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Top 5 Gifts for Dog Lovers

Dogs love their owners unconditionally. They are loyal and cuddly. Dog lovers appreciate it if you buy presents for their precious fur balls on special occasions. Do you have a crazy dog loving friend or relative? If the answer is yes, then you may be wondering what to gift them. Well, here are some awesome gifts that both the dog and the owner will be ecstatic to have;

1. Dog Jackets

dogjacketsAre you looking for the best winter present to gift to a dog lover? Dog jackets are the perfect answer. Winter is a perilous time for dog lovers to walk their pets. To protect your friend’s dog against the atrocities of the harsh cold season such as, rain, snow and sleet, reflective dog jackets serve the purpose perfectly. Not just this, the jackets are cosy and warm even for the chilly nights as well.

2. Dog Shampoo
dogshampooA terrific dog shampoo is not readily available in the market. So, if you really want to surprise your friend, you may seriously consider buying an organic shampoo for your dog loving friend. The shampoos available in general pet stores are okay too but try looking for ones with organic formulations. Shampoos that contain lemongrass oils and rosemary do not just keep the fleas at bay; they also leave behind a delightful smell. Mild organic cleansers are also quite excellent for sensitive dogs even.

3. Hammocks
doghammocksDog lovers often take their dogs with them when they travel which may create a huge mess. It is not the dog’s fault really; scratching the seat covers with their dirty paws or shedding their hair is something which comes naturally to them. A dog carrier may be a decent option but a comfortable hammock for car seats serves not only as a seat cover but also as a much safer option.

4. Food and Water Travel Bowls
travelbowlsIt might get difficult for dog lovers to get their furry pets to drink adequately during a road trip or hiking along the mountainous tracks. In such a situation, gifting the dog-lovers water and food bowls for their pets is a considerate present. There are lots of varieties of these bowls available in the market. Metallic ones have a lot of weight while the plastic ones are easier to carry. Choose the one that can be tossed on the leash easily.

5. Dog Cookies
cookiesDogs cannot be fed the same old regular sugar cookies that you stuff your mouth with. Gifting the dog lover cookies specifically made for the dogs will be an ideal gift. Your dog-lover friend will love your forever for gifting different flavoured cookies. Munching upon the peanut butter wafers or beef and liver cookies are just what you need to become friends with your friend’s pet

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Pet Feeders and Bowls

Whether you have a finicky kitty or a dog who eats everything, a pet feeder can be the answer to your problems when you can’t be home to feed your pets on time. Pet feeders make it easy to feed your pets and even control how much they eat. You don’t have to let your dog or cat gorge themselves when you’re not home, or go hungry.


Automatic feeders

Automatic feeders which operate on batteries allow you to measure how much food you leave for your cat or dog. You can place each portion in a compartment of the feeder and the compartment, which operates on a timer, will open at the pre-set time for your pet to eat. Depending on the feeder, you can prepare multiple meals in advance for your pet. Some automatic feeders contain two meals and some hold up to five meals. Some hold enough food for dogs or cats and some will only hold small meals for cats or small dogs. Because the automatic feeders are battery-operated, they will continue to work even if the power goes out. This is a great way to feed your pet if you can’t be home for a short time. Some of these feeders will work with either dry or canned food. These feeders don’t usually need a bowl since they use compartments.


Continual feeders

Another type of feeder allows you to fill it full of dry food. When the feeder is turned over, gravity allows the food to constantly refill the pet’s bowl as he eats. These feeders have pros and cons. On the good side, your pet will never be hungry when  you are away. On the bad side, your pet is free to eat himself sick. You have no control over how much food your cat or dog eats. These feeders usually have a bowl already attached.


This system is also available as a waterer so your pet has a constant supply of water available.



There are a number of good pet drinking fountains available. The fountains come in all shapes and styles and feature pumps to keep the water circulating for your pet. You add water to the fountain which goes into circulation. The fountain even filters the water as it circulates and removes impurities. Drinking fountains are a good choice for both cats and dogs.


Raised feeders

Raised feeders are often recommended for some breeds of dogs who are particularly prone to bloat or gastric dilatation-volvulus. In this condition the dog’s stomach can fill up with air and ultimately twist and flip over. It seems to occur more often in large breeds with a deep chest such as German Shepherds, Great Danes, and Irish Setters. Some people suggest that feeding these dogs with raised feeders can help prevent bloat.


Raised feeders usually have metal or wrought iron stands, though they can also  be wooden. Feed bowls fit into the stands and the dog stands to eat his meal and drink his water. The bowls are often stainless steel or ceramic, though they can be any kind of bowl. There is a wide selection of raised feeders to choose from online and you should be able to find some in your local pet store, too.


If you will be away from home and need to feed your cat or dog, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a good feeder to feed your pet. Likewise, there are many good fountains for pets and good raised feeders. Check around and you should find exactly what you need.

Choosing the Best Dog Bowl/Feeder

There are several different kinds of popular bowls for feeding dogs. Your choice can depend on your budget, the style you prefer, and even how many dogs you have. You might also be interested in purchasing a dog feeder if you are away from home sometimes and can’t always be there to feed your on a schedule.

Stainless steel bowls

Stainless steel bowls are a traditional and popular way to feed dogs. They are easy to sterilize, dishwasher safe, and they come in different sizes and shapes to fit the needs of different dogs. For example, there are stainless steel puppy pans called “flying saucers” for weaning puppies to solid food; and there are conical-shaped bowls for dogs with very long ears so the dogs won’t get their ears in their food. Stainless steel bowls can slide around when dogs eat from them, but you can buy bowls that are weighted so they won’t slide. Stainless steel bowls also have the added benefit of being relatively inexpensive. Stainless steel bowls are often a good choice for pet owners, especially if they have multiple dogs.

Plastic bowls

Plastic bowls are another option for feeding dogs. However, there are many drawbacks to using plastic bowls. Plastic bowls can be scratched and when food is placed in the bowl, bacteria can grow in the scratched places. Some dogs like to chew on plastic bowls and they are not as long-lasting as other feed bowls. They are lightweight and can slide around when  your dog eats from them. In addition, some dogs are allergic to the chemicals used in the plastic. They can develop rashes and bumps around their  muzzles from contact with the plastic. Some dogs also lose pigment on their nose from eating out of the plastic. Plastic bowls don’t make a good choice as a feed bowl for most dogs.

Ceramic bowls

Ceramic bowls are one of the best choices for feeding dogs. The heavyweight bowls are sturdy and long-lasting. They have a baked glaze on them which discourages any bacterial growth. They are usually dishwasher safe and they can be sterilized. Many ceramic bowls are painted with beautiful designs which make them works of art. You can even have them personalized for your dog. Ceramic bowls are heavy and will not tip over or slide around. The only real drawback to a ceramic bowl is that it is breakable but these bowls are quite tough and they don’t break easily. Many ceramic bowls last for years and years.


These are the normal choices for feed bowls for dogs. If you need a feeder for your dog, most feeders either have a bowl already attached to the feeder or they are designed to be used with steel or plastic bowls.

Feeders for dogs can be helpful if you are not home to feed your dog. The best feeders have timers so you can pre-determine when the feeder will feed your dog and allow you to set the amount of food it will give your dog. Feeders that let your dog eat all day are less desirable since most dogs will continue to eat even when they aren’t hungry. This will simply lead to a very fat dog. Choose a feeder that gives you as much control as possible over when and how much your dog eats.

Of course, the downside to a feeder for any pet is that the pet may figure out a way to open the feeder and help himself to all the food he wants. Be sure to buy a good quality feeder that will keep your pet out.

Auto Pet Feeder-Holds 10 Pounds of Food-Medium - 2000GM Auto Pet Feeder-Holds 10 Pounds of Food-Medium – 2000GM

Whether you work long hours; or on a quick vacation; chances are that you worry about your pet. Well; ease your mind; and fill your pet’s tummy with this Auto Pet Feeder. This feeder consists of a storage container; a feeding bowl and an 8 setting programmable digital timer. The digital timer can be programmed to feed pets up to 8 times a day; all through the week – even throughout the year! The unit can be programmed to release small quantities such 4 to 5 kibbles of food if necessary (This is ideal for feeding diabetic pets; and pets with eating disorders.). And don’t worry about spilling food all over the floor when you’re filling this feeder – the large opening in the food storage bin enables an easy fill of pet food. A flexible stainless tube sheath (coated with plastic) protects the power cord and prevents pets from chewing on the cord. The feed bowl can be easily removed; cleaned and is dishwasher safe. Pet food does not have to be emptied from the storage container to clean bowl. Slow dispensing of food prevents the feed from piling up and also prevents the pets from eating too fast!

Dogs are not usually picky about their bowls and feeders. They are more concerned about the food than how it is served. But if you follow the suggestions offered here you should find just the right bowl for you dog.

Dog bowls may seem all the same to you but they are not created equal.  Some bowls are better than others for your dog.  The same is true of dog feeders.  Here’s some information to help you choose the best dog bowl and feeder for your dog.


Dog bowl facts

Plastic dog bowls are easy to find and they are inexpensive which makes them popular.  If you drop a plastic dog bowl it won’t break and you can wash them in the dishwasher.  But these bowls are often not the best bowls for your dog.  They scratch easily and can harbor bacteria.  In addition, many dogs develop allergies to the soft plastic that is used to make these bowls which leads to irritated skin around the nose and muzzle.  In some cases dogs who eat out of plastic bowls even develop “winter nose” or a pale, flesh-colored nose where the pigment fades.  If you are trying to find the best dog bowl for your dog, you  should probably skip the plastic dog bowls.


Ceramic bowls can make great dog food bowls.  They are heavy so they won’t tip over when a hungry dog attacks his food.  They are often beautiful and decorated with creative designs.  They are glazed so they are easy to wash and keep clean.  Many of them are also dishwasher-safe.  There are no problems with allergies when you use ceramic bowls.  However, ceramic bowls are breakable and they can crack.  If the bowl develops tiny cracks, it can harbor bacteria.  If you use ceramic bowls, be sure to check them regularly to make sure there are no tiny cracks.


The most practical dog food bowls are stainless steel bowls.  They are durable and inexpensive.  They are dishwasher safe.  They do not crack.  They don’t come in pretty colors or designs but they will last a long time and they are healthy to use.  Some bowls have a non-skid rubber base so they won’t move around when your dog eats from them.  They also come in slightly different shapes so if you have a dog with long ears you can get a cone-shaped bowl to keep his ears out of the food, for example.


Feeders and other options

Feeders or automated dog bowls work by attaching a reservoir to a dog’s bowl.  The bowl can be plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic.  The reservoir or container can hold dog food or water.  Feeders or automatic waterers will continue to fill your dog’s bowl as long as the container has food or water in it.  Automatic dog bowls are a good idea with regards to water bowls but they are not usually recommended for dog food.  Dogs tend to eat as long as there is food, whether they are hungry or not.  Dogs that eat food from an automatic feeder often become overweight or obese because they continue to eat all day.  It’s much better to measure your dog’s portions when you feed him and control how much he eats at each separate meal.  There are some automated feeders that allow you to pre-set feeding times for your dog and measure how much food is poured out but there is always the risk that your dog can break into the container and gorge himself.


Elevated food bowls are often a good idea if you have a larger breed, especially a breed that is prone to gastrointestinal problems.  Some studies have suggested that feeding dogs prone to bloat from elevated feed bowls can help reduce the chances that the dog will experience this health problem.  Elevated food bowls are two normal bowls (plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel) which sit in a small stand usually made of wood, plastic, or metal.  The dog stands while eating and simply lowers his head to the bowls.  Some dogs prefer to eat while standing anyway.  Elevated food bowls and stands can be expensive but owners often say they are worth the cost if they can help prevent health problems.



Every dog is different so choosing the best dog bowl or feeding option for your dog often depends on your own dog’s special needs.  Choose a bowl that won’t cause allergies and which you consider safe and easy to clean.  Ceramic bowls are pretty and they can be a good option as long as you check them for cracks regularly.  Stainless steel bowls are durable and won’t cause allergies.  They are also easy to clean.  Use your best judgment about feeding stands and other options.

Many dog owners do not realize that there are benefits to getting elevated dog feeders for their canine companions. Not only do they help with the cleanliness of the dogs eating area but they also give the dog health benefits. When a dog eats from a dish that has been placed on the floor or a mat the often make a large mess. Not only is there a mess on the floor but there may be a mess of bugs in the bowl as well.

When a dog spills his food all over the floor a piece or two may be missed when it is cleaned up. The pieces that are left may attract insects and they will easily be able to climb into the bowl, eat crumbs, and wait for seconds. Elevated dog feeders have been proven to lessen the mess that a dog creates while eating and thus eliminates the possibilities of getting unwanted insects living in the kitchen.

Using elevated dog feeders also help the dog to be able to eat more easily. There is no need for them to gulp their food or their water. They are able to eat at a slower pace and lessen the chance of them choking. Many dogs will vomit after gulping water from a dog dish that is on the floor. This is because they are drinking too fast and the water causes their stomach to bloat. Elevated dog feeders slow down the dogs eating and help them to be able to swallow with ease because they have gravity helping them.

The food is drawn down the esophagus while they are eating from the elevated dog feeders. When eating from a dish that is on the floor the dogs are fighting with gravity to keep the food in their mouths and gulping it down to get it to go down their esophagus. This can be dangerous or even deadly.

If you’re new to owning a dog and you want to make sure everything is right for it, you’ve probably been going crazy for the last 1-2 weeks or so buying all sorts of accessories and taking the dog to the vet for its mandatory check-ups. One of the things you absolutely mustn’t forget when you’re out shopping for the dog’s necessities is to pick a proper bowl for it that will be easy to use and be built to last indefinitely.

The choice may seem simple enough, but there are actually quite a lot of options to consider. For example, many new dog owners wrongly believe that the size of a dog’s bowl should be dictated entirely by how much it eats. However, the proper way to make that choice is to consider the dog’s size and not the amount of food you’re going to put into the bowl. Smaller dogs would need a smaller bowl to feed more comfortably, even if they tend to eat more in a single meal.

Whether you’ll go with a metal or ceramic bowl is entirely up to you – both have more or less the same advantages and disadvantages, the only difference being that ceramic bowls are obviously a lot more fragile and should be treated carefully. This means that if you’ve got an energetic, playful dog and you rarely find its bowl where you left it after it’s done feeding, it may be a better idea to get a sturdy metal bowl to ensure nothing happens to it.

Sometimes, the regular old dog bowl design won’t cut it. If you have a larger dog and you want to ensure its comfort while also giving yourself less of a mess to clean up afterwards, it can be wise to invest in an elevated feeder. This is basically a mini-table that holds your dog’s bowl, and allows it to comfortably eat with the bowl at its head level without having to bend down so much – and the comfort subsequently allows it to eat more efficiently and without spreading the food around so much.

Elevated feeders are also more comfortable for dogs with long ears, as with a regular bowl, the dog’s ears tend to constantly fall down inside the bowl and prevent the dog from eating comfortably. This is never a problem with an elevated feeder though, so think from your dog’s perspective and ensure its comfort.