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Finding a great outfit used to be tough, but the internet has exploded with dog-friendly garments in recent years. One of the very best places to purchase attire for your companion is Top Dog Apparel, which stocks dog clothes, accessories, and many other canine related items. By shopping there, you can get your dog ready for any occasion, and you’ll find a few ideas listed below…


It’s Christmas day, and everyone is sitting around the tree wearing their novelty Christmas jumpers, excited about what’s to come. But spare a thought for little Fido, who has exactly the same collar on as usual, and isn’t sharing any of your Christmas joy. There’s no need to worry though, as there are plenty of festive ways to give your dog some Christmas spirit, with perhaps the best being a jumper all of their own!

There are loads of different designs you can choose from, ranging from traditional knitted patterns through to ones with humorous slogans, guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who sees them. Add to the dog jumper a bandana, or perhaps a festive collar, and your dog will look perfect on Christmas day. Why not even wrap them up, and let your dog tear the wrapping paper away?


Dogs are part of your family, so they should definitely be involved in your big day. After all, they’re around you all the time, so why should they be sidelined on the most important day of your life? They can’t simply turn up looking scruffy though, so get them nicely groomed and styled, before then selecting from one of the many dog wedding outfits found online.

These wedding outfits come in many shapes and sizes, from smart tuxedos through to elegant flowing wedding dresses. Just don’t expect the dress to stay white for too long though, as they’ll definitely find a patch of mud to roll in at some point! Remember: these smart outfits can also be used for many other important events, such as birthdays and christenings, so keep them packed up safe after you’ve used them.


It might not be a particularly special occasion, however your dog should feel comfortable when it heads off to bed, ready to dream of chasing birds and eating piles of dog treats. This is why so many people invest in a great set of doggie pyjamas for their pooch, which are warm, comfortable, and really set your dog up for a great night of sleep.

It isn’t just pyjamas you can find for your dog though, as there are also loads of other pieces of clothing and accessories as well. For example, why not get a dog robe for your pet, so that it can unwind before heading to bed? Or maybe you could grab a brand new dog duvet or pillow, so your dog has the most comfortable sleep possible?

Out On the Town

If you like taking your dog into town with you, perhaps when you go for coffee with friends, then you really need to make sure they look the part. You don’t have to go as far as a complete outfit (although they do look great), but you should certainly grab yourself a sparkling new lead, and a collar they can be proud of. You can even find matching collar and lead sets, to make sure your dog is looking stunning!

For those really special days out, you can also add some bling to your dog’s look, simply by getting them some beautiful dog jewellery! You’ll find everything from tiaras through to hair clips, all of which are guaranteed to add a certain style to any canine companion. For the boys, you’ll also find adorable clip on bowties, so that they can look as smart as possible!


So, there you have it: loads of great ways you can make your dog look its absolute best. Your dog will love all the attention lavished on it when sporting such stunning attire, and you’ll also love the admiring looks you get when with your dog as well!

What would any posh pooch be without some haute designer accessories? Just like you, won’t your furry pal love a cool new Coach or Juicy Couture item to show off around the town? Of course they would and if you are someone that loves designer accessories of any type, there are always some wonderful designer dog accessories out there to love too. Here are some of our favorites:

GG Collection Personalized Pet Jar

With this gorgeous personalized treat jar, your pooch will never have to really beg for a treat again. You can get this Tuscan style jar, complete with a customized antiqued aluminum base and label to ensure that your dog is simply the best around. Also, you’ll never have to worry about hiding those treat bags when company comes over any longer – you’ll be dying to show off this beauty to anyone that comes into your home.

Louis Vuitton Dog Leash

Hey Louis Vuitton fans, here is exactly what your dog needs when you’re out for a stroll. This beautiful Louis Vuitton dog leash matches all of the luxury accessories that you own and everyone will know that you only buy the best for your furry friend – even if it’s just for your daily walk.


Coach Collar

Oh Coach, we couldn’t have a list of designer dog accessories without you! We all love Coach purses and why should your dog suffer without something cool to match? Well, Coach offers a wonderful line of dog collars that come with different little charms and designs to match any style that you might own. And with a pretty decent price for a Coach accessory, you may end up buying several to match all of your Coach items.

Paul Frank Julius Dog Bed

We have all see that funky monkey from Paul Frank Julius around in designer stores, discount stores, and the mall and chances are that if you have kids (or are simply a kid at heart), you have something with this monkey on it. Well, don’t leave your pet out. Here is your chance to get your dog their own cute bed that offers something colorful, yet still posh and designer for your pet. Plus, they are completely eco friendly and made from recycled plastic bottles – meaning that now you’re stylish and eco friendly!

Juicy Couture Dog Trench Coat

While all of the other dogs shiver in the cold, why not let your dog stand out in a gorgeous herringbone trench coat from Juicy Couture? You can find it to match your favorite Juicy Couture trench and the two of you will look adorable as you stroll around town. Of course, this designer accessory is only for dogs from 2 up to 15 pounds, so if you own a bigger dog, then you are out of luck for this cute luxury item.

No matter what designer you are in love with at the moment, you will easily find some great designer dog accessories online and through some of the larger designer stores in your area. The best part is that the vast majority of them are priced so reasonably that you have no excuse not to get a few of them for your favorite fur ball.

While there are many well-known couture designers who make clothes and accessories for dogs, there are also lots of designers and companies which specialize in making apparel and other items just for dogs. Many of these brands are easier to find and they can offer a wider range of clothing options. They are also sometimes less expensive than the couture designers. These clothes are often great for everyday or play wear for your dog. You probably don’t want your dog to roll in the mud when he’s wearing something made by Ralph Lauren.

On the other hand, there are many designers who specialize in some quite beautiful, even spectacular designs for dogs. If you’re wondering where to find the perfect wedding gown for your dog, you will probably want to check with one of these canine specialists.

Fashions for Dogs

Designers who specialize in fashion for dogs include Central Bark Couture, Chez Fluffy Couture, Doggie Show Girls, Gidget-Gear by Tiki, Hip Doggie, L’Izzura, Louis Dog, Mochi & Jolie, Molly & June (raincoats), Oscar Newman Pink Polka Dog (hoodies and Tees), Pinkaholic New York (bows, harnesses, tees), Puppia Collection, Puppy Angel, Romy & Jacob, Roxy & Lulu, Ruff Ruff Couture, Susan Lanci Designs (made to order), Tuck & Tula Collection (bows, harnesses, vests), Wooflink Collection, and Yvette Ruta Collection (wedding gowns and other things)

These brands are typically made of good materials and have good workmanship. They tend to be more expensive than dog clothes you buy off the rack at your local pet supply store. Some of these clothes are custom made or tailored to fit your dog.

Popular Brands
You can also find many popular brands of dog clothes for everyday wear. These clothes are usually easy to find online or at your local pet supply store and they usually come in sizes from x-small to x-large. It’s a good idea for you to know your dog’s measurements when buying dog clothes, of course. You should measure around your dog’s neck; from the back of the neck to the root of the tail; across the chest at the widest point; and around the ribcage just behind the elbows. If you know these measurements you should be able to select an outfit that fits your dog.

Popular brands you might find in your local pet store include Wagwear, Top Paw, Pedigree Perfection, North Fetch, Tommy Bahama, Hip Doggie, Harley Davidson, Grreat Choice, East Side Collection, and many others.

You can expect to find just about any kind of clothing for your dog in these brands, ranging from dresses and Tees to hoodies and coats. You’ll find pajamas, skirts and tops in all kinds of styles. There are play clothes, dressy clothes, summer clothes, cold weather clothes, urban street clothes, and clothes for picnics. You can find outfits for just about any kind of occasion or way you want to dress your dog. Plus there are usually matching accessories such as bows, collars, and leashes. These brands are usually reasonably priced.

Whether you are looking for a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses for your dog or something a little simpler, there are plenty of doggy designers who can provide you with the kind of canine clothes you’re seeking. Have fun looking at all the doggy fashions!

The same way people want to look their best and stand out from the crowd, many dog owners love to shop for designer clothes for their dogs. And there are plenty of great designers making clothes for dogs today. Some specialize in canine designs while some of the designers usually make clothes for humans and have added canine collections because they know how important dogs are to their clientele. Here are a few designers who have clothing for dogs.

Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture is one of the most well-known canine designers. They make women’s clothes and accessories but they also make clothes for dogs, as well as pet carriers and accessories. The clothes are saucy and fun with a dash of elegance.Very chic. So are the accessories.  These clothes are very popular with people who enjoy dressing their dogs. Prices are quite reasonable.



For real couture dog accessories, you can’t get much more haute than Gucci. While Gucci doesn’t make dog clothing, they do make pet carriers, elegant (even extravagant) collars and leashes, and charms. The Gucci design is recognizable almost anywhere you go with your dog.


You can buy dog clothing that features a play on the Gucci design – usually with bones or other dog-related images – but don’t confuse it with the real thing.


As you might expect, carriers and accessories from Gucci are rather pricey.


Von Dutch Dog Clothes

Von Dutch is a Los Angeles-based fashion label with a rock n’ roll attitude rooted in “Kustom Kulture.” Von Dutch clothing was founded in 1990 and they make t-shirts, hats, and more for men and women. They have also crossed over to make other products, including children’s wear, footwear, a jewelry line, a “kustom” motorcycle company, and even a die-cast miniatures toy line. They also make Von Dutch Dog Clothes.


Christian Audigier/Ed Hardy

Christian Audigier is the creator of Ed Hardy. These clothes feature rock n’ roll inspired t-shirts for dogs. They include dog collars, carriers, and other accessories.


Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a world famous designer of men’s and women’s clothes. His most famous brand is probably the sporty chic Polo Ralph Lauren. The company has extended their Polo brand into the world of pet fashions with clothes like the Ralph Lauren Classic Dog Polo, Ralph Lauren Dual Match Polo, Ralph Lauren Sporty Puffer Vest, and Ralph Lauren Team Polo, just to name a few. They even have hoodies, trenchcoats, and classic turtlenecks for dogs. And the clothes come in some of the same favorite Polo colors people love.


Other designers who feature dog clothing and accessories as part of their lines include Burberry, Martha Stewart, Louis Vuitton, Paris Hilton, and Robert Cavalli. You can find other designers and some expensive accessories for your dog at stores like Barney’s New York

The clothes you choose for your dog say a lot about him – and about you. How do you want to present yourself and your dog to the world? Are you rock ‘n roll chic? Fun-loving and free-spirited? Elegant and traditional? Fortunately, there are all kinds of designers and clothes so you can choose the look you want for your dog and you can vary the mood.

If you want your pup to look stylish and good at all times you might want to invest in designer dog clothes. While some people might call this ridiculous or a waste of money, there are advantages and reasons to keep your dog stylishly clothed. The good news is you don’t have to pay full retail prices to get the designer clothes for your dog that you desire. What’s the secret to saving money and getting the clothes you want? It’s going online.

A number of online retailers have started selling discount or wholesale dog clothing made by designer labels (or faux designer labels). The real good prices are now online since you can go direct to the people manufacturing the clothes and cut out the middleman, i.e. expensive dog boutiques and grooming salons that upsell you on various clothing. Why not go straight to the source?

In order to find the best prices and best quality designer dog clothes you should try out several stores. A good idea is to try one piece of clothing from each store until you’ve found a good balance of quality and price. Since some sites will have fake designer dog clothes you can decide whether or not you want to go with legitimate designer clothing or the knock off brands. There are many sites that cater to one or the other, so keep an eye out.

Another great way to make sure you get the lowest prices on designer dog clothes is to make sure you comparison shop at every opportunity. If you’ve found a good place that seems to have low prices why not find a competing site to see if they have a lower price or lower price after shipping is included? Comparison-shopping on shipping totals can shave a lot of money off of your order total.

Shop now at and use coupon code PDG10 to receive 10% off your order.

Sommerkjoler in Norwegian means summer dresses.The word kjoler means dresses. There are a lot of completely different dresses that you’ll be able to opt for from. One amongst the foremost in style sorts of girls’s summer dresses that are offered by several on-line stores are Lingeributikken’s line of clothing. One will find in Denmark one of the most effective and finest clothing as well.

The planning is breathtaking and thus beautiful on one can realize well over 800 completely different design, and designs at low cost. This can be thus attention-grabbing that North Europe is just too expensive. The rationale is not because of greed. Vendors cannot supply pricing as low as what they provide in China. We have a tendency to pay high taxation in Norway, Denmark , Sweden that is why we cannot supply too low. We tend to have to style our pricing with how much taxes we tend to pay at our country’s tax department. But there are still on-line stores that give their merchandise and services at lowest pricing and it’s amazing. If you visit sommerkjoler at or Kjoler at you may realize dresses that so stunning , If I was made, I might have bought all of them. You must check it out.

We tend to all love summer and wish to wear perfect summer clothing. Girls wish to look horny and appearance sensible in our dresses. Girls additionally wish to drive men’s attention to appear at how sexy and gorgeous we have a tendency to are in those pretty summer dresses. Women love summer dresses which will keep them cool in summer time. Nothing will be a lot of good than a snug summer dress, especially in the evening.

Women additionally prefer to follow fashion, so the summer dresses ought to be in nice design and style. Fashionable, enticing summer dresses are the right alternative for an evening out together with your date. There are a selection of styles that are good for this occasion. As an example, a chic, sleeveless, tea-length dress is, without fail, an eye catching choice for a dinner together with your husband. When paired with a pair of high, shiny sandals, this vogue of dress is positive to please. For a more dressed-up look, try adding a combine of fashionable silver earrings and a matching necklace.
This piece of clothing is that the immediate answer for a summertime formal party or red carpet event. Depending on the event, an ankle length dress, with a silky, flowing skirt, or a shorter full dress with bows is usually appropriate. For a proper party, choose a knee-length, brightly-colored dress. This look of dress is everywhere, and it will be difficult to pick the correct one. When choosing your dress for a celebration, strive to determine what colours coordinate becomingly along with your hair and eyes.

For example, a light blue color in dress brings out those blue eyes with a brown hair. If you head to a summer party, then you would like to wear one thing shinny and dark if you’re blond. Visit ballkjoler

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If you commence your search to your wedding dress, it’s likely to be essential that you are familiar with your shape sort. There’s planning to be a lot of emphasis on this inside process, and it’s critical to remember that beauty comes in numerous distinct styles. A lot of brides will try and deceive themselves when it comes to entire body sort, as they really feel their own image is not what society might label ?beautiful?. It truly is incredibly unfortunate that we are created to experience this way.

The truth is, every single entire body type has an inherent beauty that may only be accentuated and flattered with the right choice of wedding dress. Your shape is structured according to the ways that nature felt it was very best suited, and also you must neither hide nor feel embarrassed about this point when you’re searching for you dress. It will likely be complicated, while in the procedure of shopping, to hear the terms you’ve applied so often to yourself although searching inside the mirror utilized by employees at the boutique when you will be searching for your dress, as well as the only way to avoid this is to get comfortable with who you’re. With that said, you’ll want to sense as gorgeous as possible in your wedding gown, and we all have tiny imperfections that we will want hidden on our most essential day.

Whatever your body shape may well be, do not try and fool your self into thinking it’s something else. You’re gonna be on display on your wedding day, and picking a dress that you simply wished fit you perfectly would be an incredible mistake. No matter what your body type, you’ll appear beautiful on your special day should you choose a dress style that conforms for your body sort.

It should also be mentioned that incredibly few folks basically lose pounds within the time leading up for your wedding. The planning can take such a heavy toll in terms of stress and energy that dieting is merely a bad decision- many brides believe that they can spread the loss out over time, but the point is that, as with any diet, commitment will likely be a issue. You may end up blowing the diet and then truly gaining unwanted weight as your system tries to compensate. Short term diets inside months before the wedding are a terrible idea, as you can need to maintain your energy levels as the tasks begin piling up. There’s also the added point that you are likely to be attending several parties with exceptional food, and also you probably will not be able to summon the will power to stay away from it.

It truly is greatest, therefore, if you will be honest with yourself when choosing your wedding dress. Don?t select a dress that will appear its greatest on you after you shed eight or ten pounds. This may seem like a little amount, but the fact is even these numbers are hard to reach when you’re trying to lose pounds. It really is ideal not to take the chance.

If you ever do drop weight, excellent for you. Wedding dress adjustments are much easier created to fit a bride who has lost some pounds than they will be for one who has not managed to do as she had hoped. Do not factor fat loss in when you happen to be shopping to your dress.

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valentine dress

Conversation Heart Dog Dress

Playful pink and white dress with a pattern inspired by the popular candy hearts. Lightweight pullover tank dress has a heart-shaped accent on the back that’s surrounded by glimmering sequins. Red velvet skirt with a big red organza bow and sequin weaving.

This valentine dog dress will be adorable on your little diva dog.   

heart frill dress

White fabric dress w/red heart print, accented w/red satin bow and lace trim. This will make a perfect dress for your princess on Valentines Day.

This adorable dress is for small to medium sized dogs and is available at  You can find this dress and other Valentine Dog Apparel at our online boutique.

Lavender Easter Dog Dress

lavender dress

lavender dress

Are you looking for a new outfit for your little girl this Easter.  This adorable lavender polka dot dress with leash and matching hat is perfect for a little girl dog. 

This dress has a secure D ring attachment so you can attach a leash and let your pup show off her new dress on her walk.  The matching hat completes the look.

The lavender dress is available in sizes for most sizes of dogs, from the smallest chihuahua up to border collie. 

Visit Pampered-Dog-Gifts to see this cute springtime dress and other adorable new spring apparel for your precious little girl.