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Lest you think that fashion is limited to clothing for dogs, there’s an entire world of dog fashion devoted to your dog’s surroundings. Beds and other furniture for dogs, carriers, strollers, backpacks for dogs, jewelry for dogs, sunglasses for dogs, hair dye and nail polish for dogs – even tiaras for dogs! If you can imagine it, someone is probably making it for your dog.

Beds and Furniture
Beds for dogs range from pretty blankets and cuddle-style beds that you can find at your local pet store to elaborate four-poster beds that are fit for a queen (or king). You can quite literally pay thousands of dollars for a dog bed if you’re inclined in that direction and you have the dough:

Of course, most dogs don’t sleep in beds so elaborate and you can find wonderful beds for your dog for reasonable prices. There are heated beds, beds with memory foam, bolster beds, and beds made out of all kinds of comfortable materials for less than $100. If you really want a bed with furniture style, you may have to pay a few hundred dollars.

You can find all kinds of stylish furniture for dogs, too. Perhaps your dog needs an armoire? You could hang his clothing in it. Some dogs have ramps or steps to help them get up and down from your bed or from sofas: And what pampered dog doesn’t need his very own toy box?

These are just a few of the pieces of furniture you can find for dogs. You can also find chairs, chaises, and small sofas designed for dogs that fit in with your own furniture.

Carriers and Strollers
Carriers come in many styles ranging from backpacks to purse styles. They can be extremely luxurious or more functional. Some of them are designed for flying with small pets on planes while others are good for taking your small dog with you when you go around town or if you’re in the car. There are also rolling carriers and sling/bag style carriers.

Dog strollers are made with a design similar to a baby stroller.

Other Accessories for Dogs

For the trendiest dogs you can find sunglasses, jewelry, and even go all out with the latest hair colors and nail polish. Glam hair colors wash out after a few shampoos. And fun nail polish for your dog is safe and easy to use. You can also use colored nail caps for dogs that fit over your dog’s nails.

We mustn’t forget all the ways you can decorate your home for parties involving your dog! There are colorful, fun cakes for dogs, party favors and toys for your dog’s guests, invitations, wrapping paper, paper plates and napkins, and decorations! Check online for terrific theme ideas for birthday parties and other parties for dogs. Your dog will be the host with the most when you coordinate one of these fashionable parties.

Really, there’s no limit to all the fun you can have with fashionable accessories for your dog, whether it’s in your home or dressing up your dog.

Solid Wood Doghouse Doggy Ranch

Solid Wood Doghouse Doggy Ranch
This is the perfect dog house for a “second home” for your pampered pup.

This unique dog house is perfect for pets up to 25 pounds. With an insulated roof it keeps your pet cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. This outdoor dog house is constructed from solid fir. A spacious front deck and ventilated farmhouse door not only enhance comfort but add a realistic touch to complement any outdoor environment This luxury doghouse assembles easily with only a screwdriver

If you are looking for the ultimate dog house that will be the envy of the neighborhood, take a look at this victorian cottage styled doghouse. Can you believe this?

Now the dog that gets this is probably the most spoiled pooch in the universe. But if you are rich and can afford it, why not? It sure is a step up from the home-made brand of pasted together crap I see around my neighborhood.