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Our pampered pets will get to go on plenty of fun outings with us. Of course, you want them to look their best, so what do you need to dress your baby up and be on trend? Here are some of the hottest dog fashion trends:

Bright Dog Bows

Just like dressing up a little girl, your pampered princess pooch needs some super cute dog bows for this Spring and Summer. They should be bright and match any outfit that she’s wearing. They should also be adorned with curls or with cute, interlacing ribbons that make a pattern. Most of the hottest bows right now also have a shiny charm in the middle that stands out from the rest of the bow. The great thing is that these are really reasonable, even the designer ones, and you can also recycle children’s bows that you can find anywhere for your sweet furry baby.

Bling Charms

Bling charms for your dog’s collar are all the rage right now and you’ll want to have plenty for each different look. These are pretty inexpensive and can be found online, at your local pet store or at different pet boutiques. You can also easily use different jewelry charms that you can purchase at discount stores for your pet’s collar to make a unique, totally “you” look that stands out.

Rhinestone Collars

Even boy dogs are sporting some bling this year with the wonderful rhinestone collars that are out. You can go as bright and blingy as you want, or as muted as you want – but rhinestones are all the rage right now when it comes to collars. You can either buy your own rhinestone collars at local stores or online, or you can make your own for a completely unique look. Either way, this is one accessory that you cannot do without.

Spaghetti Strap Dresses

Your little princess needs cute, springy spaghetti strap sundresses to be on trend this year. These can be found anywhere you look – online, at pet shops, discount stores. And, you can even make your own out of recycled baby dresses. These are usually pretty reasonable to purchase, even the designer ones, so make sure that you have several to choose from for your next outing with your baby.

Printed T-Shirts

Boys and girls are on trend with dog fashions this year if you have several different printed t-shirts for them to sport when you’re out. The great thing about this is that the more custom or DIY they are, the better! Old baby onsies and t-shirts for newborns make great additions to your dog fashion collection this year and keep you on trend with everyone else.

Remember that no matter what type of fashions you are looking for  for your pup, these different trends are sure to keep you and your dog looking as hot as possible. And, the best part is that you can do it without spending a fortune.

Many people think of dog fashion as frilly dresses and little coats for dogs but dogs need many functional items of apparel. Just because your dog needs to wear something everyday doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

Some of the most basic dog accessories include collars, leashes, and harnesses. Today all of these items come in a myriad of colors, patterns, and styles.


Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or the biggest Mastiff, your dog will need a collar. Collars range from sturdy nylon in solid colors to fancy fabric collars with designs, jewels, glitter, and other beautiful touches. You can choose the perfect collar to suit your dog’s personality or keep a selection of collars to wear on different occasions. In many cases you can purchase collars that match specific costumes or outfits. Some collars are made with cotton or other fabric inlaid over a nylon collar so the collar is both functional and pretty. You’ll find a wide range of these collars available for moderate prices.

You can also find many collars made of fine leather. These collars are usually comfortable for a dog and they are long-lasting. They typically come with plain or squared edges or rolled edges. Better quality leather usually costs more. You can also find braided leather collars and collars that feature elaborate designs sewn into the leather or stamped on the leather.

When choosing a collar for your dog you should buy one that allows you to fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and your dog’s neck. It’s usually a good idea to buy less expensive collars for puppies because they will outgrow them quickly. Wait until your puppy is fully grown before buying expensive collars.


You can usually find leashes to match collars, if this is important to you – and if you want your dog to be fashionable, it probably is important. Like collars, leashes range from sturdy nylon in basic colors to fancier designs inlaid in fabric over the leash. They also come in various kinds of leather.

Most leashes are either 4 feet long or 6 feet long. If you intend to do any kind of obedience training then a 6 foot long leash is desirable. If you live in the city and you wish to keep your dog closer to you, a 4 foot long leash might be a good choice for walking on city streets.


The same leash that matches your dog’s collar can also match a harness. There are many harnesses that are made to match collars and leashes. Harnesses are often recommended for dogs that pull on the leash or for very small dogs whose throats might be injured by a collar.

Harnesses can be made with fabric across the dog’s chest. The leash attaches to a ring on the back of the harness, along the dog’s back. In many cases the fabric across the dog’s chest is made of a breathable mesh material so it stretches. The harness buckles around the dog’s waist to stay in place. Harnesses can range from the most basic, functional equipment to attractive items of apparel for your dog.

These are just a few pieces of dog outerwear that virtually every dog needs but there are some other kinds of outerwear for special occasions such as rain gear and doggy boots. We’ll cover those items in the next article.

ID Chip Or Tag For Your Pet?

Many years ago the only way you could ID your pet was to hang a metal tag around their neck. Back then, these tags were made from materials that were quite heavy so, if you had a small pet, it wasn’t always easy to get the information you wanted over the whole tag.

Soon after, a different type of tag was introduced. These were little plastic barrels with a piece of rolled-up paper inside that held all the information someone would need if they found a lost animal. However, for anyone that remembers these and has cats, you will probably recall just how many times you had to replace them.

Cats lead (largely) a fairly secretive life and they get into all sorts of places where a lightweight tag like this could easily be pulled off. So, for lots of manufacturers it was back to the drawing board.

Technology Now

Now, technology has moved on and pet tags in the UK come in all manner of sizes, weights, shapes and colours. You can have lightweight metals, enamel and all manner of other tags that can easily be engraved with the information someone will need if they find your pet.

Manufacturers are able to keep the comfort of your pet in mind as well as produce tags that will hold all the information you need. This is especially important for dogs. It’s illegal in the UK to have a dog without some form of identification.


Micro-chipping your pet has been around in the UK for some-time now and it will actually become law to have a dog micro-chipped in the coming years. However, as many benefits as there are to doing this, there are still a few questions that are being raised by pet owners.

If your pet does become lost and someone who is not familiar with animals comes across them, they may not be aware that because your pet is not wearing a tag, they can easily be identified at a local vet or police station. Instead, they will just think the animal is a stray and go about their business.

As it stands at the moment, micro-chipping can still be a little expensive compared to a pet tag so many people will opt against having it done and there can also be an issue if you change your address. If this happens, you will need to have all the paperwork amended and it may mean another trip to the vets for your pet.

Of course, this sort of identification will help with reducing the problems which occur with animal theft and puppy farms so it should be welcomed as a way of identifying an animal.

Pet Tags

Quite honestly, this sort of tag is something that will never go away. Pet tags in the UK are not just there for vital information about where your pet lives, it’s also a way in which you can accessorize your fluffy little friend.

These days, tags like this are not uncomfortable for your pet to wear in fact; they are so lightweight they won’t even know it’s there.  There isn’t one responsible pet owner on the planet that isn’t proud of their animal and when you receive approving looks or those little “oh, doesn’t she look cute” comments, it makes your heart swell. Tags like this are not just for identification, they’re an accessory just like a bracelet for a human being.

Even if you have your pet micro-chipped, they are still a great way of expressing yours and your pet’s personality simply because of the diversity of designs that are available today.

Sarah Fox has both cats and dogs, and having them all micro-chipped would have cost a small fortune. For this reason she uses pet tags UK to let everyone know who her pets belong to and how individual their personalities are.

Dog Breed Groups (Part 3)


All pure breeds of dog can be categorised in 1 of 7 groups. These categorisations are used by bodies that organise dog shows in order to ensure parity in high level competitions and it is possible for one breed to be in several groups. The names of the groups are loosely based on the specific function the dog has, for example there are Hounds, Working Dogs and Non Sporting dogs to name but a few.

Group 3 Gundogs

The Gundog group contains probably some of the most popular canine pets in the world, like Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and Labradors. As the name would suggest, the Gundog was bred to accompany hunters and were trained to flush out prey and retrieve on command. The majority of Gundog breeds make excellent family pets and will be a good companion for families with children of all ages. Their high intelligence makes them easy to train, and if kept mentally stimulated and physically exercised they will be a good all round family companion.

Characteristics & Care

The very nature of a Gundog is to seek out and retrieve, and therefore walks without a dog leash have to be carefully managed as they have a tendency to chase wildlife in woods and parks. Although they have a high intelligence which makes them easy to train, this is not a breed group that can be left to its own devices. Mental and physical stimulation is vital as a bored Gundog will become destructive, belying its nature to be sociable and well behaved. The key to a happy Gundog is ‘keep him busy’. During training sessions use puzzle style dog toys similar to that manufactured by Kong Dog Toys, which are designed to maintain interest and provide challenging activities. This group comes in a wide range of coat lengths and it is vital that the right grooming equipment is used according to the type of dog you have. Golden Retrievers for example have a long coat that will need regular brushing to avoid mats and tangles and the occasional visit to a good dog grooming parlour may be necessary. On walks, they will invariably try to get into undergrowth searching for some perceived prey so it is wise to keep claws short using good quality Pet nail clippers like those manufactured by Gripsoft.


There are over 40 breeds of dog in the Gundog group and you have undoubtedly at some time or another come into contact with one at the park, beach, or just walking down the road. They are extremely sociable breeds and some, like the Labrador have had their natural instinct to please harnessed, and are helping their human companions who have lost their sight or hearing. With the correct training, love and care, Gundog breeds make excellent family pets.


Author Bio

This article was written by Jason Balchand who is a pet lover and writes for the pet blog at Online Pet Accessories. If you would like to read more or have some topic suggestions for us head over to our Blog or Facebook page.

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Labrador Retriever

Antique Diamond Rings: Stays Forever

Antique diamond rings are said to be pieces of jewelry that can stay with you longer than other jewelries. In fact, it can be passed on throughout several generations. If you wish to have this ring, then brace yourself for all the beauty and elegance it can offer you. This piece of jewelry is something that you can treasure forever. It is even perfect for special events like engagements and weddings. It is considered to be an ideal ring for couples who want to receive the sacrament of marriage. It is because of the fact that it also represents long time relationship and commitment towards each other. Since this ring can stay with you for the rest of your lives, you will also obtain a feeling of security that you are about to spend an eternity with the person you love.

Undeniably, antique diamond rings are a real fortune. People want to have a piece of this diamond and share it with the person they love. It is considered to be an ideal gift for someone special. Because of its luxurious style and elegant designs, it is no longer surprising why men and women alike aspire to obtain a piece of this jewelry. This makes the ring perfect for engagement and weddings. If you are currently thinking of proposing to your girlfriend in a very special manner, you can always offer her an antique diamond engagement ring. Your proposal can be made extremely unforgettable through this ring. You can expect to see a gentle and loving reaction from your girlfriend once you offer this antique engagement ring to her.

In choosing the best antique diamond ring to give to your girlfriend, make sure that you choose one that stands out from the rest. Make your gesture of giving her an engagement ring extremely memorable. You can do this by choosing the ring with great color, clarity, carat and cut. It is even more endearing if you buy one that represents both of your personalities. You should also try to choose one with quality and elegant style. This will make the ring exceptionally special for both of you. Through this, your engagement will become such an unforgettable event.
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Silver Jewelry Guide

Platinum marcasite jewelry incorporates a new contrast among both metal tones associated with off white wine. The mix is amazingly stunning; this gives a fresh dramatic contemporary look. Almost all hand weaved marcasite jewelry is extremely affordable even now sophisticated. The lovely vintage sorts of silver marcasite jewellery can regularly catch someone?s target.

Different types of marcasite jewelry leave different types of impression that will every person. Silver marcasite rings has some elegance that creates some other feeling to the people who appreciate this gems. On the other hand, nowadays, the majority of us still enjoy the fashionable beauty which marcasite jewelry gives people. A hand crafted marcasite jewelrey who has perfect design will forever fit most varieties of fashion layouts.

Several diamond lovers recognize the essential steps about keeping your collections fresh new. The best possible advice to keep your Marcasite necklaces clean in combination with fresh looking will likely be to move it employing a soft silk egyptian cotton cloth, which will be dry or simply slightly humid. Ultra sonic cleaners might not be advisable. To hold marcasite happens to be looking their finest, it are going to be important in order to sparkling plus maintain them appropriately. You must remove marcasite bracelets or rings when washing hands and in addition washing dishes because harsh clean-up detergents may perhaps affect of which Marcasite.

Marcasite Rings ? The particular History

This identify Marcasite having jewellery terminology stems in the Arabic idea for Pyrite, Markaschatsa. Early information of Marcasite jewellery have been found through ancient Greece and lots of parts along with Latin OUGH. s.

Full Victoria connected to England engaged to wear a fresh lovely Marcasite as soon as her replace to stone rings. Archaeologists could see examples relating iron pyrite extra in Incan burial places through Peru inside of South OUGHOUT. s.

Types associated with Marcasite Jewelry

? Marcasite broach always accumulates as an exquisite accent when combined with different types of jewellery. Many adult females create and also appreciate a lot more designs and also styles that may fit with regard to them.

? Marcasite pendant is unquestionably another accent having different design which can always opt for any model. Some fantastic pendant skills striking combinations coming from a set of marcasite stones in order to a quite easy classic pendant.

? There are plenty of of marcasite necklaces to pick from. Different methods of marcasite anklet bracelets can create with unique variations of fashion. Many on the internet jewellery sites offer a number of designs related to marcasite much more in affordable prices.

? A lot of designers are generally upgrading his or her tastes within designing bracelets, earings and also rings along with marcasite due to its boldness around color.

? Gold marcasite charms like bracelets think you are used by way of women Similar to bangles or maybe round you. It is just about the most typical fashion pertaining to marcasite bracelet that a majority of women make use of.

? A NEW lovely pattern marcasite ring generally is a good idea to supply as something special. Its classic style can make a superb character for your one who wear the item.

That added luster regarding marcasite jewelry continues to create marcasite an excellent choice for many fashion makers. Since marcasite along with silver really are a real magnificent blend, this diamond is often set all around silver or possibly another whitened shiny to set-up exclusive variations connected with jewelry behaviour like, anklet bracelet, necklaces, pendant, is, earrings and many more. The elegance that marcasite produces outshine extremely as hands by using designers how how to bring to the shops the beauty from this.

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Celtic animal symbolism is a part of Celtic lore that many people have been analyzing as they try to understand the meaning placed on these animals by the Celtic people. As with all Celtic information, be aware that the following is simply one person’s interpretation, as the Celtic people didn’t leave us written roadmaps to go on.

By wearing the various forms of Celtic jewelry, many folks reveal their interest in the symbolism behind these animals. This is one area of Celtic designer jewelry that is quite popular. Let’s take a quick look at some of the animals that are linked to Celtic lore.

The Celtic dog: These animals were thought quite highly of by the ancients. Dogs were present with them while hunting and, in general, throughout life as a close companion. The dog symbolized good health.

The Celtic cat: Knowledge of the mystic world is held by the cat. They were seen as a guardian to what was called the Otherworld, or the eternal. Cats were seen as intelligent and crafty and bearers of an internal knowledge regarding the unseen.

The Celtic goose: Since geese were quite common over in Ireland, it would seem natural that this animal would have meaning to the ancients. The thought of “home” is symbolized by the goose. Geese always come back to the same area each spring and since the Celts were often involved with war, they looked at the goose as a reminder of home. They also saw this animal as a representation of changes in our moods or heart. In addition, the idea of “oneness” was symbolized by geese.

The Celtic duck: The duck represented gracefulness and agility as well as resourcefulness and honesty. Since ducks are quite sensitive to all that is around them, they also represented sensitivity to the ancient people.

The Celtic bull: The bull reveals prosperity and wealth. The ancient people used the bull for food and it represented good times in terms of abundant living. Also, the bull symbolized strength in terms of sexuality. This symbol was used in the bedroom to help bring the correct mentality for sexual strength. It represented fertility in women and virility in men. Another representation was that of being stubborn, being of strong will and/or being uncompromising in personality.

The Celtic dolphin: Luck is quite often associated with the dolphin. Since the ancient people most often saw dolphins off their shores whenever the seas were calm and easygoing, this idea of luck or good times came to be represented. In addition to good luck, intelligence and friendship was often symbolized by the dolphin. Overall, the Celtic people saw dolphins as having the quality of cleverness and recognized them as quick swimmers.

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Corundum may be the type of mineral from which sapphires and rubies are derived. The mineral is naturally clear, but can have different colours when impurities are present. Transparent corundums are used as gems, and if they?re red, then they are rubies, while all other colours are known as sapphire. The word corundum comes from the Tamil kurundam Because of corundum’s hardness (usually 9.0) it is frequently utilized as an abrasive in machining, from huge machines to sandpaper. Emery is an impure and less abrasive range, with a Mohs hardness of 8.0. You have most likely utilized corundum hundreds of times when you have filed your nails with an emery board!

Corundum is actually the second hardest substance on the earth, after the diamond, and as such has many industrial uses. Corundum is crushed, ground and screened to different grain sizes. The grains are used within the manufacture of grinding wheels for flour and rice mills, and workshops. Grinding wheels are manufactured either by a mixture of corundum, clay and feldspar or by using sodium silicate like a bonding agent. Finer grains are used for that preparation of grinding-pastes for the automobile industry. Corundum paper and cloth finished to belts, discs, rolls, sheets and other shapes are ready by providing a appropriate coating usually of sodium silicate.

Due to its hardness corundum also finds use in mortars, wire drawing dies, thread guides and gauge blocks. Gem types are sometimes used for pivot supporters in delicate scientific instruments, as jewel bearing in watches.

Corundum in little quantities is utilized within the manufacture of special sparking plugs, mufflers, pyrometer tubes, rods and insulators for vacuum tubes of all kinds. Finely ground corundum, passing through 200 mesh, is used for that manufacture from the above products by providing them a bond of clay.

It?s difficult to envision that a mineral having a name as mundane as corundum yields gems as exquisite as the ruby and sapphire, or even that these two stones, so various in colour and mystique, are really the same mineral loved ones.

Lucky you if your birthstone is sapphire (September) or ruby (July). These are amongst the richest-colored of all gemstones with a romance and background as colorful as they’re. Rubies are really rarer than sapphires, and only red corundums are called rubies. Any other colour is a sapphire. When grading colored stones, the density and hue from the color are component from the evaluation, and it is the richest, deepest colours which are the most prized. In rubies, one of the most prized variant of colour is called pigeon?s blood. Large gem high quality rubies could be much more valuable than comparably sized diamonds and are definitely rarer. There’s a relative abundance of more compact, (1-3 carat,) blue sapphires in comparison towards the scarcity of even little gem high quality rubies, producing even these more compact stones relatively higher in worth.

Stones of Burmese origin usually command the highest prices. The vast vast majority of rubies are “native cut” in the nation of origin. High worth ruby rough is tightly controlled and hardly ever makes its method to custom cutters. Sometimes, this kind of native stones are recut to customized proportions, albeit at a loss of weight and diameter. Customized cut and recut stones are generally more per carat.

Sapphires exist in all of the shades of blue in the deep blue of evening skies to the bright and deep blue of a obvious and stunning summer sky. Sapphires also are available in many other colors, not only in the transparent grayish misty blue of far horizons, but additionally displaying the vibrant fireworks of sunset colours ? yellow, pink, orange and purple. So sapphires are really and really heavenly stones, although they’re being found within the hard soil of our so-called “blue planet?.

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Lia Sophia is famous for its true excellent quality pieces of legitimate gems and stones. This is why it’s now becoming a great blow amongst women who like refined jewelry items. Jewelries by Lia Sophia are notably designed for the riches of sophisticated ladies in this generation. It is worth every specific penny you spent on it. You can always ensure of gaining legitimate gems and stones at Lia Sophia for it own the repute of legitimate and quality items of jewelry.

All jewelry made by Lia Sophia is definite to last because it can be made of real quality resources. Most of its jewelry items can in fact survive the taste of time as it is able to stick in contrast to daily wear and tear. Regular clients of Lia Sophia will never empty of fashion. This is as jewelry pieces made by Lia Sophia are mostly completed to maintain with the newest trends in jewelry fashion.

There will be an important item you must know if you’re engrossed to possess your own piece of jewelry from Lia Sophia. It would definitely amaze you to know that Lia Sophia Jewelry offers a lifetime replacement guarantee. This is because the company is very positive of the excellent quality of their items and sold them completely at the exact charge.

It’s minimum two high end product lines. Lia Sophia?s high quality product lines include the Kiam Family Collection and the Red Carpet Collection.

The Kiam Family collection enhances its trendy, elegant and refined jewelry pieces. These seasonal product lines are introduced biannually. Consequently, you do not have to delay much long to have a look at its most recent designs that you will definitely show off in any events where you ought to shine with the most superb designs of jewelry.

The Red Carpet Collection on the other hand is principally considered for fashion experts, wealthy people and stars. Latest jewelry pieces are announced frequently, at least four times a year. Lia Sophia has gives life time replacements security and will also change damaged pieces.

Real jewelry pieces offered at Lia Sophia might be a bit expensive but it is a true good investment. You might not only make sure of getting your money?s worth for its real good quality item but you’re also certain of gaining the authentic and genuine pieces of gems and stones entrenched in most jewelry pieces of Lia Sophia.

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The smart groom-to-be does his research before buying his fianc?e a diamond ring! There are more styles and cuts to select from than ever before. It?s not sufficient to be educated about the four Cs of diamonds ? cut, color, clarity and carats. Now there are all kinds of diamond cuts and settings to select from.

The most well-liked style is still the round brilliant. It?s one of the earliest cuts ever developed and now relies on precise mathematical equations to produce a stone with fire and brilliance that the earliest gem cutters could only have dreamed of.

But many brides want something completely unique. You will find numerous traditional cuts to choose from. A pear-shaped is just that ? wider at one end than the other. Or she can choose an oval, emerald or heart-shaped diamond. There are other cuts with unique faceting, for example the square princess-cut diamond.

Some cuts are patented, like the elongated Ashoka diamond or the Asprey & Garrard Eternal cut diamond. Other branded and patented cuts include:

Elara ? a square-cut diamond with rounded corners
Asscher ? a square diamond with rounded facets that gives an unusual complexity to the diamond
Couples diamond ? this diamond is faceted to reveal either a circle of hearts or arrows inside. It?s a truly unusual diamond that requires precise cutting for the image to appear properly.

The price of a diamond increases exponentially with its carat weight. A one-carat diamond costs much more than 10 10-point diamonds and a two-carat diamond costs more than twice as much as a one-carat diamond (given equal quality in other areas).

One way to enhance a ring is with embellishments such as baguettes or trillions. A baguette is a small emerald-shaped diamond that can be placed on either side of the main stones and a trillion is a triangle-shaped diamond that also is a good enhancement to the center stone.

We?re all familiar with the 4Cs of diamonds – cut, color, clarity and carat weight. But diamonds also possess a quality called fluorescence that?s part of the evaluation and assessment of a diamond. It is actually called photo-luminescence and it is caused by small amounts of the chemical boron in the diamond. It is activated by UV light.

It is graded by how much blue there is in the diamond – None, Faint, Medium, Medium blue, Strong, Strong Blue and Intense Blue. At one time, this was a highly-prized quality in a diamond and the demand for a blue-white diamond was high. The blue indicated the fluorescence of the diamond, while white was a reference to the overall color of the body of the stone. This has decreased over time as consumer preference shifted towards the much more colorless stones.

The tide of public preference may be shifting back to the blue-white diamond, but you want to be sure, when buying a diamond, that you examine it under a variety of conditions, such as sunlight and fluorescent light, as well as a jeweler?s black light. Some diamonds with a fluorescent quality can become hazy in daylight or even glow out on the dance floor!

Colorless diamonds have become increasingly rare and expensive. The color grades of D (flawless) to G are going to be hard to come by at a reasonable price. If you?re purchasing a diamond with a color grade of H or higher, some fluorescence may actually be a good attribute for it and increase your stone?s value and attractiveness, as the blue fluorescence can offset any other gradations in the stone, for example a yellowish tone.

Although some diamonds have a yellow or orange fluorescence, most reputable jewelers will recommend against a diamond with this quality, unless you?re purchasing a colored diamond in the same hue, as a similar fluorescence will enhance and intensify that color.

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