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Why Your Dog Needs A Waterproof Coat This Spring

For many, especially those new to dog ownership, dog coats might seem like a bit of a silly affectation, a fashion accessory bought only for pampered pooches whose ‘mummy and daddy’ have forgotten they have a dog and not a baby and who have more money than sense. However, the surprising truth of it is that there are several very sensible explanations why even the most practical, no-nonsense pet owners choose to wrap their dogs up in the snug warmth of a waterproof dog coat. It’s not really a matter of feeling cold yourself so assuming your dog must be too; there are in fact many practical advantages to dressing your pet in a waterproof canine coat before you take him or her outside in this unpredictable spring weather. This article considers a few of the main benefits.

Keep the House Thoroughly Clean and Dried out
Waterproof canine coats have one primary purpose – to keep your dog’s own natural coat dry. Your pet may not really mind getting wet whenever you take him for a romp out on a showery spring day, but once he’s back inside he’ll be getting all that muddy dampness all over your home. Chances tend to be good that he’ll give that soaking wet coat a lovely great big shake in the center of your family room, splattering all over your clean sofas or rolling around on your carpet. The alternative though is of course keeping him outside in the garage or boot room until his coat is actually dry.

The easiest method to avoid the actual wet tremble, however – and also the accompanying inimitable doggy smell which settles in to your upholstery – would be to cover their fur with a nice, water-resistant cover. It might appear like an extremely selfish reason for making your pet to withstand a coat, but think about the alternative – shutting the poor pup out in the garage till he dries off naturally? In any case, a waterproof dog coat actually benefits the dog himself even more than it helps you out.
Health Advantages of Waterproof Canine Coats
Dogs are prone to catching a chill, and can become very uncomfortable, right through to their bones, if they are left cold and damp for long periods. While nobody “catches cold” from being out in the actual rain, getting wet, cold and soggy can really mess up your dog’s routine, and make them feel really fed-up. A dog’s hair takes a lot longer to dried out than the skin, so if he gets soaked through, he’ll end up being cold, wet as well as miserable for a long time.
Older dogs who suffer from achy joints and joint disease may benefit especially from a good, warm, water-resistant coat in the windy and often incredibly wet spring weather. A waterproof coat can help keep the actual damp from settling within and making him much more uncomfortable. In the event that your dog is a hairless breed, or if you keep him or her carefully clipped, opt for a weatherproof, warm coat since their natural defences from the cold as well as wet are somewhat impaired through the clipping. Small dogs will also be excellent candidates to be kept warm and dry inside a dog coat because their own small bodies often get chilled faster than the bodies of bigger dogs.

Additional Benefits Of Dog Coats
Some kinds of coats provide particular advantages under particular conditions. Should you walk your pet at evening, for instance, a reflective water-resistant dog coat might help keep him or her – and also you – safer by increasing his visibility to passing cars and traffic. A coat may also reduce the possibility of infestation by unwanted guests, such as fleas or ticks, which are often picked up while out walking.
Whether you’re motivated by protecting your sofa, keeping your dog safe and warm, or simply because you think your fluffy best friend will look adorable in a little coat (or all of the above!), you can be sure to find a waterproof dog coat to fit your needs. These things are becoming increasingly popular and you’ll find them in all shapes, sizes and colours to buy online or in specialist shops. Shop around and you’ll soon find the warmest (or cutest) coat for your canine companion.

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 He’s your best friend, so why can’t he also be the first mate of your ship? That’s right, taking your dog boating is an excellent idea, you can have a blast together while forming a unique bond that not all dog owners get to share. Many dog breeds especially love the water, and will feel completely at home, whether in a lake or at sea. But, as with any other outing, you need to take some steps to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort while aboard your vessel. Think about the following tips when taking your dog boating.

Bring Fresh Water

            It is very important to bring water for your dog to drink on the boat, especially if it’s a warm day. The sun beating off of the reflective water can make your dog even warmer, and he can become dehydrated very quickly. Bring a fresh source of water for him; don’t just expect him to magically drink out of the lake. Don’t forget to bring some water for yourself as well, dehydration is no laughing matter.

Buy Matching Life Jackets

            Well, they don’t have to be matching, but wouldn’t it be cute if they did? Regardless of whether they match, both you and your dog need to be wearing life jackets. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a lab who seems to share more DNA with a duck than a dog, he still needs one. Your dog could fall in while the boat is moving or he could panic when he senses the depth of the lake, which is far greater than it is near the shore. Either way, isn’t it easier to put a doggy life jacket on Fido than to risk his life?

Bring Towels and a Blanket

            If your dog goes swimming he’s going to be very wet, and it’s far better to towel him off than have him shake all over your boat! Bring your dog’s blanket as well. Even if it is warm the breeze that blows by when the boat is moving can be very chilly, and your dog will be much more comfortable with a blanket.


            Boating can be a fun experience for the whole family, so don’t leave your canine members out. Be safe, and have fun on the high seas!


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