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Christmas has almost arrived; so start planning out the gifts you would be giving to your family and friends.

Here are some DIY easy and quick ideas for you to decide a gift for your dog-owner friends. A gift for their pooch is often enough to make their owners happy. If their dog is quite attached to you, then, never think of going to the Christmas party without a gift for your furry lover. Dogs love to have surprises too

DIY Nylon Monkey’s Knot Toy:

All you need is a 1-inch thick nylon cotton rope, two twist ties (to secure the ends while making) and scissors. The DIY monkey’s knot is a little tricky at first but is fun to make. You can stuff the fist-sized knot with some favorite doggy treats before tying the final knot. Once you are done, remove the twist ties and wrap the knot in a gift paper with easy to open ribbon knot; for the dog to do it all by himself. You can make 4 to 5 Monkey’s Knot toys in green and red colors to bring a feel of Christmas to the gift.

Dog-owners would love the toy as it’s hand-made and requires their dog’s mental stimulation to untie the knot and get the surprise out.

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DIY Dog Treat Jar:

Begin by preparing dog’s favorite peanut-butter-bacon treat. The ingredients you require are:

  1. 3 pieces of bacon, precooked and chopped
  2. 1 egg
  3. ½ cup peanut butter
  4. ¼ cup beef or chicken broth
  5. 1 cup whole wheat flour
  6. ½ cup quick cook oats
  7. 1 Tbsp. honey

Pre-heat the oven to 300 degrees. Mold the dough into your desired doggy-treat shape. Bake for 20 minutes.

You can bake any other puppy favorite homemade treats for your friend’s dog.

Lastly, Fill a Mason jar with doggy treats. Apply Modge Podge on the lid and sprinkle golden, silver, red or green glitter on the lid to add some Christmas fun. Later on, clean up after applying another layer of Modge Podge, once the first one dries out.

Reference: and

DIY Self-designed Umbrella:

Have you found your dog-owner friend’s home decorated with pictures of the dog all around? Is he/she is obsessed with dog-related shirts, mugs, etc? Then, we have a perfect DIY gift idea for your friend!

First, get a clear umbrella from a dollar store. Start designing it by tracing dog emoticons or quotes in every umbrella section using permanent markers or paint markers from the inside. Fill in the traces and you are done.

To give it a Christmas touch, hang some removable Christmas ball ornaments at every edge and wrap green ribbons on the hand stick.



Christmas Themed Sock Donut Toy:

Search out for a pair of Christmas themed thick or long socks at a dollar store. Cut off the tip of the sock and start rolling it inwards till a bun-like donut is formed. With the help of a needle and thread, sew the open edges to keep the sock from getting unrolled. Stack the donuts one above another and wrap them up in a transparent and rectangular plastic box. Add some green and red ribbon knots for final garnishing.

Dogs love to chew on these sock donuts for hours. Doggy treats may be stuffed inside so that the dog plays for hours.


5. DIY Dog Cookie Wreath:

Prepare Bone-shaped cookies for your friend’s dog. Cut a cardboard in a circular shape of a hollow wreath. Tie the cookies with the help of red, green or white ribbons along the line of the cardboard in a circular form. Finally, a ribbon bow at the top or bottom of the wreath can be attached to give it a complete look.

The dog cookie wreath is a common DIY Christmas gift that has been loved a lot by dog owners. If you are not sure about the other DIY gift ideas as you are unfamiliar with the dog and dog-owner, this cookie wreath will win the heart of the dog-owner as well as his dog definitely.


There are plenty of DIY gift ideas out there but these five ideas will fit perfectly into the theme of Christmas, and the dog-owners will appreciate your efforts.

I have intentionally avoided dog costume and dog stocking ideas as they are mostly owned by the dog owners themselves or get gifted by the other friends. When it comes to standing out of the crowd, go DIY.


Author Bio:

James Shore is a part-time dog-trainer and dog behavior consultant. He is a professional freelancer with years of experience in dog training. He is interested in finding out fun ways to handle dog behaviors, specifically, Labradors to help dog-owners enjoy their companions at all times. His pet-passion led him to develop to help people.


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Don’t leave your dog high and dry this Christmas without a gift to open! As dog owners, we no doubt shower our best furry friend with gifts, treats, and toys throughout the year. So it makes sense to wrap up something special for them at Christmas too. Not only will your dog love his new gift, but he’ll also appreciate playing with the wrapping paper as well! Just mind that sellotape. Below are some great gift ideas so you can ensure that your pooch is suitable pampered come the holidays!

Stylish Retreats

Every pampered pooch deserves a stylish update to their living arrangements. This year why not treat your dog to a new cozy and inviting bed? He’ll love sniffing out his new surrounds and may just take a post-Christmas dinner snooze! As an extra special surprise why not also invest in some outdoor pet furniture for him. If your dog loves the fresh air and plays a lot in your garden, he’ll appreciate somewhere to retreat into the shade or away from the rain from time to time. A smart outdoor dog house makes a great addition to the garden and a wonderful Christmas gift for your pooch.


Plush Chew Toy

If you are like most dog owners, your canine pal is likely to get new chew toys and treats on a weekly basis. Especially as most of the toys are destructed within days! Limbless toys and animals without their stuffing do not make for a good look! So how about treating your dog to a super plush indestructible chew toy this Christmas. Jax & Bones Coco The Elephant is an eco-friendly, safe and durable dog toy that looks incredibly cute. It is made from chemical-free dyed cotton thread and even as your dog attempts to pull it apart, the frayed cotton will just act as dental floss for his teeth. Healthy and fun all in one! Coco the Elephant is the perfect Christmas toy for your pooch.


Gourmet Treats

Come Christmas time food is not only on humans minds but also doggies too! It’s time to wrap up some gourmet treats for your dog to enjoy over the holiday season. Companies such as Pawsitively Gourmet offer healthy doggie treats disguised as festive favorites. There is everything from sweet potato holiday donuts to peanut butter winter cookies. They look cute and also make a great gift if you are buying for other dog owner friends too.


Challenging Christmas Games

We all love to play a few fun games over the holiday season, and your furry friend is no different. Buy him the Kuruse BUSTER dog bowl maze, and he’ll be occupied for quite some time trying to chase the food down the exit points of the maze in order to free it. The treats are placed deep into the curved tracks of the maze, and your dog will have to use all his senses to get them out. It’s a super way to keep your dog motivated and mentally challenged over the holiday period



It’s time to deck the halls – and your dog, too! Christmas and the holidays just don’t seem right for many people without adding some festive touches to their pets. Whether it’s a glittering new bow in your dog’s great hair cut, or some cozy pajamas while your dog waits for Santa, most dogs enjoy dressing up for the holidays because it means getting extra attention from their owners.

Subtle touches. If you’re not one to dress up your dog in doggy clothes, you can mark the season by getting your dog a lovely new collar and leash or a harness. Collars, leashes, and harnesses come in many holiday styles such as plaid, black or red velvet, leather, and glittering with rhinestones and other faux gems. Of course, if you enjoy finding outfits for your dog, you can also find collars, leashes, and harnesses to match any outfits you might purchase so your dog will be coordinated.

For longhaired dogs, especially Toy and small breed dogs, you can look for bows, barrettes, and other hair accessories to celebrate the season. You can also find hair accessories to match outfits. Don’t forget to buy the rubber bands you usually need to hold your dog’s hair when using these accessories. A doggy topknot can be very cute with a bright Christmas bow.

Party outfits. Many owners like to dress up Toy breeds and small dogs in party clothes over the holidays. Outfits range from party casual to very elegant ensembles. You can find beautiful clothes in velvet, satin, silk, man-made materials, and gauzes. You can even dress your dog like an angel with wings. You can be as traditional or as creative as you like with your dog’s outfits.

Bedtime. You can also find bedtime clothes for your dog. These outfits are particularly popular during the holidays when owners may be spending time at home with their dogs on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Look for pajamas and nightgowns in fun styles and in traditional looks. You can even find handsome robes for your dog, too!

Miscellaneous. In addition to clothes, you can make your dog more festive for the season with some touches like painting his nails or using nail caps over his nails. Nail caps are plastic temporary nails in various colors that easily fit over your dog’s real nails. Don’t forget that your dog needs some good grooming for the holidays, too! A nice bath and haircut for your dog this time of year is always a good idea, especially if you will be having friends come to your house or taking your dog to visit others.

Whenever choosing clothing and accessories for your dog it’s always a good idea to keep your dog’s personality in mind. Is your dog playful and fun? Is he noble and aristocratic? Is he laid back and cool? There are clothes to fit every dog’s personality. Look for styles that suit your dog’s individual nature.

Toy breeds and small dogs are dressed up more often than larger dogs but most dog clothes come in larger sizes. There’s no reason why you can’t dress up your medium or larger dog. Check the descriptions for the clothes to see if they come in larger sizes. You might be surprised how fun dressing up your dog for the holidays can be! Remember, if dressing your dog up isn’t for you, he’ll always appreciate a beautiful new collar.

With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to think about holiday gifts for your dog and for the dog lovers in your life. Whether your dog has been naughty or nice, Santa likes to visit every single puppy and dog in December! And, really, aren’t all dogs good at heart?

Here’s a look at some of the gifts that will be at the top of your doggy’s wish list this year.

No matter what your budget is, you can find some great holiday gifts for your pet this year.

Under $10: Look for delicious organic treats for your dog. This price range should allow you to buy a nice bag or box of terrific treats made with the very best ingredients. Check online or at your local pet store. Your dog will love them! There are lots of good brands. You can also give your dog favorites like Nylabones, Kongs, squeaky toys, and rope toys. What dog doesn’t love toys and chews?

Under $25: Look for a stocking filled with toys and treats. Zanies has a great holiday toy stocking filled with squeaky balls, rope toys, and more, but other manufacturers also offer terrific holiday stockings, too. These toys and treats can keep your pup entertained for days.

Under $50: Look for a warm, cozy dog bed for your favorite four-legged friend. Many companies make excellent dog beds around this price. Features to look for include good stuffing or memory foam for older dogs and washable covers. You can also buy heated dog beds.

Under $100: Crates and pet carriers. You can purchase your dog a terrific crate or pet carrier in this price range. Crates and carriers are great for traveling with your dog in your vehicle or if you are flying with your dog. Large dogs can also use a crate in the home as a place to nap.

There are plenty of other gifts that are good for your dog at any time such as a new collar and leash, a harness, new dinner bowls, and other things you and your dog need on a regular basis. It’s always nice to spruce up your dog’s belongings and have something new.

If you are looking for a gift for a dog lover, there are plenty of great gifts to consider. Most dog lovers enjoy mugs with a picture of their favorite breed or calendars featuring dogs. Consider having a T-shirt or sweatshirt made with a picture of your friend’s dog on the front. If you’re looking for something for yourself, consider a vacuum cleaner that picks up dog hair. That’s something that most dog owners can use! Also new this year is Bake-A-Bone, a kitchen appliance that lets you make cookies right on your kitchen counter. Simply mix the cookie batter and pour it into the cookie cut-outs in the appliance to cook. Voila! Dog cookies in any flavor your dog likes.

Don’t forget those less fortunate this holiday season. You can always make a donation to your local shelter – either monetary or by donating things they need. Local shelters often need blankets and dog food


With Christmas almost here it’s time to think about decking the halls and fetching ye olde yule log for the fire. It’s also time to give some thought to keeping your home safe for your pets during the holiday season. With all of that tinsel and all of those bobbins and bows lying around, your dog can easily eat something he shouldn’t. Glass ornaments and shiny things can be irresistible to many pets.

Vets say they have to remove tinsel and other objects from pets every year during the holidays. Here are some things to watch out for during the holidays.

Small things can be dangerous. Be careful of anything that’s small enough to fit in your pet’s mouth. At Christmas this includes plastic bags that are dangerous to pets. Pets can easily suffocate if they get their head in a bag. Watch out for ornaments and bulbs for strings of lights that you might leave lying around, too.

Hot things are dangerous such as irons, space heaters, coffee pots or anything that heats up. A curious puppy can jump up on them. It’s also a good idea to close off fireplaces with a screen when they’re in use.

Chemicals can be deadly. Use child locks on your cabinets. Don’t let your dog near disinfectants or other chemicals such as rodenticides, salts to melt snow or ice, lawn chemicals, and particularly anti-freeze. Even chemicals that say “pet safe” should be kept out of reach. If your dog spills one of these chemicals chances are that he will lick it all up.

Unsafe foods are also a no-no. Many people have parties and feasts during the holidays and that can offer some tempting – but dangerous food for dogs. If you give your dog human food, do so in moderation. Never give your dog the following foods:

  • fatty foods
  • cooked bones
  • spicy foods
  • chocolate
  • grapes and raisins
  • onions
  • xylitol (sugar substitute found in some candies and other foods)
  • macadamia nuts
  • pitted foods such as peach pits


Avoid dangerous plants. Some plants are harmful to dogs such as azaleas, lilies, oleander, daffodils, and milkweed. Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are only mildly toxic and treatment is rarely necessary. But they aren’t recommended for your dog either.

If you think your dog is in danger, call your vet or an animal emergency clinic immediately.

Decorating with your dog

Decorating with a dog in the house can be challenging! Assuming you have put away all of the things that your dog can eat which might harm him, you still have to put up some holiday touches.

If you are putting up a tree and your dog keeps bothering it, there are a couple of ways to protect the tree. One recommended way to protect a tree is by putting up a small exercise pen around the base of the tree. The pen can keep most smaller dogs from getting close to the tree and knocking it down. If you have a bigger dog you might need to use a bigger pen. This can be unsightly if you are having a party in your home but it is sturdy and durable. You can buy x-pens online or at your local pet store. You can often find used x-pens for sale online.

Another method is to screw in a bolt to the tree with some fishing line and bolt it to the wall. This will keep most trees standing even if a dog jumps on the tree. Plus the fishing line and bolts won’t be seen by any visitors. The downside to this method is that the dog can get close to the tree and he might pull off some ornaments or bother the Christmas lights.

If you have a dog who pulls ornaments off the tree, try to put the ornaments, lights, and other breakable objects up higher so he won’t be able to reach them.

Keep candy, statues, centerpieces, and other decorative items that you would normally have sitting around in places where your dog can’t reach them.

When it comes to special occasion meals, consider feeding your dog first, before family and friends come over. This can reduce begging and pestering from your dog. If your dog is crate-trained you can send him to his crate for a nap during special meals. Even if your dog stays out during meals, most dogs will get tired of waiting on leftovers and find a corner to take a nap while you and your friends eat. Be sure to warn your guests about giving your dog anything to eat that might be dangerous for him.

If you keep these tips in mind while you prepare your house for the holidays, you and your dog should have a wonderful holiday season!

Christmas Present Dog Toy

christmas present toy

christmas present toy

This plush dog toy looks like a wrapped Christmas present.  It is red and green and makes a great gift for any good dog on Christmas.  They come in two sizes, one for smaller dogs and puppies and a larger size for big dogs.

These cute Christmas dog toys are available at It is not too late to order for Christmas delivery.  All toys are shipped using Priority Mail as standard, so you have plenty of time to get your good pup a plush present this year.