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Our pampered pets will get to go on plenty of fun outings with us. Of course, you want them to look their best, so what do you need to dress your baby up and be on trend? Here are some of the hottest dog fashion trends:

Bright Dog Bows

Just like dressing up a little girl, your pampered princess pooch needs some super cute dog bows for this Spring and Summer. They should be bright and match any outfit that she’s wearing. They should also be adorned with curls or with cute, interlacing ribbons that make a pattern. Most of the hottest bows right now also have a shiny charm in the middle that stands out from the rest of the bow. The great thing is that these are really reasonable, even the designer ones, and you can also recycle children’s bows that you can find anywhere for your sweet furry baby.

Bling Charms

Bling charms for your dog’s collar are all the rage right now and you’ll want to have plenty for each different look. These are pretty inexpensive and can be found online, at your local pet store or at different pet boutiques. You can also easily use different jewelry charms that you can purchase at discount stores for your pet’s collar to make a unique, totally “you” look that stands out.

Rhinestone Collars

Even boy dogs are sporting some bling this year with the wonderful rhinestone collars that are out. You can go as bright and blingy as you want, or as muted as you want – but rhinestones are all the rage right now when it comes to collars. You can either buy your own rhinestone collars at local stores or online, or you can make your own for a completely unique look. Either way, this is one accessory that you cannot do without.

Spaghetti Strap Dresses

Your little princess needs cute, springy spaghetti strap sundresses to be on trend this year. These can be found anywhere you look – online, at pet shops, discount stores. And, you can even make your own out of recycled baby dresses. These are usually pretty reasonable to purchase, even the designer ones, so make sure that you have several to choose from for your next outing with your baby.

Printed T-Shirts

Boys and girls are on trend with dog fashions this year if you have several different printed t-shirts for them to sport when you’re out. The great thing about this is that the more custom or DIY they are, the better! Old baby onsies and t-shirts for newborns make great additions to your dog fashion collection this year and keep you on trend with everyone else.

Remember that no matter what type of fashions you are looking for  for your pup, these different trends are sure to keep you and your dog looking as hot as possible. And, the best part is that you can do it without spending a fortune.

Many people think of dog fashion as frilly dresses and little coats for dogs but dogs need many functional items of apparel. Just because your dog needs to wear something everyday doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

Some of the most basic dog accessories include collars, leashes, and harnesses. Today all of these items come in a myriad of colors, patterns, and styles.


Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or the biggest Mastiff, your dog will need a collar. Collars range from sturdy nylon in solid colors to fancy fabric collars with designs, jewels, glitter, and other beautiful touches. You can choose the perfect collar to suit your dog’s personality or keep a selection of collars to wear on different occasions. In many cases you can purchase collars that match specific costumes or outfits. Some collars are made with cotton or other fabric inlaid over a nylon collar so the collar is both functional and pretty. You’ll find a wide range of these collars available for moderate prices.

You can also find many collars made of fine leather. These collars are usually comfortable for a dog and they are long-lasting. They typically come with plain or squared edges or rolled edges. Better quality leather usually costs more. You can also find braided leather collars and collars that feature elaborate designs sewn into the leather or stamped on the leather.

When choosing a collar for your dog you should buy one that allows you to fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and your dog’s neck. It’s usually a good idea to buy less expensive collars for puppies because they will outgrow them quickly. Wait until your puppy is fully grown before buying expensive collars.


You can usually find leashes to match collars, if this is important to you – and if you want your dog to be fashionable, it probably is important. Like collars, leashes range from sturdy nylon in basic colors to fancier designs inlaid in fabric over the leash. They also come in various kinds of leather.

Most leashes are either 4 feet long or 6 feet long. If you intend to do any kind of obedience training then a 6 foot long leash is desirable. If you live in the city and you wish to keep your dog closer to you, a 4 foot long leash might be a good choice for walking on city streets.


The same leash that matches your dog’s collar can also match a harness. There are many harnesses that are made to match collars and leashes. Harnesses are often recommended for dogs that pull on the leash or for very small dogs whose throats might be injured by a collar.

Harnesses can be made with fabric across the dog’s chest. The leash attaches to a ring on the back of the harness, along the dog’s back. In many cases the fabric across the dog’s chest is made of a breathable mesh material so it stretches. The harness buckles around the dog’s waist to stay in place. Harnesses can range from the most basic, functional equipment to attractive items of apparel for your dog.

These are just a few pieces of dog outerwear that virtually every dog needs but there are some other kinds of outerwear for special occasions such as rain gear and doggy boots. We’ll cover those items in the next article.

Types of Harnesses for Your Dog

Some owners and trainers prefer to use a dog harnesses for walking dogs.  Small dogs may need harnesses for health reasons since pulling on a collar can cause throat problems for some dogs.  And, harnesses can be a good idea for some dogs with behavioral issues, especially if a large dog pulls on the leash when  you walk him or otherwise tries to misbehave.  A harness can give you more control over your dog than a simple collar and leash.


As you might imagine, there are different types of harnesses for these different purposes.  Here’s a look at the different types of harnesses and how to choose which one is best for your dog.


Walking your dog

If you are looking for a basic harness to walk your dog, these harnesses are usually comfortable for most dogs.  They go around a dog’s chest and the front legs.  Your leash snaps into a ring on a strap along the dog’s back, between the shoulder blades.


Harnesses of this basic type give you more control over your dog.  They distribute force when you pull on the leash more evenly over your dog’s body than a collar does, which focuses on your dog’s neck.  It is usually easy to control a dog when he wears a basic harness.


Gentle Leaders and Haltis are also harnesses that people use for walking their dog.  These harnesses are actually head collars that fit over the dog’s head.  They are not collars and not body harnesses but they do give the owner added control when walking the dog.  They look something like a horse halter for a dog.  Instead of exerting pressure on the dog’s throat, they control the dog’s head.


Small dogs

Small dogs can be subject to a condition called tracheal collapse. This occurs when the muscles and tendons inside the throat give way from constant pulling and pressure.  The dog may give a hacking cough when he wears a regular dog collar and leash and pulls on it.  You can help avoid tracheal collapse by using a harness on your small dog.  The harness will exert pressure on your dog’s body instead of hurting your small dog’s throat.


Brachycephalic dogs

Harnesses can also be a good idea for brachycephalic dogs.  These are dogs such as Bulldogs,  Boxers, French Bulldogs, Pugs, and other breeds with shortened noses and short air passages.  Wearing a harness puts less stress on their breathing and can be better for their health.  Dogs who have spinal neck problems can also benefit from wearing a harness.


Behavior problems

Many large dogs, and other dogs, are bad about pulling on the leash when you walk them.  This is especially true if you are a small person with a large dog.  Using a harness is a good way to stop your dog from pulling you down the street.  There are “no-pull” harnesses that can help with this problem.  They come in two types:  one type of no-pull harness has an attachment for the leash in the front of the harness in the center of the chest area.  You have more control of your dog’s front movement with this method.  The other kind of no-pull harness tightens gently around your dog’s chest and legs, and restrains your dog when he pulls.  This kind of no-pull harness is recommended for dogs who won’t stop pulling no matter what you have tried.



You can find the right size harness for your dog by measuring his chest or girth.  Use a fabric or cloth tape measure and measure around your dog’s rib cage.  Add a couple of inches to find the correct size for your dog.



There are many good reasons for a dog to wear a harness.  Start by knowing why you want your dog to wear a harness and then choose one that is appropriate for your dog.

All About Bark Collars

If your dog is barking throughout the day and night for no specific reason, it can have a negative impact on the quality of your life. Consistent barking can raise your stress levels, cause you to lose sleep and even affect your neighbors if your home is located nearby. Fortunately, resolving the problem can be quick and simple with the use of the right bark collar. Bark collars are available in many different brands and models, but overall there are three different types of collars you can choose from. Learn about the differences between the three and how they work to decide which one is the best option for your situation.

Shock Collars

Shock collars are one of the most traditional anti-barking methods available on the market. Although the exact way an individual shock collar works depends on its manufacturer and model, most emit an electronic current when barking is sensed. The owner typically has complete control over the intensity of the shock that should be administered. The ideal intensity depends on the dog, its size and behavior. Owners who want to try using an electronic shock collar should begin with a low level setting and increase it slowly as necessary. The use of shock collars is somewhat controversial, but it can be effective as long as the owner is cautious when using it. It’s important not to set the intensity of the shocks too high but rather to a level that’s unpleasant enough to deter the dog from barking. All owners who are contemplating using shock collars should spend some time on research and education to prevent unintentionally harming their pet.

Citronella Collars

Citronella bark collars work by releasing a spray of Citronella when the sensor detects barking. Citronella collars are designed to teach the dog to associate the scent of citronella with barking, so the dog will stop barking in order to avoid the unpleasant spray that is released as a consequence. Although citronella is very unpleasant to the dog, it’s completely harmless. Citronella is often used as an insect repellent and is only bothersome to dogs, not humans. Many people choose citronella collars because they are all-natural and easy to use. Experts and owners agree that citronella collars provide a convenient and humane solution to the barking problem. Although results can vary, most owners find that citronella collars help significantly reduce barking.

Ultrasonic Bark Collars

Ultrasonic bark collars use high-pitched sound to deter the dog from barking. The collar emits a noise when barking is sensed that startles the dog without causing any physical harm. Most ultrasonic bark collars include a microphone that is designed to detect unique barking, which prevents the noise from accidentally going off due to other noises. Many models come with a positive tone feature that acts as positive reinforcement when the dog stops barking. The sounds are only audible to dogs and are not sensed by humans. Because ultrasonic bark collars feature cutting-edge technology, they can be very effective if used consistently and correctly.

All bark collars can be effective if they are used properly and with care. In addition to the three major differences between different types of popular bark collars, the way a collar works also depends on its quality, model, manufacturer and price. It’s important for all dog owners to learn about the collar they are buying and how to use it correctly in order to maximize its effectiveness and keep their pet safe throughout the training process.

Are you in the market for dog collars but are tired of the same old accessories without enough unique shine for your special canine friend? Don’t worry. There are now more options than ever for personalizing and customizing your dog accessories. There is no reason to pay a lot for a dog identification collar that will simply clasp around the dog’s neck and hold an I.D. tag. If you want your dog collars to reflect your dog’s personality here are just a few personalization options.

Engravings – For a small amount of money you can add a special touch to virtually any collar. Many people choose to have certain images, phrases or words engraved into small metal plates which can either be attached to or embedded into your canine’s collar. These are often only $5 to $10 on top of the price of the collar itself.

Colored Dog Collars – Why go plain? There are so many colors available these days for dog’s accessories you can go crazy. Hot pink, classic leather brown or tones that will match their fur are all options. You can get something that either sticks out and is fun or is reserved and professional. There’s no limit to what colors are available.

Materials – If you want to spend a bit extra on your dog collars you can get a higher quality or classier looking material and you can do this easily. Collars come in nylon fabrics, leather and even woven rope or metal chains. Depending on what you want for your dog you can get the specific material that reflects your needs and wants in a dog identification collar.

When it comes to picking out your dog accessories there’s absolutely no need to just settle for what’s available or cheapest. You can get great accessories that will serve their purpose, be affordable and look great. Shopping online is a great way to get a nice array of options and prices.

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Dogs have a lot of annoying behavior – they can chew on furniture, your shoes, your newspapers. If you’re a responsible dog owner, you have to do something about it. Unless you can fence off your dogs in a sound-proof room, or live where neighbours don’t mind all that barking, you need to do something. One way to curb that non-stop barking is to get some effective dog barking collars for your pets.

Find out what triggers that excessive Too much barking

Dogs bark for many reasons. They might do so, in the presence of another dog or animal, to assert some supremacy. Or they might do this to publicly declare its territory. Or to alert you to the presence of another animal or unidentified loud truck pulling in close by. Or it just likes to bark. But even, say, when you understand the triggers in the environment, and perfectly side with your dogs when they assert territory, you don’t want them to keep barking over and over. Bark collars can correct this behavior.

It’s not an overnight magic, it takes some time

Many new dog owners think using bark collars solves the barking problem straightaway. But this doesn’t happen that way. That change greatly depends on the kind of bark collars you get for your dogs and how much time you spend training them. You can check out reviews online to compare brands and read dog owner reviews, if you need more info.

Choose only the reliable bark collar

If you have many dogs for which you’ll be buying many collars, it’s prudent to find out the most affordable and the dependable brands. If you’re dogs can get rowdy during play or love to run around, the barking collars could get damaged or wet. You also have to think about the kind of deterrent you want to go with for your dogs. There are types that spray a harmless, scented chemical, like citronella. There are also those that emit a high pitched tone, a vibration, or a low electric shock. The scent-based citronella is highly recommended. Scent that is released can be very annoying, because dogs have a deeply sensitive smell.

If you have many dogs that bark at the slightest stimulus, you may want to consider getting dog barking collars. Using bark collars on your dogs is an effective method to deter their barking. Now you can get the quiet back you deserve.

As we know, the dog also has a lot of controversy that may not be easy to resolve. Dog barking, dog bites, and there may be others. However, of course, all will come back to ourselves, as well as we sing, scream when frightened, or hysterical when happy. As well agreed with the dog, they also have different ways to express their feelings, one of them barking. Alternatively, the dog will also be an attack when he was disturbed, or perhaps he was feeling ill. You can read about dog bite law.

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New Electric Dog Collar

I went to my good friend?s house in the middle of the night because of an urgent class project. Upon entering his home, he greeted me with that surprise look on his circular face. He asked me about the purpose of my visit (or disturbance if he wants to call it), I just told him that we have a new project and it is due the next morning.

His face somehow turned grayish with a ?No way? look. He politely handed me over his shiny computer and I began the project. In the middle of my work, I saw a moving light in the dark corner of his room with a cold breeze of air kissed my face and an added howl of a huge dog to its background. I was really scared; I immediately called him to tell me what I saw. He laughed at me and explained, it was an electronic dog training collars with remote being wore by his dog, Scream. Out of relief, I just told him to help me with the modern project and of course to command his dog to stay away from me. We were almost finished with the new project when the rain poured heavily.

Suddenly my friend immediate went out of the room and in the house, upon his return I asked why he left. He replied that his poor dog could be electrocuted because of its electric dog collar. I again asked what the purpose of the collar is; he replied that he can detect his dog where ever it goes because of its light. Finally the new class project was done already. The next morning, ready to go to school, I went to the nearest block store to buy a pen. On my way to the counter, I saw this lady holding an electric dog collar.

I remember the dog of my friend, Scream. After I got my pen, I went directly to school and there I saw my good friend holding already the hard-bound copy of the project. When we submitted the project, our teacher was very strict but we managed to have it passed. On my way to the library, I saw some girls looking and scanning over gorgeous pictures of dogs. One said that she wanted also an electric dog collar for their pets. In my mind, I was really wondering that such collar would be much more expensive than a conventional collar and besides, what I saw in my friend?s dog and the concern he had over the possibility of his dog being killed. I immediately decided to go home that afternoon because I thought that I deserve a good rest and of course I was almost sleepless. I was walking towards home, when I saw my friend and his dog. He went to me and congratulated me because of our work.

I politely replied. I noticed that his dog was no longer wearing the electronic dog training collars with remote, I asked him again. With a smile in his face, he said that he gave it to my dog, Gus. I was surprise what he said. I immediately went home just to see my dog jumping up and down with its new electric dog collar.

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Do you enjoy your dogs but hate their barking? Do you’ve tiny, yappy dogs which are driving your loved ones crazy? Can’t determine a pet friendly solution to quit the incessant noise?

Barking Is a Discovered Behavior

Imagine: control over when your dog barks!

Training him not to bark at the tv, or doorbell or at other animals is an achievable goal.

Finding him to the point exactly where he only barks when he feels the have to guard you and your house is doable.

Help him make the distinction between protecting his loved ones and barking at any noise or other distraction.

Then his barking is no longer a nuisance to your family members, guests and neighbors.

Barking is often a discovered response and our pets could be re-trained. Small dogs, specifically, bark as a defense mechanism. However, they and we don?t must be ?protected? every single time the doorbell rings or just about every time they see an additional dog?and we do not have to put up with their annoying behavior. Our friends and neighbors may say ?aren?t they cute!?, but inside they are saying ?why can?t you stop that awful barking??.

Who Rewards From Re-Training?

Are neighborhood youngsters, or your personal grandchildren and guests, afraid of the dogs merely simply because they bark lots? It?s sad that an otherwise sweet and friendly loved ones pet is causing anxiety in other men and women. Dogs can be such a blessing to every person, specially youngsters as well as the elderly. Aid your pets to remain calm and loving, and give the environment that nurtures the helpful relationship between persons and pets; and get your individual peace of mind inside the procedure.

A buddy of mine attended a neighborhood party a few weeks ago and complained to me later that she couldn?t wait to obtain out of there. The host had 2 small dogs that barked the complete time. Just how much superior that experience would have been for all the guests if the host had taken the time to train her dogs!

Many times your dog?s barking shall be observed as a threat to yet another dog, potentially making plenty of challenges. Has one of one’s neighbors ever created it a point to steer their animals away from yours? It?s probably since they are afraid of a prospective dog battle.

What Can You Do?

There’s an electronic dog trainer out there out there that functions by emitting an ultrasonic wave that gets your pet?s attention and stops him from barking. It will work within a radius of 10 or 20 feet, and will be turned on and off when required. BarkOff is wireless and battery operated, so it may be moved from room to room or indoors to outdoors, wherever you’ll need it. Thus, it can go with you from room to room, or in your day-to-day walks. A basically activation of the switch will do the trick.

One more answer would be to hire a dog trainer to come over and work with you and your pets. This can occasionally work in a single or two sessions, and at times it takes longer. The crucial thing would be to comply with the trainer?s suggestions consistently over whatever time period it takes to cease the barking. All household members will need to also be included within the training to get the perfect outcomes.

Whatever route you take, isn?t it time we took control of our pets, as opposed to them controlling us? Using BarkOff definitely does look to be a viable answer.

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Let me let you know one thing, prior to you get all frustrated and angry at your dog, you should have an understanding of that your dog communicates with the globe by barking. He?s not attempting to upset you but to let you know that a thing is going on. In other words, you would like to let him know the occasions when the barking is just not acceptable, does this make sense?

Fortunately, you could now use a very cool item referred to as BarkOff. This product sends an ultrasonic signal every time your dog barks. This signal gets his attention immediately and then stops the barking. This item might be turned on and off to ensure that you may use it whenever you have business or when you take him for a walk but you do not want the embarrassment of the pet barking at everybody around you. That sounds quite cool, huh?

BarkOff is a tool designed for dog owners to train dogs how you can easily and cheaply stop barking. You could have observed the infomercial on tv, or possibly you just have a noisy dog which you can?t control. The vital question to ask is will BarkOff work for you?

Prior to we answer will BarkOff work for anyone who uses it, let?s talk a bit about the device itself. It is battery powered, incredibly tiny and portable, and concerning the size of your mobile phone. This enables you to take it wherever you go and wherever you take your dog.

By switching the device on, whenever it picks up dog barking it emits a high-pitched but dog friendly soundwave which is inaudible to humans but dogs take immediate notice of it, therefore breaking the barking patterns immediately. Right after a brief stint of repetition of every single time your dog barks it hears this sounds, your dog learns to stop barking right after being continually interrupted by this noise.

This works on an person basis so whatever predicament you use it to address barking in, it only stops barking in these situations. This is important to mention in how BarkOff works due to the fact it is unlikely that you simply wish to quit your dog barking altogether and you’ll find some situations where it?s important and portion of the cause why you could have a dog such as in case of an emergency or intruder in your dwelling. But in social situations you could just turn on the device and it has a 20 foot radius to ensure that it can attain your dog at a distance and your dog learns to be quiet when you have buddies over quite speedily and humanely.

At $10 plus shipping and handling, bark off is a considerably far more cost-effective resolution then going to obedience classes. To answer the originally posed question, will BarkOff work for you, now that we have a greater understanding of it, it functions across all breeds and ages of dogs as they all perceive sound the same way.

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Does your puppy whine, whimper and cry whenever you do certain things? Maybe picking up your car keys or putting on your coat gets him very upset?

These are all signs of puppy separation anxiety, and it’s important to rid your puppy of this problem so it doesn’t follow him as he matures. If left unchecked, it will quickly turn into adult dog separation anxiety, and it will become very difficult to deal with at that point. It may even become disastrous!

I can identify with this problem. About six weeks ago, I got the second puppy I’ve ever had from the local animal shelter. I got very lucky because I found a collie/shepherd mix, and I absolutely LOVE collie dogs!

My very first puppy as a child was a beautiful collie named Macs. Macs has been gone for almost 15 years now, but I still remember him with fondness in my heart.

Although I love my little puppy, he’s causing me some big problems right now. He gets very upset when I go to work, and I never know what I’m going to find when I return home in the evening. Usually, it’s a ripped up pillow or rug. More often than not, he’s relieved himself several times throughout the house also.

I’ve picked up several books on puppies at the local library to help me figure out what’s wrong but none of them really helped. They were all older and somewhat outdated. Since puppy separation anxiety has just started to become recognized by experts, I turned to the internet for recent advice.

I found a few tips to control my puppy’s anxiety, but nothing to cure it completely. Here are a few tips to help control your puppy’s separation anxiety problem:

1. Don’t subject your puppy to long, emotional goodbyes. Just leave. If you keep coming back to your puppy before you leave, it will feel like it’s being rewarded for behaving anxiously, and that’s the exact opposite of what you want.

2. Teach your puppy how to be alone. Get him accustomed to being alone by putting him in a room by himself for about 5 to 10 minutes. Slowly increase the duration of time that you leave him alone, until your puppy no longer scratches at the door and cries to come out. It may tug at your heartstrings, but tough love is necessary here.

3. Play with your puppy for 15-30 minutes before you leave. Not only will you give him some attention before going, you’ll tire him out so that he’s less likely to destroy your home while you are way.

As you can see, these are just tips to control puppy separation anxiety. They won’t necessarily cure it.

The good news is that you don’t have to consult an expensive vet to help you with this. I’m now going to tell you about a fantastic informational product that helped me to rid my puppy of his separation anxiety in less than three weeks.

It’s called Curing Dog Separation Anxiety, and it’s written by canine behavioral expert Stephanie Abel. I highly recommend this as an affordable and effective solution. It worked for me, and I guarantee it can help you, too.

My puppy no longer whines and cries before I leave, and he doesn’t destroy my home anymore. Now if I could only get him completely house broken…

Is your new dog suffering from puppy separation anxiety? If so, the best thing you can do to help is gain the knowledge necessary to cure your puppy completely before he matures into a full grown dog. You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get that knowledge if you visit Curing Dog Separation Anxiety.

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