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There are numerous dog collars sold on the market today and finding the right one for your dog may not be easy. The truth is that no one collar is right for every dog. So, taking the time to research the different types of collars available and how they are used is a necessary part of finding the proper collar for your dog. That being said let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used collars.
Custom Leather Dog Collars

A custom leather dog collar is one of the longer lasting collars available.  They come in a variety of styles to suit your pampered pooch.  You can get a collar with your dogs name in rhinestone letters or one decorated with studs and/or conch pieces.  These come in a variety of widths and can be made to fit any size dog.

Standard flat buckle collar

This collar is normally made of colorful nylon and comes in different sizes and thicknesses and is an easy fit to any size dog. No matter what other type of collar you choose to use with your dog this is an excellent collar for your dog to wear as it is easy and simple to attach medical and identifying information to this collar. It is also the best collar to use on a young puppy to get them used to wearing a collar.

For many dogs this may be the only type of collar you will ever need. To ensure this collar fits correctly it should be placed high on the neck and you should be able to slip two fingers between the collar and the dogs neck. A too tight collar may interfere with your dogs ability to eat or breath and having one too loose will make it possible for him to slip the collar. So adjusting this type of collar is important.

The slide choke chain

The slide choke chain commonly referred to as simply the choke chain was designed for dog training purposes. It is designed to pinch the bronchial nerve in the dogs neck if he tugs on the leash while being walked. Unless used properly this collar can damage the dogs trachea. In addition should the dog be left unsupervised while wearing this chain he could get hung up on a tree limb, fence or other obstacle and choke to death.

If you are planning on using this type of collar for training your dog then you should seek a professionals advice on how to properly use this collar. You should also remove this collar as soon as the training lesson is complete and replace it with a flat collar or some other safe collar.

Break away Collar

The break away collar is becoming more popular with people who allow their dogs out in a fenced in area to play for part of the day. These collars allow for identifying and medical information to be attached in case the dog should somehow get out of the enclosure and also provides a margin of safety in case he gets hung up while playing.

This collar is specifically designed with a special mechanism so if too much pressure is applied to the collar the collar will release, freeing the dog and thus preventing accidental hanging of your dog. For this reason it is a poor training collar as a quick tug on the collar could allow the dog to break free.

There are many more collars you can choose from, these are just four of the most popular. They should get you started on your way to determining which dog collar is right for your beloved companion.

After you bring your current puppy dog home, your very first expenses of puppy equipment has to be a new dog training collar. There are lots of collars for dogs out there one could use when finding the right choice for your personal puppy. Very first thing however, you must employ a guideline of which kind of dog collar you like. Dog collars cover anything from flat nylon, leather buckle collars, choke chains, prong collars, also harnesses. For people with any pup you’ll want to initially opt for a normal flat nylon adjustable training collar. Given that young puppies grow up so rapid you are looking for a product which you can just simply adjust so you won’t need to travel outside and buy a different dog collar every two weeks.

Now you have to first figure out the particular thought pertaining to choosing your puppy training collar. The reason why dogs need a suitable collar is definitely for recognition reasons. If your dog at any time runs out, you need those who locate him to find out exactly where to return her or him to. One more reason is actually so you can physically control your canine may it be strolls within the city or even handle your pet around the house which means that he isn’t going to run out the door, or if a delivery driver, or perhaps mailman turns up at your house.

For the reason that your pet grows up plus out of his / her dog training collar you will want to update to anything a lot more suiting to your dog. For those who have a bigger k9 whom loves to pull you could consider a choker chain. The actual choker chain prior to now has achieved a lot of harmful press because of the ugly sounding title. Nonetheless the idea of the actual chain just isn’t to choke or even hurt the animal. The idea is allow the actual chain to hang free and consequently simply provide a quick pull in order to restore your family dogs interest returned to you.

The prong collar can mimic an bad, torture equipment to your family pet which may usually shy certain dog owners from utilizing it, however always remember appearance can be deceiving. When the prong collar is put to use accordingly it places less strain on your dogs neck matched against the choker chain or the common flat training collar. Any prong collar will not allow for continuous tension on your pets neck as a result this is certainly what provides it with a plus over the earlier collars outlined.

The common flat collar a large number of owners invest in looks far less detrimental to his or her pets but it is merely the reverse. In case you are the master connected with a k9 which loves to pull along with tug during his walks then this flat training collar will probably definitely merely choke him. These types of misbehaving dogs may tug so hard to go after the things they would like they will merely finish up choking and as well , coughing for oxygen.

One more kind of pet collar I need to say would be the harness. Harnesses are generally another choice for big pet owners whom do not want their dogs to tug. Most dogs are generally a great deal more more unlikely to drag on a leash when bearing a harness because this kind of collar “harnesses” every one of the powerful muscles from your canine. By simply taking the actual strength from your dogs chest and legs they are left with less resistance to drag everyone with. Dog training techniques vary among all the worlds dog trainers so it is imperative that you choose which technique is right for you.

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Buying Dog Collars

If you are a lover of dogs and possess many or at least one as a loving pet, then you would certainly need good dog collar for your dog. The dog collar is used to harness the dog and keep it controlled with help of a leash. The collar should be made of comfortable and strong material.

There are a lot of varieties of dog collars available in the market. You can get them in different materials and collars etc. Depending on your preferences you can actually pick a dog collar that you simply feel is suitable. You can get the dog collar of your choice readily available at various pet stores or even at a web-based shopping portal. The need is to settle on what sort of fabric and design you would like for your pet and then search on the appropriate location.

Buckle Collars is one of the most common collars used by a lot of dog owners. It is also called flat collar and is created out of leather-based or nylon. There are other materials like hemp, polyester etc. The buckle is similar to a buckle in a belt with holes and a Pin that fits in the holes. A strong leash can be attached to this belt. Identification and other medical tags can be attached to this kind of collar.

In case you want to have a collar that also safeguards your dog from various infections and allergies that can be caused due to licking and scratching a wound then you can use Elizabethan Collars. Yes, these collars may look a little odd but you must remember that they are used mainly for protection. Nylon Collar are also quite common as they have special quick release mechanism. If you dog is prone to fleas, you should look at flea collars. These special collars are prepared with anti-flea chemicals which are harmless to all, but will drive away fleas.

There are also special break away collars present with which the dog can free itself in case there is an extra pressure exerted on dog’s neck. Such collars come in handy in case of a situation when a collar can get fixed and strangle the neck of the dog.

There are also fashionable and great looking collars available which add a zing to the look of your cute pet. Some collars like Chanel dog collars are really expensive but they look really great on your dog.

Whew! That’s a lot of collars to compare. I’m sure that you will find the right collar for your pet dog!

valentine dog collarIf you’re looking for a really nice Valentine’s Day dog collar for your pampered dog then consider this beauty.  This red collar is 1/2″ wide. It has 1 large and 2 medium acrylic rhinestone ruby hearts on it. Quite a sparkler.  These collars are made to order and will look great on your pooch.

pink rhinestone collar

pink rhinestone collar

This beautiful pink collar is 5/8″ wide. It has a pink velvet ribbon attached. It comes with the rhinestone buckle and the crown charm. Just gorgeous!

This collar is perfect for your little princess.  Check it out at  This adorable collar is made to order specially for your pet.

Buygin Dog Collar For Your Dog?

If you have a dog, odds are you be interested in getting him a collar. It is however important that you get only the right collar. The type of collar that you get for your dog will depend on the type of dog in question and what the collar is going to be used for. You can find collars in various sizes. They also can be found with many adaptive styles.

Dog collars are generally used for one main task-that of controlling your dog. With a leash attached to your dog collar, you will be better placed to control the antics of your dog when you go for your occasional neighborhood walk. As a result of its importance, you will need to pay attention to several features of your dog collar.

Undoubtedly the size of your dog collar matters. If your dog collar is too small, you stand the risk of choking your dog. Not a pleasant or nice thing to do. While a collar should not be loose enough to slip over a dog’s ears, it should not be tight against the dog’s skin. A good measuring guide is to ensure that at least two of your fingers can be fit into the slack around the dog’s throat. Avoid making the collars too lose though, dogs excel when it comes to making lemonades out of lime. You should also ensure that the material of the collar fits with the breed of dog in question. Since you will be attaching a leash to the collar from time to time, you should ensure that the collar is strong enough. For instance a Rottweiler will need stronger collars than a cute little Chihuahua.

Personalized Dog Collar, Rhinestone Dog Collar and Custom Leather Dog Collars

Yet another important use of dog collars is the option of personalization that it brings. By personalizing your dog collar you will be able to add some information about your dog. You will be able to add your dog’s name and your contact information. Collars can also be made to include information like the name of your dog’s favorite meal. These will undoubtedly prove important in the unlikely event that your dog gets lost. Collars can be further personalized with fashion elements. You can for instance purchase a wide range of colors for your dog color-one for each day of the week.

Providing dog training is important and every dog owner should opt for it. Anyone can get an impression of the dog through its behavior and you wouldn?t want your dog to look like a bad dog, to others. However, are you aware about the different types of dog training? Though there may be many dog training schools but not each and every of them are good for your dog.

If you are going to have a new dog then you will be interested in gathering some advice about dog training. Dog training can be given by a professional trainer or you can yourself train your dog. Now days, you will come across lot of books on dog trainings and institutes which are professionally involved in dog training advice; it will be difficult to decide the best and perfect method to train the dog. You will be completely confused with the amount of information which you can access there in terms of the dog training advice. However, there are some basic rules which you should follow and make use while training a dog. You should first of all decide and determine the mode of training your pet.

Dog Training- a mental conditioning:

Whenever you start training your dog, you should work on your attitude, this job requires a positive attitude and a patient approach. During the training sessions every action of yours will be observed by the dog and may be perceived as an instruction, so discretion is advised. Realistic expectation from the training sessions and slow progress will reap best results. You should also provide some amount of motivation to your dog in form of praise or a reward. Excess amount of motivation can let the things go beyond your hand; in short you should be able to control your emotions. The best part of dog training advice is to keep the motivation level short and sweet and you should also give limited treats such as a biscuit or a cookie. This will motivate the dog and it will concentrate more on the training.

One of the key factors which you should consider while conducting dog trainingsessions is patience. You should always keep in mind that your dog will be in nervous and might have some fear and any instruction imparted at this time may be counterproductive.

A calm handling of the sessions encourages the dog to observe more keenly and learn easily. Your training time should not be too much, it should not exceed beyond ten minutes and if the sessions are extended beyond this, the dog?s concentration might waver, leading to slow results. The period of training should not be the process of learning or process of teaching but it should be the time to enjoy for you and your dog so that you will be able to know each other in a better way. If you follow all these dog training advice then you will be satisfied with the behavior of your dog. Remember that if the dog is properly trained then it can be an asset to your family. A well trained dog not only understands better but also helps the owner in more than one way; he becomes a companion for a lifetime. So don?t shy away from getting your dog a professional training.

Dog Training Hand Signals
Dog Training Hand Signals

From Puppy Training Collars Online
Dog training is the means of teaching a dog to exhibit specific desired dog behavior in particular situation. Training your dog should absolutely be a top priority. Fundamentally, dog instruction and dog behavior are about communication. The aim of puppy schooling is to build a attachment between dog and family and to enjoy the process. Dog instruction should ALWAYS be enjoyable for your dog, so if you or your dog start to get tired take a break and come back to it later on.

Compliance, herding, agility, tracking, retrieving, hunting, guard, and schutzhund are everyday areas of puppy training. Training communal skills is a continuous process. Training starts the minute your pup comes home. Waiting until the puppy is older and has already learned undesirable habits makes the training much more challenging.

All dog training must be founded upon educating the puppy, which is, developing instincts and drawing out accidental and acquired habits. Bribery can also be a great dog training technique. In dog training, the term “bribery” means that the dog is conscious of the presence of the reward before he is asked to carry out the command. Don?t be discouraged if it seems you are not getting anywhere with your puppy training, because it generally takes us longer to learn how to instruct our puppies than it does for our dogs to be trained. The hardest part of training is communicating with the puppy in a humane way that he understands.

The emotional state of the puppy is an important matter in directing the training, as a dog that is stressed or preoccupied will not learn efficiently. Failure to reward after the reward marker diminishes the value of the reward marker and makes training more difficult. Most training revolves around giving the puppy consequences for his behavior, in the hope of influencing the behavior the dog will exhibit in the future.

Generally modern trainers say that they use “positive training methods”, which is a different meaning of the word “positive” from that in operant conditioning. ?Positive training methods” generally means preferring the use of reward-based training to increase good behavior to that of physical punishment to decrease bad behavior. The aim is to produce a dog that will perform even on occasions that the handler has no reward to offer, since the dog’s training has taught him that the handler may have a reward even if the dog cannot see it.

Electronic puppy training collars from Dog Training Collar Shop are useful tools that do no harm your pet. As is often the case, these puppy training shock collars can be used for a range of training regimens, including but not limited to, hunting exercises, agility training, pet containment, anti-barking and more. Although shock collars are not dangerous to dogs, you should always use careful judgment in implementing any dog-training program. There is a considerable portion of dog training, which is actually thinly disguised abuse. Although dog training can be hard at times, it?s crucial that you remember to keep things positive for you and your puppy at all times.

Get more Help To Stop Your Dog Barking

For many people, a pet dog is cared for like a child within the home. Unfortunately, sometimes the dog will wind up carrying on like a child as well. Certain Professional Dog Training Suggestions to Stop Your Barking Dog aspects of the dog’s behavior may be adorable and humorous, but others may prove to be annoying. No doubt your dog is a very important part of your life, but if he or she picks up the unfavorable habit of barking uncontrollably, it can be a real burden not only to yourself, but to friends and neighbors as well. Because many people believe that devices created specifically to stop barking are inhumane or useless, they may instead opt to use more innate methods to improve the dog’s behavior. Obviously, the more diligently you work with your dog on training, the more fruitful your results will be.

Dogs are very intelligent, and usually have a good reason to bark. For this reason you may be able to prevent your dog from barking by realizing why he or she is barking in the first place. The many excuses as to why your dog is barking might be because of hunger, nervousness, or even signals that danger is present. The solution is to discipline, not totally stop, your dog from barking. Barking is a way for dogs to interact, and so it is advantageous to them and to us to grant them to bark sometimes.

To elaborate, you certainly want your dog to warn you if an intruder is attempting to break into your home. And so you will need to look for a way to train your dog to decipher when barking is appropriate, and when it is unwarranted.

I myself disciplined my own dog to do this, and you can be relieved knowing that in the end I was victorious. Here I will share with you the technique that I used that proved to work considerably. Keep in mind that you will need to be continuous, spending time with your dog for at least ten minutes every day for a few weeks, and remember that purchasing some small treats will assist you as well.

Be sure there are no interferences that may deflect your dog’s concentration while training. Attempt to re-create an event in which your dog’s normal response is to bark. Tapping on the door or ringing the doorbell is a familiar event that can set your dog off. In my case, I had my son help out by going outside and ringing the bell while I stayed inside with our dog, Sammy. Sammy’s usual response to the bell would be to bark, which he did predictably. I allowed him to bark twice as a signal. After his two barks, I would steadfastly and loudly say “NO!” Not being used to hearing this command, Sammy would discontinue barking at which time I would give him a treat to reinforce his obedience.

You must reward your dog immediately after he or she obeys in order to familiarize him or her with the connection between your command and the dog’s awaited response. In this case, the dog will soon realize that he or she has obeyed by not barking after his or her two initial warnings. As previously stated, you should repeat this practice every day for at least ten minutes, and do not stop for several weeks to guarantee that your dog completely understands your command.

I learned this technique, as well as many others, from a dog training instruction which I came across on the internet. If you are intrigued by this same instructional site, go online to stop dog barking Or to learn more about my personal story about training my dog, you can visit stop barking dogs.

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Purple Majesty Rhinestone Pet Collar
If you treat your dog like royalty, then this purple collar will be perfect. Extraordinarily colorful Our Purple Majesty Rhinestone Pet Collar is 5/8″ wide . Gorgeous topaz colored stones as well as a multi gem crown Sizes are gauged by ACTUAL neck size NOT collar size. MEASURE CAREFULLY Please note Measure the neck size by snuggly wrapping a tape measure around the neck.
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