year.


Chiswick House Dog Show


Chiswick House Dog Show is the UK’s biggest funny dog show. Unlike other shows, this is a dog show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and it is the place where being a pedigree won’t get you anywhere. The entire mood of the show is light, jovial and funny. Last year, the show celebrated the 130th anniversary of the publication of the first Sherlock Holmes short story. This year’s theme is yet to be revealed but whatever it could be, it is going to be highly exciting.


Event Details-



Chiswick House, Chiswick House and Gardens, London, W4



on 23rd September 2018



(Sunday) 11:00 am – 4:00 pm


Key events of the show- The entire show is loaded with fun-packed events. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting events of the show.


  • Naughtiest Dog: One of the popular events of the show where the title of the naughtiest dog will be handed to the most mischievous dog. Have you ever thought the naughtiness of your pup might turn into a merit that could earn him an award? I am sure after attending this show, you will not prevent your dog from getting more playful.


  • Prettiest Bitch: Is every other dog in your locality has a crush on your bitch? Excellent, your canine has a great chance of winning the title of the prettiest bitch in the Chiswick House Dog Show. Prettiest bitch contest is another key event of the show where the most beautiful bitch will take away the award.


  • My Dog’s got Talent: No, your dog doesn’t need to have any phenomenal talent, even his weird activities can earn him the title. This show is all about having fun and taking things in a lighter way.


How you can participate-

Participating in this show is absolutely easy. Pet owners can participate in this show by paid registration via online.



Valentine’s Day Pawty


This one of a kind dog show is surely going to surprise you in many ways. As the name suggests, the theme of the show is celebrating love (obviously for canines) by creating festive card box for your dog and exchange valentine’s with other pups. Isn’t it Romantic. Valentine’s Day Pawty has turned out to be one of the biggest dog events in the USA. As a participant you just need to bring a plain cardboard box along with Valentine’s Day cards. For decoration, organizers will provide you the materials, you simply need to make an exquisite card that your puppy will exchange as a Valentine gift with other dogs with the option of taking home the cards he/she received from other dogs.


Event Details-



645 West 57th St, AKC Canine Retreat in New York, US, 10019



On 3rd February 2018



(Saturday) 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm



Key events of the show- It is the place where you can celebrate the holiday with your beloved pets. Here is a list of events of Valentine’s Day Pawty.


  • Professional Photos by NYC Dogswag: You can take the memory of this show to your home with the professionally captured photos by the NYC Dogswag. Your brilliant creativity on cardboard along with your cute pooch will be captured by the expert photographers and it will be provided to you.


  • Kissing Booth: If the theme is love, how can you leave the “kiss” away from it. There will be a “kissing booth” where pups will be paired up with their very own Valentine to spend romantic moments in the kissing booth or just pose for a damn cute pic. There will be a contest for the best crafted card box also.


  • Chicken Chip Treats provided by Amuse Pooch- Making love can make you hungry, that’s why the organizers of the show have added the event of chicken chip treats for all the participating dogs. While you can have a hamburger with coke, your pooch can enjoy the delectable treat sponsored by the Amuse Pooch.


How you can participate-

If you wish to participate in the show, you need to upload a photo of your pet at Valentine’s Day Pawty on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page.


World’s Ugliest Dog Contest


With faces that only a mother could love, dogs with unusual appearance  will fight for the title in the World’s Ugliest Dog contest. A notable thing about the entire event is, it is not aimed at mocking or deriding the physical unusualness of the dog but rather about encouraging them and showing the world that such dogs can also be lovable, cute and adorable. Unlike the traditional dog shows where canines get awarded for their shiny coats, shapely body and flawless appearance, this dog event recognizes pups for their physical peculiarity and anomalism.


Event Details-



Sonoma-Marin Fair, Petaluma, CA, US



On 22nd June 2018



2:00 – 8:00 PM


Key events of the show- Dogs of every shape and size will romp around the red carpet rolled across the grass at the Sonoma-Marin Fair.


  • Live entertainment: Watch professional dog handlers perform breathtaking stunts to upbeat music in this action-packed show.


  • Pet expo: The expo will be packed with an abundance of pet shop retailers from where you can shop different types of dog grooming products. It is a show you won’t want to miss.


  • Ugly contest: A panel of judges will select the Cute-Ugly canine and declare the winner. The ugliest dog will be awarded $1500, a trophy, and is flown to New York for media appearances.


How you can participate-

Entry applications are available at the website of Sonoma-Marin Fair.


In the traditional dog shows, it is only the finest specimens of the breeds are allowed to participate. Funny dog show events provide opportunities to the ordinary dogs with no special abilities to become famous and earn respect from others. Whether you are a dog owner or not, all of us should support and be a part of the dog shows with playful theme.



Author Bio: Sabby Baron is an online blogger and an avid pet lover. She likes to write on various topics related to pets especially dogs and is a regular contributor to the blog section of Apex Pet Gear.

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